As an Aside, Social Networking-

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Blogging

Okay, because folk seem to Face Book or Tweet Or Tumblr or whatever and link to me and stuff- I am taking the opportunity now to say:

I do not have an FB page.

I have Twitter Account I NEVER use and actually forgot the password on.

I am not even sure what Tumblr is. 

I do not PLAN to have a FB page,  I do not plan to get back on Twitter, and I do not plan to find out what Tumblr is.  No desire to, frankly, at all.  Thusly, if you link to or say I should look at your FB page, I can’t.  So on, so forth.

I blog.  Here, and at My LJ “the beast of the east“.  That’s pretty much it. Group blogs I used to be a part of or occasionally guest post on?  I don’t do that any more either.  This and the LJ are pretty much it.  I realize I am prolly one of the last people on earth without an FB page (heck, my almost 70 year old dad has one), and I have to admit I kinda find Twitter the height of unbridled narcissism, but yeah, there it is.

I blog.  I like the format and FEEL of blogging.  I like to write, put up pictures, have conversations, all that- I also like that well, here on Word Press I am not gonna have people I freakin’ hated back in High School sending me friend requests and all that crap. 

IF I ever break down and get a FB page or whatever or start tweeting so on, I will alert ya- but don’t hold your breath.

  1. Roy Kay says:

    I have a facebook account which I haven’t used for more than a month. Problems:

    1) A hack in their chat software sent fake messages to me and then people on my friends list. This was likely just a traffic driver to goose ratings, but it showed a low level of security.

    2) Face recognition software using tags to build up the compnents, can be too easily abused. This was not disclosed.

    I am likely to just kill the account

  2. Actually, I think you can look at photo albums… like the one I linked. I set it for “anybody” to have a look, and FB informs me “anyone” (logged into FB or not) can see the album, but you just can’t click elsewhere in FB without being logged in… is that NOT true? If not, sorry about that. (I would greatly appreciate you clicking on it and telling me, since I do link them on my blog sometimes! I won’t do that any more if they are not universally available.)

    They have changed the settings so many times, but I keep mine as open as possible. (If I used my own legal name, I certainly wouldn’t be so open.) Roy and others: make up a fake name and/or use a pseudonym, then you still get the access but only the people you CHOOSE to tell will know who you are (the high school haters won’t know your name on FB). Most people find me through my friends, I don’t look for them.

    What’s so great about Facebook? … people who called me fat ass in high school are now waaaay fatter than me. See? There IS a God. 😉

  3. I can’t understand how you post on Tumblr. I mean, I don’t get it AT ALL.

    Marks me as an out-of-it old lady, I fear.

  4. TESTING! Really, I need to know.

    Can you see any of these pics without logging in to FB? They promise me that you CAN:

    Thanks for participating!

  5. GOOD! I linked those on my blog so it can stay. 😀 And yeah, you woulda fit in real good!

  6. rootietoot says:

    FB and Twitter are like a bowl of cocopuffs. Blogging is like a 4 course steak dinner or a chicken casserole or a Reuben sandwich and homemade chips. Sometimes I like cocopuffs, but mostly blogging’s more satisfying.

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