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Sooooo….seems my (ahem) sarcastic support of the Japanese Fleet ruffled some feathers (as an aside, I do not now nor have I ever Owned a Russian Ice Breaker Class Vessel…I would take one though!)

So, as posted in comments on post one, I did some digging around. 

Ahem:  The Following Countries Engage in commercial Whaling:

Japan, Norway, Russia, and Iceland.

Iceland hunts minke and fin whales (30 and 9 respectively a year)
Russia hunts Grey Whales (140 a year)
Norway hunts minke whales (400-2000 a year)
Japan hunts minke and humpback whales (500-1500 a year)

at least that is what I could find…various other Nations (US, Canada, Greenland, ect.) allow for indigenous  peoples to engage in whaling- Greenland’s allowed number of whales to be taken being the highest-140.)

So, when it comes to Whaling, it actually looks like Norway is the country which does the most of it.  Both Norway and Russia used to hunt Orca (which is what I remember from back when I was a kid, seeing a show about Norway and Russia hunting both Orca and Humpback whales, way back in the 70’s).  It appears Japan is the only group which as a COUNTRY hunts humpbacks anymore (various indigenous people do as well).   But…this caused me to wonder (as I mentioned in comments below…)

Why is it that the Japanese seem to be singled out as the target of the Sea Sheppard’s greatest ire?  Norway actually kills more whales, and interestingly enough, Norway NEVER signed ANY agreement to LIMIT whaling…so they do not see the bans as something that applies to them (because they never agreed to the bans in the first place.  They have cut back and toned down their commercial whaling, but yeah…) .  But yes, I wonder why, specifically, the Sea Sheppard’s have a hard on for Japan?  Is it because Japan hunts humpbacks?  Is it because Norway never agreed to the ban?  Or, well, I wonder if they figure way up there in the North, the Whalers of Norway, Russia, Iceland, so on…would NOT put up with them and might be a bit more offensive (and I mean like in aggressive, not crass) than the traditionally more…calm and polite…Japanese?  Is it that Japan is an easier target?  Who knows….if you do, please enlighten me, because I am curious.  After all, if the Sea Sheppard’s are merely concerned with People Who Are Killing Whales….well, it sounds like they should be after the Norwegians along with or instead of the Japanese….