Do NOT Blame the Skirt…

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Blogging, Humans, Sexism

Okay, two posts of interest that I have stumbled across in the last few days; one by Gin, and one by Hugo…both worth reading, really….and both got me with the thinking of course.   Both even have much to do with the idiocy that is “the short skirt” theory…

You know the one that suggests that how a woman is dressed somehow makes it if not okay, less bad for a guy to rape her?  Yeah, THAT idiocy! 

First I am gonna pretty much repeat what I left in a comment at Gin’s about the matter. The mere idea that clothes of any kind: tight, low cut, short, revealing, whatever have the power to make men rape is so stupid it just stuns me.  A short skirt never made anyone do anything, and if revealing attire on women made men rape…just, you know, caused them all to lose any sense of self control and suddenly become mindless animals bent on penetrating a woman dressed oh so shamelessly, why is it that we do not see droves of men losing it and raping women at the community swimming pool where bikinis and tight one pieces are everywhere, or in crowded gyms where- especially in summer- things such as this are not at all an uncommon view?  Or hell, for that matter, how come it is we don’t see men humping mannequins in the mall who happen to be wearing short skirts?  The answer to that is pretty simple:  because raping someone is a choice, men do possess the ability to control themselves, and clothing does not make anyone do anything.  Scare tactics like telling women a certain kind of dress makes men mindless ravaging beasts might scare women into more modest dress (which hey, plenty of modestly dressed women get raped too), but it also brings up a very valid point that a lot of the “you shouldnta worn a short skirt” crowd forgets:  If short skirts, ect., have that kind of power over men (which they don’t, but), then men are non-evolved beasts who need to be put out of their own and everyone else’s misery.  Would you bring a rabid dog into your home?  Well, if not, why then would you not put down another equally capable of violence creature that simply cannot control itself?  Frankly, I think we should get to shoot any rapist who claims a short skirt made them do it….one, they obviously need the high velocity cerebral cortex lead therapy, and two….we can then say their stupidity made us do it!

Hugo had a letter over at his place, about young women, men, and clothing…and you know, it’s pretty good.  Way more enlightened than the advice I got as a teenage girl regarding that kinda thing.  But in the comments, the question was asked why aren’t people trying to educate, reach, so on, young men in this same way on these same matters….and well, I thought it might be interesting to give that a shot myself.  I mean, I am not a guy, I can’t necessarily speak to them in the same way another male could, and heck, if they are the type to just disrespect women period, well, then nothing I can or will say will ever change their minds…but hell, I thought it might be an interesting exercise at least…so, here we go:

An Open Letter to Young Men:


I cannot say what it is like to be you, to truly know the pressures you face while growing up or how you have to work and strive to find your own sense of self and your place in the world.  But I do know what it was like to grow up with and around you, how it felt to be seen or noticed by you in a good way, how it felt to be seen or noticed by you in a bad way, how it felt to be seen and noticed by you not at all or way too much.  I also know that growing up and finding oneself and ones place is not always easy, regardless of if you are a boy or a girl.  It can be rough, no question, all around.  But I do have something to say to you, and I do hope maybe you will listen.


No one likes to be picked on, slandered, bullied, hurt, made fun of or taken advantage of.  I am sure it is something you do not like to be on the receiving end of, and simple truth is, no one else likes it either.  And when growing up, things are difficult for everyone.  So just as you would not liked to be judged, or accused by, or treated badly by people, it is important to know that no one else likes that either.  Sure enough, as you get older, you are going to most likely be interested in the opposite sex, drawn to them, find them pretty or interesting or yep, even attracted and turned on by them- but something that is important to remember is this:


You and those girls?  Take away the few different things and basically, those girls are made up of the same components that you are:  flesh, bones, hormones, feelings, brains, guts, joints, and all the same sort of chemical and biological compounds that make a human just that:  a human.  She is a person just like you are, often with the same things going on in her head and life that you have, and she deserves to be treated with the same level of respect and humanity that you yourself would wish to be treated with.  How she looks or what she wears does not change that.  Under whatever clothes she is wearing, she is a human, made up of the same human things you are made up of, and just as hateful names or jeers or ugly stares or rumors and lies make you upset…they will do the same thing to her.  Girls do not relish being made fun of, or tormented, or treated badly and disrespected any more than you do…so perhaps, when you are tempted to do that to a girl, or see your friends doing it to one, you need to stop and think about her for a moment.


How do you think it makes her feel?  How would you feel if it was happening to you?  How would you feel if it was your mother, or sister, or female friend being treated in that manner?  What must it be like to be her?  And if you were her, or when you yourself are being treated poorly, how much would it mean if someone would just stop doing it, or made it stop, or said to their friends “Hey, you know, this really isn’t that fair or cool?”


Little things like that can make a world of difference, and not just for her, but for you, and every other human you have around you- boy or girl.  Under it all you are pretty much the same:  human, with all that human commonality and awareness and likeness- and when you disrespect a girl- no matter how “okay” or “cool” or “fun” anyone else might say it is…you are not merely disrespecting her; you are disrespecting yourself and every other person on the planet as well. 


And respect?  Having it and showing it does not make you weak, or uncool, or whiny, or any other such thing.  In fact, it makes you quite the opposite.  It is far stronger and braver to stand up to, stop, and defend people from harm than it is to cause it, join in on it, or ignore it.   And respect given also often respect then earned.

You may not be able to control others, but you can control yourself, and being a decent person to others, male or female, will not only make them feel better, it will probably make you feel better too…and the world could use better people…so try being one, even when it is not always the popular or easy thing to do. 

So yeah, there is my attempt at reason and humanity for the day…

  1. idiocracy says:

    Is it to much to teach boys like they used to in France that a ‘real man’ is able to *satisfy* a woman, not get his rocks off and leave her wondering when the action is going to start?

    What’s the betting every teenage boy dreams of dressing for the girls to thrown themselves at him to drag to bed? But he likes to have the choice. So why shouldn’t she dress to have his tongue hanging out – and she has the choice too?

    The answer’s not some blanket condemnation of all men for looking at women’s legs. That goes directly with condemnation that women must have been asking for it by showing them – after all, men aren’t free to walk around in short skirts showing off to women.

    Well women should be free to ‘ask for it’. But ‘ask’ implies the freedom. to accept or reject. Women can guess that young men at least are permanently ‘asking for it’, or at least ‘available’ – but they expect the freedom to turn the offer down!

    So in most of our life, most of the time we get turned down whichever sex we are. No matter how promiscuous, we’ll always meet more refusals than acceptances.

    Women seem biassed to emotional satisfaction ahead of physical no matter what magazines tell them to play over their clitoris. Men can get physical orgasm without emotional satisfaction they may even be brought up to reject as ‘feminine’. That’s very dangerous because a violent man who’s shot his lot load and still feels something lacking blames the woman for his own inadequacy.

    If you want a wank, have a wank or hire a prozzy. Women traditionally were always taught that sex was a two-way deal involving pleasing their man. There’s some feeling that that puts the woman down now. It should be the other way round – women had it right that it’s between two and boys should learn to grow up and recognise the same that a ‘real’ man pleases the woman – and not by screwing her into oblivion.

    Don Juan was a closet homosexual. The boyos bragging about a different woman every night should remember that when they really mean no woman will see them a second time.

    Nothing ‘sex object’ about men admiring a woman showing herself off – or women admiring a man. But whenTF did wearing shorts ever entitle a woman and her mates to rip them off a man?

    At my age though, when I see girls queueing for night clubs they are obviously far too young to be in legally with skirts up round their chubby little thighs and midriff bare to show the ring through their puppy-fat I have to admit that my first reaction is “Christ pet, you must feel cold!”

    Equally, it’s as stupid to say that those girls should feel safe to walk home alone past a crowd of drunks as to say that they should feel free to sing a handbag without risk of somebody snatching it. Of course they *should* – but *should* isn’t ‘is’. There’ll always be tossers. But we would expect that by now they’d be recognized as tossers, not this lame old “asking for it means an offer they can’t refuse” crap.

    Strike down the Puritans whingeing that every admiring glance is ‘visual rape’ by all means – but strike down these pathetic perverts incapable of shoving off when turned down like any dumb quadruped!

    • Ren says:

      the fat comments were outta line…a gal can dress as she wishes regardless of her size.

      And I oddly enough agree with some of your other points: Indeed, both sexes do often dress/groom to attract people to them, and enjoy that, and there is NOTHING wrong with that IMHO at all- it becomes a problem when a No I am not Interested is not respected. I also agree there is nothing wrong with a person doing sexual things to please their partner so long as they are okay with doing them.

  2. Kim says:

    So the other day a girl I admittedly don’t care for made a comment like “I hate it when women work out in the gym in sports bras only (with no shirt over)!” and some other women agreed. Like this was “slutty” or something. Me, I was quiet, thinking “When I get my abs back in shape (nearly there!), loose a few pounds (5 max to go) and get some damn SUN on my skin, you bet your ass I’m working out in sports bra only, sweetie.” At 40 fucking 3 years old AND after a baby I’m damn proud of my stomach PLUS it’s a lot cooler than wearing two layers.”

    Sometimes women are just as bad as men, ey?

    • Ren says:

      My theory on sports bras at the gym. One…I work out for reason…I like muscle. Even as a kid I liked it. I mean, other girls would be Ohhh, I wanna look like Christie Brinkley and I was more the nahhh, Rachel McLish, please. And you know (eyeballs icon photo)…I have some of those muscles I like, abs too, the whole reason I work out in the first place…so you know, especially when it is hot out and oh, I do somthing as unladylike as SWEAT like CRAZY…if I wanna wear a freakin’ sports bra… I will. Hell yes, I am nice a clean off any equipment I use and set down towels and all that gym politeness and hygine 101 stuff- but why the hell am I gonna hide the results of why I am working out in the first place….IN A GYM? DO we see dudes who have killer biceps and shoulders and traps and abs hiding in sweat suits or big, baggy (actually tangle up when you work out ) t-shirts? Uh, no….so why should women?

      ANd, heh, it is not like sports bras prop up the boobs and scream “take me now!” In fact, they sorta squish em down and out of the way and keep them from moving, anywhere, at all…so, showing ones stomach is….slutty? Really?


      ANd this is one of those things I am loathe to say, but sometimes I wonder I wonder if the women who are complaining about other women in sports bras are really pissy because they think it is slutty, or just that damn petty and self loathing.

    • Ren says:

      Mr E is curious, do these same women wish other women would wear t-shirts over their bikini’s the pool or beach???

      • rootietoot says:

        no, they wish women wouldn’t wear bikinis at all, but rather something like this:
        well, not me, I don’t care what people wear…and usually just have on a sports bra and loose knit skirt (don’t like shorts) when doing yardwork. But never a bikini, not in public anyway.

        • rootietoot says:

          DOH! i replied before reading the further comments. hee.

          • Erik Schwarz says:

            Quite all right. There can never be too many advocates for the burkini. Clearly you are possessed of the theological and geometric requisites (pace “A Confederacy of Dunces”) to hold high office in a theocratic regime. Can I interest you in assuming the title and duties of Grand Ayatollah of Casual and Resort Wear? With the job comes a magnificent hat and the privilege of feeding offenders to the Holy Geese.

  3. Erik Schwarz says:

    Everyone should wear burquas, both men and women. For swimwear, the burkini. You can order yours at When I am named Archbishop of Canterbury and run the world, this will be law. As an essentially reasonable and flexible theocrat, I shall permit certain exceptions and alternatives, such as muumuu’s, Lilly Pulitzer slacks and officially licensed NHRA apparel. And idiocracy will be cast into a dungeon for using the words “Christ” and “chubby little thighs” in the same sentence.

    • Ren says:

      and the penalty for wearing blast goggles, both for necessity and because you are too damn lazy to get headband?

      • Erik Schwarz says:

        There will be a codicil pertaining to eyewear. Since theology and geometry dictate that Bootsy Collins be our exemplar, I am inclined towards leniency for blast goggles. Also monocles and Groucho glasses. So you and Despicable Me have nothing to fear. Nor do Mr. Peanut and my grandchildren. Anyone apprehended by the archdiocesan morality police for wearing Versace sunglasses, however, will be fed to the geese on St. Martin’s Day.

        • Xena says:

          😀 Those burkinis look like something a lady would wear to study krav maga or something. I’d wear one to work out, as long as I get to kick some ass in it. With Groucho Marx glasses as the season’s must-have ass-whupping accessories, of course.

          I can be the Captain of the Guard in Erik’s theocracy.

          • Ren says:

            I claim Minister of Security…

            and Krav Maga is AWESOME.

            • Erik Schwarz says:

              Look out, Iran, we are taking over as world’s most feared theocracy! With Ren as Minister of Security drilling the troops in Krav Maga, Xena captaining the fearsome Groucho Guards and whupping ass, and rootietoot enthroned as Grand Ayatollah of Casual Wear and exterminating saggy pants and plaid seersucker. (As Archbishop of Canterbury, I shall have little to do other than swan about in ostentatious vestments and issue irrelevant edicts.) We shall sweep across the face of this world, crushing our enemies, seeing them driven before us and hearing the lamentations of their…uh, significant others. (This is a 21st-century, non-gender-biased theocracy.)

              • Ren says:

                who is gonna take care of the geese? very important job there…

                • Erik Schwarz says:

                  How very in character of you to inquire after the Holy Geese. I suppose you remember the flock of geese in Juno’s Temple who saved Rome by sounding the alert when the Gauls attacked at night. No less an authority than Livy recorded the incident.

  4. Roy Kay says:

    Thanks to the publicity over Slut Walk Toronto, I am aware of similar activities nationally. There is an effort to plan one for Cleveland, Ohio as well and we are seeking the counsel of organizers of others in the local community. Some are considering venturing out to other cities to talk with those organizers and to participate and bring back their knowledge.

    This is particularly relevant to Cleveland where Thomas Sowell has been indicted for the rape, torture and murder of 11 women in addition to ones who escaped and were not believed It is precisely the efforts to maginalize people based on sexwork, drugs, or even appearance that deprived them of credibility when they were speaking the truth – and which could have prevented some of the carnage.

    Maintaining that marginalization is precisely one of the objectives of “Family Values” politics. It is also part of the cult of “appropriateness”, which raises the status od some and reduces the status of others based on what is really only matters of taste and style. It is reflected in government and corporate culture warriors that pretend to measure competence based on off-hours activities and associates.

    It will be difficult to reverse, but there is some promise. As in other civil rights movements, this is susceptible to change based on shear numbers actively promoting change. We have the good fortune that presently there is little formal “decency” bureaucracy, supported by funds and backed by Congressional mandates to maintain the status quo. This is a war that just might be won.

    • Xena says:

      I moved to Toronto just after slutwalk, so I missed the event. Sucky. I considered going to LA on the 4th, but that’s a little soon for a 5 day cross country adventure. And LA in slut gear? My first screaming sunburn of the season sounds kinda painful to be dealing with so far from home.

      Cleveland at some future date sounds just about right. If luck is with me, I can thumb down in less than a day. That is one of the scariest places I’ve ever thumbed through, tho. It’s as bad as Detroit. The cabbie that picked me up in Cleveland when I was there in ’93 had bulletholes through his windshield, and drove me a long way for free, just to be a decent human being.

      Your serial killer links don’t surprise me one bit.

      I was thinking about a little spiked leather armour creation from the game Fallout for the walk, complete with faux modified hubcaps for breastplates.

      What do you think?

      • Ren says:

        I think you should come to the one in DC, I’d go for that.

        • Xena says:

          Ok, I’ll try to get there. That gives me a few months to work some winter yummies off my arms before I go around dressed up like an extra from Mad Max. Otherwise, I’d have to get really creative about covering up my not-so-combat-ready parts 😉

          There’s almost no doubt in my mind that you’re familiar with Fallout New Vegas, Ren. But here’s a link for the other commenters: I’m hoping to be wearing the Painspike armor, bottom left photo.

          • Ren says:

            heh, I kinda dress like that normally….

          • Erik Schwarz says:

            Very chic. You will not be popular, however, on public transportation.

            • Xena says:

              😀 The more dangerous parts of the costume will be modified for safety, and so the cops won’t jack me up. I’ll be using painted plastic instead of metal for most of it.

              If I have enough money, I might use a couple of nice dildos on the belt, instead of the trophy hands, or maybe a double dildo. I’ve decided against wearing any of the helmets. Fluffy hair and all.

              I’m still trying to decide if carrying a squirtgun and strapping a large hoe across my back would invite too much unwanted attention from cops. Maybe I’ll contact the DC police ahead of time and ask them what’s allowed.

              I hope the hoe’s ok. It’ll have some serious aesthetic appeal positioned above the words I’ll be painting on my bum: KISS MY FALLOUT

      • Roy Kay says:

        It really depends on what part of Cleveland you are in. Some places are pretty bleak and others (Ohio City are) totally gentrified. You’d certainly find a free crash at my place if you wanted it. It’s kind of ex-urban, but within 45 min.

        I might venture to another city to see what I can learn about organizing by way of assistance. While I’m a slut, this would probably have greater authenticity with women leadership.

        • Xena says:

          I might do that too, Roy, time and resources permitting. Keep us posted and let us know when you have a definite date.

          I’m hoping it’ll be before mid October. Cleveland gets some harsh weather too. I wouldn’t want to be wearing hubcaps on my boobies in an Ohio storm either.

          • Roy Kay says:

            Will do.

            How should not be a problem here – unless they decided to pretend it was a weapon. Toy plastic hoe sure wouldn’t be. With cell-phone cameras, it would have to be a phenomenally stupid cop who would try to make an arrest in this.

    • slutpryde says:

      These homely granola girls call themselves sluts? This is as offensive as hippies wearing Blackface to march for Black power.

      But far worse. Real sluts love and crave men – and are worshipped back like the sexual goddesses we are. These bookish women all look very angry and hateful towards men with very little actual sex appeal. Like a mob of angry librarians in bikini tops! They couldn’t actually be sluts if they tried! Imagine these women in a porn video? I sure can’t. So, they are actually the antithesis of sluts posing as us for their own anti-slut agenda.

      I’m offended at the posturing and lowering of slut standards here. Sluts ooze sex. These women ooze misdirected anger. So not sexy.

      • Ren says:

        Wow, you are judgemental little shit aren’t ya? If you are sooooo hot…ok, lets see ya. Proof of your awesome sexiness….show everyone up and stuff…go for it!

        And stunner here, I know it, bookish women like sex too, same goes for angry women…hell, I am full o rage generally and I sure do like me some sex, no question…and heck, you know why there IS a librarian/school teacher fetish? Cause many a man finds that sorta thing…hot and sexy.

        And you see, misguided arrogant one, the whole reason for this march? To sort of bring about the idea that WHY YES, women CAN AND DO like sex and should not be treated like crap for that. Soooo horrible, I know.

        You really do need to get with the program…ignorance and pettiness is truly NOT sexy at all.

        • Xena says:

          I doubt even a headcase like sp could brave Toronto’s late March weather long enough to look truly slutty. If I remenber correctly, the temperatures were still in the minus digits that weekend, with sleet. For the Americans, that’s around 30 degrees farenheit.

          But yeah, I’d like to see trollface–I mean slutpryde–flash its six boobies around in a Canadian sleetstorm too. That would be priceless.

        • slutpryde says:

          I have nothing to prove here, my validation comes from men, not jealous gals. To be honest, I’m sure I’ve slept with more hot guys than this entire board combined. That’s all the validation I need.

          Anyhow, I would be severely shocked if ANY of those women like sex. That’s why they offend me. They are walking contradictions. Bitter little pills playing dress-up as their secret fantasies.

          Oh look at me, I’m a (wannabe) slut! Who also hates sex & men!

          Sorry. I’m not buying it. I defy you to find even one actual slut in that entire phony parade of poseurs. A girl who truly loves to grab a bull by his horn and milk it until his cow come home..

          • rootietoot says:

            well, I suppose in this thread I should be ashamed by the extremely low numbers of notches on my belt, by the quantity of cerebral books on the multiple bookcases in the house, and the thick glasses i need to read them. Oh, and the Quaker nature of my wardrobe (practically nunnish, really), and yet, Mr Rootie, whom I’ve been married to these past 25 years, doesn-‘t complain and occasionally has to beg off for the night. See, honey, it’s not necessarily about how many men you’ve been with, but how happy the man you’re with really is. We’re not all bitter little pills because we have chosen monogamy. Some of us REALLY like sex ALOT, we just choose to stick with one man because DAY-UM, he’s good! It could also mean I have a longer attention span than you do, but that would be supposition.

          • Ren says:

            see, that in and of itself is sad… your validation comes from men…cause you so need to be validated….okkkkkayyy.

            And why, again, exactly would ANYONE be jealous of you again, really? That’s what I’m not buying.

      • Anthony says:


        Ahhhh. dewd:

        I have no problem whatsoever with “hippies” marching in blackface, as long as they genuinely support racial equality. And I happen to BE Black.

        And, dumbass?? You don’t necessarily have to be pretty or do porn to be a slut…just like sex enough to scare doofuses like you into apoplexy.

        Beside that: like every other whackjob, you totally misrepresent Slutwalk’s true meaning. They aren’t marching for the right to walk nude in public; they are making a point about women being victimized by sexual violence and then blamed for it due to their “sluttiness”.

        Oh…and being pretty and having a 38DD-24-38 frame doesn’t make you a slut, either. It’s all about attitude, not proportions.

        Try again when you have a true thought that actually enlightens us, please.


        • Xena says:

          I just noticed your gravatar, Anthony.

          LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

          You are so subversively OWNING a vile slur. You have more guts than I do, my friend.

          Are you coming to any of the walks? In fettishwear?

    • Anthony says:


      One correction: Anthony Sowell, not Thomas, is the Cleveland serial killer.


      • Roy Kay says:

        Acch! I actually was aware of the error and looked it up, then in the copy/paste of the links, I forgot to correct. Thanks for the catch.

        Anyway to edit a fix, Ren?

  5. Roy Kay says:

    If I can add to my previous post:

    Slut Walk dates set:

    Salt Lake City, UT – Saturday 6/18/2011
    Seattle, WA – Sunday 6/19/2011
    Los Angelos, CA – Friday-Sunday 7/29-31/2011
    Minneapolis, MN – Saturday 8/6/2011
    Washington DC – Saturday 8/13/2011
    New York City – Saturday 9/20/2011

    Montreal – Sunday 5/29/2011
    Edmonton, AB – Saturday 6/4/2011

    Melbourne – Saturday 5/28/2011
    Amsterdam – Saturday 6/4/2011

  6. amelicious says:

    Of course you don’t blame the skirt. It’s the person wearing it.

    Just like how guns don’t kill people, people do. Duh, what are you going to do – convict a skirt in court? lolllllzzzzzzz

  7. polly says:

    My take on the short skirt=uncontrollable lust theory is really very simple.

    You very rarely see anyone raping a woman in full view of others in a crowded public place, even if she’s wearing nothing. Why? The perp knows they might get caught.

  8. slutpryde says:

    I have to agree, this is a stretch..

    I’ve tried walking the streets in nothing but a boob top and micro shorts, showing off my nipples, cameltoe & tramp stamp for all the world to see like a homing beacon for hot groping pervs. Hoping to just get grabbed off the street and swept off my stripper heels in some secluded alley or backseat.

    What I’ve found though is that although men can’t help but stare, they actually get too intimidated to approach such a fine specimen like myself. So, I usually ended up going home frustrated with nothing but a wet spot in my sorts.

    Take it from me, don’t get your hopes up gals.

    I don’t mind propositioning guys, but that just gets to be a drag after a while. I’d much rather get chased down like a frisky rabbit. 🙂

    • Ren says:

      You are either the most fucked up woman on the planet, or a dude. I am thinking dude.

      First of all, any dude who is gonna grab you and drag you into an alley? Prolly not someone any actual woman would ever consider attractive. Secondly, a rape fantasy is NOTHING like actually being raped. And a woman would know that…

      and chances are, if you really ARE a woman? Walking around dressed as you detail there (hey, which is fine, people should wear what they want, I am all for that) chances are guys think you are a pro and figure even talking to you is gonna cost them, or that you have something they do not want to catch. Ah, sad but true cupcake, sad but true…

      And see, an actual woman, which I suspect you are not, or at least one seriously into Slut Pride and merely having sex for the fun of it would KNOW there are ways to actually go about doing this- like local swing clubs and parties and things of that nature- and you seem to be terribly ignorant of that fact. (So hey, if you REALLY are a woman- maybe check out that scene).

      And I don’t really need to take anything from you cupcake, cause ya sound like a bleedin’ idiot.

      • Erik Schwarz says:

        There is a third possibility: slutpryde may be some sort of beastie. My guess is that the nipples to which s/he refers come in sets of six or eight, not two. Note the zoological language. “Cameltoe.” “Fine specimen like myself.” “Like a frisky rabbit.” But I would bet slutpryde is no rabbit but something much larger and more imposing, like a rhino. (They have learned how to work qwerty keyboards with their horns, and they have ponderous senses of humor.) No wonder men are too intimidated to approach, let alone importune. Even in the most micro of shorts and highest of heels, the sight of a rhino evokes trampling rather than canoodling. Even male rhinos are intimidated by the females of their species: apparently reproduction involves lots of male squealing and wailing. If my supposition is correct, I retract my earlier remark about nipples. Rhinos, like people, have only two.

  9. Xena says:

    What a great discussion. Hugo would love this. You should send him a pingback? tumblr? Whatever they call those things. I thought about doing it myself, but I thought putting this out in front of his weirdos is something better left to your Imperial Godliness. Some of Hugo’s weirdos make slutthang look sane.

  10. Xena says:

    Yeah, my tech savvy is sadly lacking. I didn’t learn how to use a computer until after my 30th birthday. I know how stuff works, but I don’t know what half of it’s called. I plug the doohickey into the whoozeywhatsis and stuff happens, or it doesn’t 🙂

    I meant that Hugo has several discussions up on slutwalk right now, and I was thinking about posting more links. I was also thinking about posting a link on a feminist philosophy blog or two. Unfortunately, the administrators on the blog I really like are in the middle of trying to get rid of 2 of the wiliest concern trolls I’ve ever seen. One looks to be pre-law, one has serious degrees in psych. And they’re both pulling out their finest jargon to defend a racist fuck with a PhD.

    You don’t want those trolls over here, either. So my question above lost something when I deleted that part of it. It was late. I was tired. Probably shouldn’t have bothered hitting Post at all.

    I guess Hugo’s serious readers can find you through the little blue Ren thingie above your comments 🙂

  11. Xena says:

    Come to think of it, you could probably delete all 3 comments I posted after “mutated mole rat”, including this one.

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