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Its my brush, I can eat it if I want too!


So, here is one of those promised posts, and it seems fitting to be the one that follows the Meat Eater Post…but yeah, here we go:  Those People Who are Just So Sure they are Better and Superior to all….

And I am sure you know the type.  Fact is, the inspiration for this one came from blogs I read occasionally, that while in some cases I find them to be funny or speaking about interesting stuff, the fact that the authors come off as so snot-assed, smarter than thou, looking down their noses at everyone who is not like them or licking their boots freakin’ arrogant it is a serious, serious, turn off…and not in the dating sense, but in the sense that while these bloggers might be good writers and have interesting or important things to say- they are just such imperious fucking asshat snob douchebags who are so utterly convinced of their own awesomeness it makes me want to puke and actually OVERRIDES anything of worth they might have to say.  Shit, so often they are so busy picking on people they find to be pathetic or backwards or losers or whatever else it actually overwhelms anything of interest or import they might have to say. 

And I have seen a lot of it in blog land, lemmie tell ya…from folk who are just so hip they feel they can rag on women in Playboy to folk who are just so convinced they are that dang smart and savvy and sure of themself that they figure it is okay to rag on, well, everyone, from “guidos” to “rednecks” to “rockabilly” to people who shop at Wal Mart, eat fast food, go to cheesy vacation places, to…Rob Zombie, Trent Reznor, and anyone and everyone who is a fan of theirs.  Pretty much anyone and everyone who does not live up to these people’s creds, who dresses different, or speaks different, or likes different entertainment (*if they are so low brow to even be into such things that is) or lacks the education or pedigree or hip cool big city snot attitude they flaunt….well, its open season on those people.  I have noted in my years on this planet this sorta attitude is very prevalent from some folk who hail from places like NYC, Boston, Philly, Miami, Dallas, LOS ANGELES!!!, San Fran….I mean, there is some “WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM levels of arrogance out of those folk, people who, oh, would still consider “towns” like Atlanta & Phoenix “the sticks”  (jesus, have they LOOKED at Phoenix lately?  It’s HUGE)….but hey, on the net, its even more prevalent…

And since I am one of “Those People” so many of these folks would look down upon, what, being a meat-eating, non PhD having, sports watching, gun-loving, gearhead, flag waving “Fuck you too!” prick, I sort of wonder….what exactly causes these folks to figure they are so much better than me, or anyone else out there who does not live up to their precious standards?  And you know what?  I’ve never, ever, ever heard a real answer to that.  I mean, for all the shit that I have been called out there in net land…stupid is not a word often used- at least not where it can be seen by me and disproven- and often times some of these folk who are so quick to tell EVERYONE just how smart they are?  Well, it doesn’t really show, and I have always sorta thought that anyone who has to tell you how smart they are over and over again and always assumes their intelligence outranks that of others?  Well I suspect they are actually compensating for something…usually their own insecurities about how that claim might just not be so true….

I also have a theory.  A lot of these folk?  Obviously, they were forever and always picked last for gym class.  And that has marked them for life with a hatred of so many things that will forever remind them of being picked last for gym class:  sports, exercise, pursuits that are physical, athletes, people who enjoy watching sports, and anything and everything that can be associated with such Cro-magnon silliness.  It has left them believing they are just smarter and now so much cooler and more hip than those stupid Other Kids back in school.  Hahah, THEY get to do the picking-on now!  Woohoo!

I have another theory too, and  that is that these folk are also classist as shit, and view anyone, from the tattooed weird-hair having Rob Zombie fan to the Trucker Cap Wearing auto mechanic as, well, beneath them and worthy of ridicule because, well, those folk are just…not evolved and trashy, there for, less human, there for, okay to pick on, stereotype and make countless assumptions about.  These are folk who will judge with ease and glee a person by the number of university earned letters by their name, an accent, a zip code, a manner of speaking, a mode of dress, a choice in recreational activities or forms of entertainment or attention to concerns-without ever bothering to even see them as humans with all that human stuff going on.  They are different and lesser than, so who gives a fuck what anyone says about them, right?  It’s not like they actually have feelings…

Hell, just this week a friend of mine was telling me that he was speaking to a person he knew about my back situation, and the person said my doctor probably assumed since I well, look like me, what with the ink and all, that I actually had nothing wrong with me and just wanted drugs.  Nevermind that I turned DOWN drugs after my neck surgery and have MRI’s that prove something is afoot….I look like a junkie-thusly, book, cover, judged!  (Thank god my Doc is NOT one of those people, and has been seeing me for about 15 years, and damn well knows better!) But yeah, that attiude, its real, and one I have personally dealt with a shit ton over the years….and as anyone who like me has dealt with it?  I can tell you it sucks.

And if you’d not guessed by now, this shit pisses me off (hell, see the “those people” tag), and seriously, I would put the brains and compassion and a shit ton of other things of those who these people deem as lesser-than up against the deemers any day of the week, even Christmas!  And I’d also like to remind them that judging other folk breeds not only alienation and discontent…but judgement coming right back at ’em….like I am providing an exhibit A for right here.

But yes, really, I would one day like to sit down with so many of these people and give them that grim smile of mine and a long stare over the rim of my Coors Light can and tell them flat-out and straight up No, really, you’re Not That Awesome…

 Its funny, I saw on TV today someone famous saying how the last bastion of accepted hate was hatred of fat people.  I’d disagree.  Sure enough, there is a whole lotta fat hate out there….but it seems there is a lot of acceptable hate thrown at a whole lotta other folk too, and if it is thrown at certain acceptable targets, not only is it okay…its funny, witty, clever, and encouraged…

But that’s okay, Intellectual Bitches, We  Still Got Guns!