Gamers and their Avatars….

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Gaming, Humans

It’s a gaming post…deal.  I for one find the psychology of gamers and their Avatars full of interesting.  I mean, think about it…there is a stereotype about gamers:  the fat 40 year old dude living in his mom’s basement covered in cheeto dust, so on, so forth….which while there are gamers out there like that who exist, well, gaming and gamers have come a long way…more women gamers, more what a lot of folk would consider “normal” people…hell, a couple years ago, when the new rule book for D&D came out, the forward to it was written by admitted D&D geek…Vin Diesel.  But yeah, avatars are an interesting thing…I mean, here you are in a world, in whatever game you play, be it WoW, or City of, or Star Wars, or countless others, where you can look and be however you want.  You, and not nature and genetics, have utter control over what you look like- from gender to hair color to build- I have always found it fascinating what people do with that.  Do they make those representations look like them, or are they the exact opposite?  Do they show themselves in a digital setting, or go for a mask?   Well, apparently, I am not the only person who finds this interesting.  Someone actually wrote a book about it, and included photos of both gamers avatars and their real selves…here…

Take A Look!  There is some game vs reality for you…

Me personally?  I tend to mix it up.  I will play toons of both sexes- I have everything from a 6’6″ very Nordic looking man (the very antithesis of what I actually look like) to a 4’11” inch woman with grey skin in black leather.   I have, in short a LOT of avatars in my chosen game. Women and men, heroes and villains, some I love to play a whole lot- like Rictor and Darwina (who do, well, dress like me), and some I play way less, Like Shiny and Sunday….but I was thinking on this whole Avatar thing, and then I looked at the character I have been playing the most here lately, one I love to play and when I can put her on a team, I will….a toon that has truly become on of my absolute favorites…and well…

I guess see for yourself….


I guess when it comes down to it…while I like variety and the ability to be anything from blonde to a guy, to have wings or cybernetic parts….in the digital world…well, not too far off from the real one.  It does kind of amuse me that I can be sitting around playing in the same outfit my avatar is wearing…right down to the blast goggles!    Oh, and that toon right there?  Villain…uses a gun and sets things on fire…how…fitting, no?  And oh yeah, she’s all of about 5’2″  🙂
  1. Xena says:

    I’m not much of a gamer. I wish I had the time&resources for serious play, but, well you know my situation.

    I learned everything I know about the popular games from my (unofficially adopted) dad. I guess you could call him my street dad. He’s a fanatical gamer. He lives on worker’s comp because of an injury, and he ‘s just inherited a little nest egg. So he has the time and money for all of it. He was also a member of the SCA before his injury. Serious LARPie.

    He’s 6’4″ and reminded me of Harrison Ford up until a few years ago, when his hair went white.

    He prefers female characters. He uses tough looking, tallish muscular redheads. His current New Vegas character is a vicious cannibal. He prefers blunt weapons and spiked knuckles over guns when he plays. But he always has a nice stash of guns, grenade launchers, etc.

    Sometimes I just hang out at his place while he plays. It’s more fun than the RatBox experiment of a shelter I’m staying in now.

    • Ren says:

      hey, tallish redheads….rictor and darwina are both tallish red heads! Nothing wrong with those….and he sounds like a cool person to hang with.

      Cannibals? I may have to play this game.

      • Xena says:

        I’m going to my dad’s tomorrow. I’ll see if I can drag him away from his joystick 😉 long enough so he can stop by and chat with you. He has some VERY cool games. I kinda liked Badlands too.

    • Danny says:

      I really wish I lived in an area where there were some tabletop gamers. (Yes I somehow managed to find the one place in all of reality where there is no presence of that.)

  2. rootietoot says:

    All the way back from D&D in high school, through the SCA and up to now, my characters/persona have been just me, in different clothes. I guess I lack the imagination to be a 6’6″ nordic man or a 6 armed Hell Heaver…or whatever. It’s easier to be a knife throwing kitchen wench, since that’s what i am anyway. When I worked up some characters in City of Heroes, they all wound up being women in glasses with big thighs. O well.

  3. Xena says:

    In AD&D I liked the Drau. I drew up a really cool Drau sorceress many years ago, but I lost touch with my geek troop (yeah, back when it was books, dice and the DM’s imagination.) I never did get to play a game with her. The same thing kept happening with my vampire geeks. I managed to play a few games with my warrior dude brfore that troop disappeared on me.

    They’re probably all online gamers now.

  4. Debbie says:

    Back in HS, when I played AD&D my character was an Elven Mage/Warrior. I have always liked mixing it up and kind of screwed myself by being too much of a jack of all trades. Lately, however, I have been having a lot of fun LARPing where my character is a anti-hero Drow Warrior who is strictly fights with an assortment of weaponry, mostly swords!

    In RPG video games….Druids are my fav to play…

  5. lisakansas says:

    Yeah, all my avatars always end up being tall, curvy blondes with long hair. 😀 oops. I have actually tried to play toons that look different from me and I just can never, ever get into ’em. I’m pretty sure this is a failure of my imagination.

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