Ahem, some levity: my own latent sexism…

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Personal, The Funny

As y’all may have noticed, I’ m not exactly shy or uncomfortable bein’..nekkid.  You can’t be nekkid for a living if you have issues with shyness and stuff.  But I have discovered a realm wherein the men? Uh, no, not having it, not having them around, not goin’ with they have the equality and right too…yep, not havin’ it.  And it’s kinda funny considering…

After all, I do not much care if any of my doctors are male or female, including my Obgyn  (current one is actually a dude).  I don’t care when making porn if the person holding the camera and yeah, er, right up in there, is a man or a woman- I’ve worked with both.  Tattoos?  I don’t care if my artist is a man or a woman….but…when I go and get waxed, as in, the dreaded and insanely painful Brazilian- which I do not only cause the Pat tells me and all, but because I have come to loathe body hair and dammit, it is summer and hotter than the hinges of hell in full humidity here…well yeah, when it comes to the waxing?  Uh, the person I am paying to rip hair outta my body has got to be  woman.  Granted,I have never heard of, much less seen a male waxer…anyone I know who gets waxed, female or male, well, the waxers are all women, but should I show up at the salon sometime and the waxer was a guy?  I could not do it.  Nope, no way.  I just couldn’t pay a dude to rip hair outta any part of my body, especially well, that part.   I can see a male obgyn and do porn and get inked by and be comfortable nekkid around men folk, even sleep with them and all….but no way in hell I could get waxed by a dude…

and I cannot even explain why.  It would just make me insanely uncomfortable.  So, there ya have it- when it comes to waxing, I am a reverse sexist asshole. 


  1. That’s ok, people prefer different things all the time. I do it too

  2. My old job gave us a FREE spa day at Grove Park Inn in Asheville–hotshit place that is good enough for Michele Obama and Jennifer Anniston and people like that. Beautiful indoor pool that looks like a cave and shit: http://www.groveparkinn.com/Leisure/TheSpa/ Free swim, juices, sauna, hanging out, very nice… but the massage was by a MAN and I didn’t like it AT ALL. I just didn’t. But because it was free and there was all that mellow music and tinkling water noises and fancy fireplaces and everything… I was too intimidated to say boo, or I might have. If I had been paying, I would for sure ask for a woman.

    But like you, can’t say why. I’ve had doctors and surgeons and everyone else who is male… mammograms, boobs squashed by male techs, etc… but the *type* of touching massaging is, just bothered me …and let me make it clear: , he did a very good, professional job and was not in any way out of line! I just wanted a woman masseuse.

    Who knows why we have these gender-related quirks? But I think most everyone does.

    • Ren says:

      See, I can deal with male massage therapist types, but not waxers LOL. But yep, guess we all have our quirks that way.

  3. kingschwarz says:

    Women soldiers, sailors, politicians, welders, truck drivers – sure. Women chefs…make me nervous.

  4. rootietoot says:

    I don’t like men touching me unless it’s the one I’m married to. I’m old fashioned that way. I’ve had men gynos, and that was ok because That’s Different, but prefer women ones because they’ve had to have a pap smear too, and are gentler about it.

  5. Roy Kay says:

    I have no preferences really. My doc is a woman and that about the most “intimate” non-sexual contact I have. But to each their own.

  6. Catlover says:

    I once took all the feminist ‘look like a child’ stuff on board – then I thought ‘How many men do you see with a bear these days?’

    Maybe there are women who detest men without a beard. I’ve been with two women who shaved their pubes – one was OK because she was in her 20s with a woman’s shape,That bare front looked unnatural and sexless, but the rest of her full shape made up for it. The other just 17 and I had to stare at her breasts because I’m not into kids, and even then it was difficult.

    But, as I said, when I thought about it, I shave my face like most men, so I can’t really criticise women for shaving their body, however sexless I find it personally. It cold never put me off somebody, because I’d like her for more than trivial looks, but it could ‘dampen my ardour’ to imagine making love to a woman and finding instead an artificial overgrown child with nothing sexual visible, like a statue. Nude statues are beautiful – but who wants to make love with a statue?

    There are not that many women whose genitals alone can give a sexy bulge between the legs without hair adding to show they have something there.

    But like I said, I shave my face, and not because I wamt to look like a child or something, so if women choose to shave their body, that doesn’t mean they want to be seen as children either.

    They miss the teasing tenderness of licking the hairs under their armpits and up their groin. They want to appear immature, so they deprive themselves of the pleasures of mature sensuality. I used to shave my legs and pubes as a teenager. But I grew out of being a teenager.

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