And Now, A taste of things to come!

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Blogging, Gaming, Personal

(okay, so I totally just had a Mortal Kombat moment…forgive me!)

Tonite is Full Metal Fest with Vlad, then come Tuesday, I have a consult and then-with any luck- a same day shot in my spine.  It may take more than one to work, may only take one- I am sooo hoping for one!  But yeah, at least, at long last, the Back Shot Thingy will be Underway!!!

I still plan to do my Epic Sexism in Gaming Post….it’s just because I say its gonna be EPIC that I want to make sure it is, in fact,  epic!!  I’ve been thinking about this whole topic a WHOLE lot here lately, and yep, as a card-carrying Female Gamer Geek I do in fact have some experience with this shit.  Heh.

Well, I hope y’all have a good holiday weekend!

  1. Erik Schwarz says:

    I know nothing, nothing (as Sergeant Schultz used to say) about that of which you write. I am so old-school, or maybe just old, that Ms. Pac-Man is the last “gaming” I ever did. About writing, however, I do know something, and I love this line from your last post: “the fat 40 year old dude living in his mom’s basement covered in cheeto dust.” Pure poetry! A whole life story told in 15 words! Lapidary and brilliant! Right up there with Milton’s description of Satan as “that bad eminence” and Gwendolyn Brooks’s “We real cool. We left school.”

  2. Xena says:

    Happy weekend. What is it? Veteran’s Day over there? We have Victoria Day over here, which I’ve always found hilarious. We celabrate this old British Queen who everybody associates with uptight, corset straitjackets, repressive sexual mores and creepy British dudes with their crazy wives locked in their attics. (The real Queen V was much more complex, but that’s what people remember about her reign.) And everybody celebrates her by going to their cottages to skinny dip, get drunk and fuck whatever moves.

    Of course, I think the Brits celebrate long dead Royalty in the same manner. Are there any Brits reading this who can confirm that for me?

    Good luck with your back thingie, Ren.

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