A Yay for medical professionals….

Posted: May 17, 2011 in In The Neck

Today was THE LAST DAY of shots in the neck for me.  Almost three years of shots once a month, other shit, and a surgery later…I am done.  Good as its gonna get, and you know what?  That is damn fine enough for me.  And I gotta say, through it all, my neck doc was awesome.  She’s one of the ones that helps me keep some faith in the medical profession.  (and before the jackass known as duh4brains lives up to their net handle again…don’t say shit about shit, chief, and why yes, she was happy to take in hand and not faxed notorized referrals!)

In any event, this is good news. Neck done, back to go!

  1. Roy Kay says:

    Glad they finally decided to work with you.

    Meanwhile, I am fascinated that anyone would consider the prospect of fraudulently getting an epidural spinal cortisone injection. Yeppers. That’s what I dream of – having needles stuck in my spine for no particular reason and with no buzz to follow.

    • Ren says:

      lol seriously right? WOOHOO< shove a big old huge ass needle into my spine that is gonna hurt like fuck. lets do it!

      • rootietoot says:

        I’ve had 3 spinal epidurals and oh yes! I did it because they’re FUN and made me high! or something…ok maybe not. Actually the third time it made me pee myself, and got fussed at by a nurse for that one…
        I am REALLY happy that your neck saga has closed, and that you have a cool scar to show for it.

  2. Erik Schwarz says:

    Congratulations on a successful, or at least satisfactory, medical outcome. I hope you have no more cervical pain – from the look of the photos you must have endured quite a lot. Mazel tov to you, the doc and your C1-7 vertebrae. Now let me tell you about my kidneys…well, perhaps not.

  3. duh4brains says:

    I don’t get it.

    What do pics of your scars have to do with “proving” me wrong about why they wanted faxes as an anti-fraud measure?


    • Ren says:

      wasn’t about proof at all cupcake, it was to try and make sure you didn’t say something real fuckin’ stupid, but ya seem to excel at that shit period. I already addressed your just the fax ma’am bs elsewhere.

      Next time maybe I wll post a photo of the message from pretty much every doctors office I have been in in the last three years: the one hung on the wall that says “Attention patients, this office no longer faxes referrals and it is YOUR responsibility to request this paperwork at the time of your visit.”

  4. duh4brains says:

    Ok then, what do pics of your scars have to do with “making sure” I didn’t say something stupid?

    Sorry, but I still don’t get your point?


    • Ren says:

      well, thus far your think before you type skills have not at all been impressive….I was prepared for some witless comment. Call it a warning shot up the nose rather than across it.

      Cheers back.

    • Erik Schwarz says:

      Dear duh4brains, here is the etiquette: when someone says that they have recovered from an injury or illness, one offers congratulations or some other positive acknowledgment. One may add a sympathetic personal or mildly humorous note – though that note should never suggest that this is really about oneself rather than the recuperator or that her or his medical travails are being taken lightly. One does not request nor raise questions about documentation unless one is the representative of the insurance carrier assigned to the case. (Hope that helps.)

      • rootietoot says:

        Like this: (not to say Erik isn’t quite clear, but anyone who calls himself duh4brains might need a simple example)

        Oh wow! you were burned? That sucks, but I am glad you’re much better now!

        Not this:
        You were burned? Prove it, asshole. I bet you are trying to cheat insurance. i bet it’s not as bad as you say. Who cares about your stupid scars, anyway. not me. (to paraphrase)

        tell you what, honey, go set up your own blog, they’re completely free, then you can say whatever you like, however you want, and be just as offensive as you choose.

  5. Glad to hear it Ren! Great news ! Now, get ready for the Rapture tomorrow!

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