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I was never picked last for gym class.  Quite the opposite really, and this was back in the day when now such outlawed barbarism like Dodge Ball, Red Rover, and King of the Mountain were totally acceptable physical education activities.  Hell, I took PE as electives in High School and College….so true enough, I have No Idea What it is like to be picked last for gym class. 

I do however, know exactly what it is like to be considered the dumb jock…and even WORSE that being a dumb jock is being a dumb female jock…because girls don’t get NFL contracts or make the money male athletes do-so unless you are good enough to go Olympic- as a female?  Well, nothing more useless in society than a girl who is good (but not excellent) at sports (plural).  And I can tell you this, once you get past about, oh, grade school, and things like looks, money, class, hotness, boyfriends and all that shit start mattering more than getting picked first for gym class amid one’s peers?  Shit changes….and everyone who is still fuckin’ bitter at you for being first picked in gym class or possessing deadly and brutal accuracy with a Dodge Ball…they will make you pay.  They will, in fact, take revenge.

And it is that revenge attitude I was talking about in my previous not cat post there, the glee those who never got picked in gym class take in pointing out how much better they are than you, or anyone else really, now.