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Okay, so, sigh, no love for FullMetal, I see how it is…so, back to fun with medical professionals.  I have now called both the hospital and my back dock about a zillion times trying to solve the referral problem, and have been told a billion times that it will get straightened out and “someone will get back to me” and as of yet…after several days…my phone ain’t ringing, even though I sure as heck have not stopped calling them.

I think it is time to send in Vinny Jones.  Okay, not necessarily Vinny, but maybe one of his characters, like Bullet Tooth Tony or The Surgeon.  I have come to the conclusion my weekend plans now include driving to the hospital with the referral I have IN my hand and not leaving until this shit gets settled.  Should that not work, I will either call Vinny Jones or go Vinny Jones on these people.

And they wonder why people hate both doctors and insurance companies so much.  Real mystery, eh?