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Fun with Medical Professionals…

Posted: May 14, 2011 in WTF???

So, I am trying to get this shit set up so I can get those dang shots in my spine, which, for fairly obvious reasons I think, is a hospital procedure and not an in office one.  Thus far its gone a bit like this:

(phone in hand)

Ren:  Hi, my name is ——, and I am calling to set up a epidural spinal cortisone injection.
Hospital Pain Management Person:  Your referring doctor?
Ren: Dr. ——
HPMP: Your insurance?
Ren: Group ——-, id number ——-, carrier ——–
HPMP:  Well you’re referring doctor has not faxed us a referral.
Ren:  I have the referral.  I am holding it in my hand, looking at it, right now.
HPMP:  Can you fax it to us?
Ren:  No.  (if my scanner wasn’t busted, I might be able to), but I can bring it in if you will give me a time to do so.
HPMP:  Well, we usually don’t set up consults without a referral.
Ren;  I HAVE a referral, RIGHT HERE.  If you just set an appointment time, I can BRING IT WITH ME.
HPMP:  We will call your doctor and get them to fax us one, then call you back to set up an appointment.
Ren:  Okay, do you need her number?
HPMP:  Oh, that would be helpful!
Ren:  It’s ——–

I have had this conversation with three different people in the last week, and thus far, no call back.  I have also called my Back Doc and informed her of this, and she is like “YOu have a referal.”  

You know that steamy little angry face with the frown and closed eyes and the wavy lines coming off it you see on pissed off anime people?  That is me, right now.

So come monday, I will try again, if that does not work, I will GO to the hospital, referral in hand, find the morons who man the phones in the Pain Management Dept, shove said referral in their faces, and suggest they USE their copy machine and give me a goddamn appointment, but even BEFORE doing this, I will call the back doc and tell her to Please, Please just fax a copy of the fucking thing over. 

Perhaps THEN I can figure out a way to get my needles to the back underway.

In other medical news, my cat Sharon finally got spayed.  She looks sooo tiny with a shaved belly, and I do believe she is both pissed off and embarrassed.