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Okay, I admit it, I’m a slacker.    I have been WANTING to do that post on that picture my bro thought was just so damn funny, but now I cannot find the picture, so…improvise I guess…anyway, here we go:

Yo, Brother Evolution, and Mr. E to a Lesser Extent…that Picture is NOT as funny as you think it is, and well, it’s bullshit.

Now I realize it looses something without the actual picture, but yeah, that was the one my brother thought was just hilarious as have other men apparently.  And it’s also an overriding theme in pop culture, pop psychology, comedy and everything else:  that men are SIMPLE creatures and women are JUST SO COMPLICATED.   I cannot tell you how many talk show doctors, authors, so on, so forth, have been spouting this shit in recent years and it amazes me that men and women alike nod their heads to this shit and agree not realizing that its insulting as shit to both men and women.  If you actually buy into this notion, you are buying into a theory that suggests all men need out of life and their partners is food, sex, and occasional compliments to their egos and they are JUST FINE, no other upkeep required, and women should all come with instructional manuals like those found at NASA, otherwise, they are just soooo complicated no one will ever understand all their wants and needs….

Seriously, wtf?  Last time I checked, men and women WERE the same species and all, and I kinda like to think that men are more in-depth and require more outta life than, oh, a goldfish would, and women are not like that old freakin’ television you have to dust only on tuesdays, kick on thrusdays, and call the cable company to come fix every other week.    And people are just FEEDING and GOING with that goddamn theory:  Women are talkers, men aren’t, women show their emotions, men don’t, women complain, men don’t, men are Of Action, women Aren’t, women have all these little secret codes and modes and men just are blunt…blah blah blah blah blah.  BULLSHIT.  And who ever got the idea that women cannot sometimes just be satisfied with food, sex and compliments and that is ALL men need?


I was gonna say some shit here about me, but see, then I know I would get a lot of the “but Ren, yer….kinda like a dude…” so I am NOT gonna bother with that.  I will say this though:  Most of the men in my life?  Husband, friends, even that giggling at this shit Bro of mine?  Way more dials than me.  But they act like they ain’t got those dials cause men don’t have dials, dammit, that’s a CHICK THING.  Smirk…I have seen totally slagged car engines that are less complicated than a whole lot of men out there, but the car engine isn’t stupid or sentient enough to deny it.  Are there differences between men and women?  Yes.  Is there is this great and simple matter of complicated  vs not complicated between them?  Hell no.  Truth is, PEOPLE are complicated regardless of biological sex and I think MOST of em want more outta life and people in their lives than food, sex, and compliments. 

And you know what can totally blow this theory about men merely having an on off switch?  Hell, I might have to record men in my life to prove this shit….  watch them talking about shit they care about.  Jobs, sports, their families, things they enjoy, people they like, things they do, relationships they are in….a lot more than an on off switch going on there.  They talk, they want to be listened too and understood, they get passionate, or argue with those whose views are different, they get defensive, or contemplative, or grin and laugh, or even end up crying in their beers.  ANd when sick?  Holy crap men often are way more sad/complainy/pathetic than a lot of women I know!  They sure as shit show their pain  LOL.  Now true enough, for eons untold men may have been told to “man up” and not show emotion or be human or have feelings or any of that shit, and women may have been told to be emotional and don’t be tough or stoic or whatever….but that doesn’t mean both men and women have a full array of complex and complicated wires and gears working in their brains and it does not mean both don’t require and enjoy above and beyond food/sex/feed the ego.   Painting men as these simple On/Off creatures and women as these vastly complicated Switches and Dials things does a disservice to both and continues to perpetuate so much of this stupid gender crap Men are THIS and Woman are THAT shit that just, well, fucks everyone over. 

It’s my personal opinion that men and women are both HUMAN…and humans are fairly complex things.

*Edit, ah, thank you for finding the picture!

As a side note, for those who are fans on that uber odd violent High Fantasy /Horror/Smut  fiction of mine with the General and Martell and all that?  Starting that shit back up over at the LJ fairly soon)