I’m shocked!

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Morons

So, because I found it amusing to do so, I went ahead and took a look at the IP addresses for some of my more recent inane commentors, and shock of all shocks, SlutPryde, Amelicious, Duh4Brains, UrethraJones & MizBiebs are ALL the same person…now sure enough, this sad little desperate attention seeking creature did bother to make up yahoo accounts for each different name, but yeah…the IP’s tell the story plain enough…all of ’em are the same douchebag.

I am sure you are all stunned.

Go away now, pathetic little one, it is past your bed time, and really, if you GOT the time to go to all that trouble…the different names and email addresses, you apparently are not nearly the hot sexy in demand sought after sexy sexy cat on the prowl socialite you apparently dream of being.


  1. rootietoot says:

    Oh..I’m um….NOT surprised. It was, however, mighty entertaining.

  2. Anthony says:

    Funny that some people have so much free time on their hands that they have to create their own sockpuppets, ehhh??

    Maybe it was the dunb names that was the giveaway. “Urethra Jones”?!?!?! Dewd (or dewdette): no one with an ounce of sense uses that ID.

    BTW…been lurking about and working, but still alive and kicking. Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.


    • Xena says:

      😀 Sock puppets. Yeah.

      For a troll, I guess Austin Powers/Mutant Mole Rat/Mr. Boobies was sort of entertaining. I don’t really have the time to speculate about how seriously he takes his own socially inept commentary. I try to ignore weirdness unless I’m reasonably certain that the person is actually trying to make me giggle.

      • Ren says:

        the whole thing cracked me up….i mean, here is some dumbass troll talking about their hot slutty awesomeness and how all us old bitchez R just So JEALOUS and how much crazy monkey sex she’s gettin’ and needs no attention or validation from the likes of us..

        yet they have the time and apparent NEED to make up that many comment names and email addresses? IF that ain’t an indication of a lack of social life and need for attention I am not sure what is!

  3. Erik Schwarz says:

    “Urethra Jones”! Not touching that one. Tamara Dobson, please contact your attorneys and sue for copyright infringement.

  4. Roy Kay says:

    I suppose if you don’t have anything by way of a legitimate life, a phony life will have to do.

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