Archive for May 27, 2011

(okay, so I totally just had a Mortal Kombat moment…forgive me!)

Tonite is Full Metal Fest with Vlad, then come Tuesday, I have a consult and then-with any luck- a same day shot in my spine.  It may take more than one to work, may only take one- I am sooo hoping for one!  But yeah, at least, at long last, the Back Shot Thingy will be Underway!!!

I still plan to do my Epic Sexism in Gaming Post….it’s just because I say its gonna be EPIC that I want to make sure it is, in fact,  epic!!  I’ve been thinking about this whole topic a WHOLE lot here lately, and yep, as a card-carrying Female Gamer Geek I do in fact have some experience with this shit.  Heh.

Well, I hope y’all have a good holiday weekend!