So yeah, I know I should be writing stuff of substance…

Posted: May 6, 2011 in FullMetal, Television

But I’ve been workin’ hard on some fiction and felt like crap for the last two days or so, so, mostly I’ve been pupafied on my couch watching only, quite possibly, the coolest anime ever…Full Metal Alchemist…which Vlad introduced me to and I am now addicted…and of course, like most things I watch, I like a lot of the characters but there is one who is absolutely my favorite:  ah yes, Col. Roy Mustang!  (Where do they come up with these names?  And his crew?  His military crew?  Names like Hawkeye, Fury & Havoc…I love anime!)  But yeah, love me some Roy Mustang…not only does he throw fire all over the place, he is snarky as hell and has severe moments of utter ego-mania…and he’s funny.

So, having watched the whole first FMA series, I am now working through FMA: Brotherhood which thus far I am not finding to be quite as good as the first series, but enjoyable nonetheless, and plenty of Roy in it, so that is good.    I also like this series overall because woah, it has a story, and the story makes sense, and well, over all…its really freakin’ grim.  Oh yeah, and automail.   So I guess this would be my allergy having/back pain riddled recommendation that if you are into such things, you should check out Full Metal Alchemist…and there is some added fun in there for fans of history and theology. 

And Roy Mustang.  Oh, and Major Hughes, he’s very cool too.  Oh, and Major Armstrong…bwaahahahahaahha!

  1. rootietoot says:

    I’ve tried so hard to watch that, really I have…but couldn’t get past the first episode. Should I stick it out? Or should I just admit anime isn’t my thinkg, and go back to Jane Austen movies?

    • Ren says:

      I would of course suggest sticking it out, but Anime may NOT be your thing…in the first series it does take a few episodes before , well, before I really got drawn into the plot…but I promise Major Armstrong WILL crack you up, and the “villain”, Scar, turns out to be a really complex character.

    • dead_vladimir says:

      start with episode 3 then, first two are admittedly weak

  2. Danny says:

    So yeah, I know I should be writing stuff of substance…
    What? This is stuff of substance. I’m personally I’m a big fan of the Homonculi (who really didn’t get a good treatment in the first series).

    • Ren says:

      Envy is my favorite 🙂

      • dead_vladimir says:

        greed….it is always greed

      • Danny says:

        I’m personally a fan of Greed. Although there is a nice simplicity to Sloth (Brotherhood version of Sloth), who is changed from female to male from the first series to Brotherhood.

        • Ren says:

          Greed was cooler in the first version.

          • Danny says:

            First Greed was cool but I really like how the second Greed has the internal (literally internal) conflict going on (I’ll leave it at that so I won’t spoil). It kinda made him feel more human to me (which is ironic considering we’re talking about a homonculus, am artificial human.

  3. Yay, Ren-composed fiction!

    And also, looks like I have something new to add to my wishlists. I think just about everything I’ve watched that you’ve raved about here, I fell in love with (especially Avatar: The Legend of Aang – I don’t know if I thanked you enough for that one yet, if not then thanks hugely!)

  4. Erik Schwarz says:

    Anime is great, but I am so so old school that I am unfamiliar with nothing much after Hayao Miyazaki.

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