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My Weekend Thus far…

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Personal

Friday:  Started off freakin’ awesome.  I got to use a powerwasher and laugh and Mr. Evolution.  Then Brother Evolution and his lady came over and I’ve not seen either of them in forever…and with them they brought Chinese Take Out….and I think it was perhaps a plot to leave Brother Evolution as the sole heir, because I got…food poisoning.  Bad.  Bad Bad Bad.  Mr. E and Brother Evolution were spared, but..Brother Evolution got his I am sure because his Lady…was not.  I KNEW I was in trouble shortly after eating…I felt off pretty early on…like sweaty and bad acid trip off…but the true horror was saved for…

Saturday:  Ughhhh.  Ever had food poisoning?  Then you know what I mean…add to that, well, I ain’t got a great back  to start with and heavy vomitting and well, yeah, you can guess how my day was.  I spent it on the couch, floor, or in the bathroom respectively, watching LA Ink…which I may not think Kat Von D is nearly as cool as Kat Von D thinks she is, but DAMN that whole crew, on ANY of those shows…good artists and I will not ever say otherwise.  I’d be thrilled to have ink that looked like the work they turn out.  So yeah, my food poisoned ink loving self got to thinking about tattoos and how it really long past time I got some new ink myself…I tend to do that when Something Happens in my Life…and I figure the Burn Saga finally being over is a DAMN good reason.

Today:  Finally made it to bed at about 5 this morn, slept like crap, was back up at 9, less sick but having that post sick drained, achy and tired feeling- that no energy blehness that comes after such things.  I seem to be perking up a bit, but yeah…bleh.   So my wild plans for this fine sunday afternoon include:  Not Much.  Heh.


How was y’alls weekends?