Hardline on Rules of Engagement, Double Standards, APRF’s (some) & the truth of the matter…

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Assholes, Humans, Rants, Sex Work, Uncategorized, women

So yeah, I sacked the old joint cause I got sooo verrry tired of this shit, and I am not gonna make a habit of rehashing all that old shit yet again, but yep, time to reiterate some simple and plain as day fact.

A great many Anti-Porn Radical Feminists (not all, but enough) are so amazingly mind boggling in so many ways it is both infuriating and hilarious.  For instance, let us take a typical way many (not all) APRF’s come at engagement- not the marrying kind, but the debate/discourse kind:

1)  State their opinion as iron clad fact and set themselves up as authorities on the topic when their actual experience is lacking, much of their research is not original and drawn from seriously flawed studies, and broke no challenge to it.

2) Ignore all words, facts, statements from those who are also versed in the subject material but do not agree with their version, disregard testimony and input with those who do have hands on knowledge that does not line up with their world view. * some women are more equal than others

3) Engage in amazing amounts of dealing in double standards:  they are allowed to be rude, patronizing, dismissive, presumptive, and hostile, but then… WHY YES….whine like spoiled little school girls when treated in a manner which is less than stellar by those whom they have treated like garbage.  *some women are more equal than others

4) WHEN asked questions about their methods, research, stances, plans, or any other such thing, they do not EVER answer directly, refuse to answer, OR, if hostility is in the air- UTTERLY IGNORE the topic or questions of interest in order to, why YES, whine like spoiled little school girls about how badly they have been treated by those mean nasty people whom they treated like garbage first. *some women are more equal than others!

5) When PRESSED to actually engage and defend their Precious Precious points and “facts” and stances, they basically stick their fingers in their ears and scream “I don’t have to defend my VISIONARY AWESOMENESS from you!  I am smarter and better than you, and I know the really real truth and you don’t, oh yeah, and you were meaaaaannnn to me!  WAAAAAA!

Smirk, fuckin hell y’all, and these people are gonna bring down the Patriarchy and Change The World?  For real?  If they are this freakin’ pathetic when faced with ONE angry, caustic 5’2″ 100 pound woman, I seriously wonder what the hell they would ever do facing down a whole slew of men, with guns, money and power?  Oh yeah, I know….run screaming like a bunch of spoiled school girls. 

I mean, come on, okay, I know- I am mean, caustic, sarcastic, blah blah blah blah.  Horrible of me, I know…but for real, not once, even when I AM being nice, have I ever gotten a simple straight answer about ANY fucking thing that challenges or pokes holes in their precious theory.  NOT ONCE.  I mean come on, basic shit here, REALLY EASY questions, and if they are so sure they are right? Why the whining, deflection and terror?

-what is the plan for ending the sex biz?

-any idea how the results of the research you love to quote comes about?

this is NOT astrophysics here, really.  Man I love me some anointed by the moon goddess untouchable, unquestionable, apparently sacred and holy rad fem theory which is above all challenge and debate and is unfit for the eyes or consumption or reading of by us unwashed masses who are so in need of saving from everything and everyone- including ourselves.  THAT must be it…the Devine Theory is Above Sullied Mortal Scrutiny….

Either that, or they know caustic mean oh so horrible scary people like me could blast that shit apart faster than Jesse James with an Uzi.


I guess theory number two….and don’t forget, with this lot, some women are OBVIOUSLY more equal than others, and being treated with respect when treating others like garbage is only for The Special Keepers of the Theory…and if you DARE not heed this law….expect whining, bullshit, distortion and lies.  Pfft, and these women wonder why so many people give ’em shit?  Hell, ya reap what ya sew and all that.  Come to think of it….they have a lot of shit in common with Cults, really.

Opps, there I go doing that horrible mean venting again.  Shame on me!


  1. Catlover says:

    But don’t you realise that the wimmin most in need of protection from themselves and learning how inferior they are to the Mighty Male Monster are those who don’t realise they are inferior like ‘feminists’ and go around behaving as if they were equals with men instead of poor souls forever oppressed by an unassailable ‘patriarchy’ that by its nature has the only power to change anything and every reason not to do so? Yet oddly, those ‘feminists’ are far less interested in changing the whole social outlook and men with it, like in the 1960s against war and capitalism and prudery, than they are in being part of it just like the men they deplore.

    Time was when ‘feminism’ was women saying that they had some values better than men’s and just because a woman is sexual doesn’t make her some kind of inferior being. Now it is women saying that women are inferior unless they accept traditional men’s values without question and sexually active women are ‘objects’ subordinated to men’s usage.

    They like to present themselves as strong scary ‘feminazis’ but to 99% of men and women they look just like frightened little ‘girlies’ longing for ‘Happy Days” when no man would frighten them by thinking them equally sexual like the ‘sex objects’ they despise as inferior to men because they do not feel inferior to men like these so-called ‘feminists”. From what it’s supposed to mean, then everybody except a few Taliban are ‘feminists’ – and if everybody is a something so much that they don’t even feel the need to give it a label any more, then nobody is that label and the ones who do stick it on themselves mean something else by it.

  2. rootietoot says:

    This is why I don’t get involved with these people. I have absolutely NO tolerance for that kind of behavior and the frustration it causes. It’s like being in 7th grade again, and that was bad enough the first time around. I am fine engaging with people who’s opinion I disagree with (I’m here, right?) but only if they have decent manners, and when the conversation quickly degrades into name calling and disregard of somone else’s experiences, I’m out of there. I have more important things to do,like foldking laundry or Enabling The Patriarch. All I feel for those women is pity and disgust, and unlike you, I am not fond of poking metaphorical rattlesnakes. I prefer the real ones.

    • Ren says:

      you gotta admit that the special anointed shit was funny….

      • rootietoot says:

        well yeah, that was funny.

      • rootietoot says:

        It’s so very Fundamentalist, and they flamin’ HATE being compared to Christian Fundamentalists, but all you have to do is change a noun here and there, and they sound exactly like them.

        • Ren says:

          there is a stiking similarity sometimes- not in all, but in many. And they hate that, but I am not sure who they DON’T see it. And its not just with sex work stuff either….

          • rootietoot says:

            I compared them in a comment somewhere once, and was tersely informed that there was NO Similarity, as they didn’t believe in God.

          • rootietoot says:

            I see the similarity in the attitude of “we’re right, you’re wrong, end of discussion”, not in the particulars of ideology. It’s in the way they can pick out one little idea,completely out of context (like CF’s do with a Bible verse) and inflate it to mean whatever they want. for instance, the idea of Choice- yes, you can have a Choice,as long as you Choose the way I want you to. As women, we have the freedom to be whatever we want to be, as long as it’s not a housewife or a sex worker or a traditionally female career. (Or heaven forbid…A MAN LOVER)

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