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Lemmie say this: This Post?  Yep, love it like bacon.

Now, I will also say that overall I  got no problem with people whom for whatever reason do not eat meat or use any sorta animal products…but much like ones reasons for their various religious beliefs…they need to keep that shit to themselves and not force it on other people.  I did once upon a time state that if I was ever gonna write my autobiography, the title would be “Pathologically Aggressive, Red Meat Eating Heterosexual” for a reason.  Ayep, I am a meat eater.  I rather figure that if we weren’t supposed to eat meat, it wouldn’t be so damn tasty, and the second cows learn to use guns and develop the necessary teeth, I figure myself and others are truly screwed- but be that as it may; I get why  there are people who do not eat meat or use/purchase animal products of any kind, and just like me and everyone else, here in this country at least they are entitled to believe on that matter as they choose and do as they will…but fuck all if I do not get righteously pissed at people who get righteous about it.    And true enough, a great many folk who do tend to get all preachy better than thou about it?  Ahem, why yes, they tend to be classist elitist sorts…oh yeah, and can afford to shop at the special little stores that carry what has become indeed that classist elitist better than thou food.

And I have seen vegetarian/Vegan snobbery in action.  As Aspasia can attest, there was a Sex Workers event where because some people were vegans and sooo opposed to meat, there was no meat to be found amid the food at the event- food that those of us who had paid  to attend had, in fact, already paid for.  Did we get a choice to not pay for the food there, even though in some cases merely going had but a huge dent in our pockets?  Nope, it had been included in our attendance fee.  So we were, in essence, paying for food we did not eat so others could have food they wanted- damn the rest of us (and she prolly even recalls how thrilled I was with this!)  At another similar event, after our activism and all, we were hungry, and once again, the needs of the “V’s” out weighed the wants of the meat eaters (who were the majority) and we ended up in some place where I paid 24$ for a freaking lunch that tasted so horrible to me I could not even eat it.  No, it wasn’t one of those things where V’s were willing to serve food for All dietary wants or needs, or go to a restaurant that catered to both wants and needs…there was just no meat or anything like it because well…thats how they wanted it.  ‘Cause Meat is Murder or what the fuck ever else Morrissey said…and god forbid their food even be tainted by the mere presence of meat.  Hell, the second event where I paid way too much for food I would not touch?  It relatively near me, and in the area where we were, I recommended a place that served both kinds a food (with and without animal stuff) and used Two Different Kitchens for it even…but, no…eww- icky, meat was just so foul some folk could not stand to be around it…so the rest of us just got to eat shit, literally and figuratively, because of it.

And seriously, even if you do want to eat some of that stuff?  It’s pricey.  Yeah, a good steak can be pricey too, but chicken, pork, turkey?  Those are affordable (and tasty) things.  And hearing about people’s moral objections or about how I am a goddamn barbarian because I eat meat…okay, fine, I’m a barbarian, but the preachy shit?  Sugar, that is ONE way to assure yourself when the zombie apocalypse comes and we turn to cannibalism?  Yer first on the menu…and I even have the skills to make it so from hunting my own meat!  Skinning, cleaning and de-boning too!

The simple truth of it to me is this:  EAT what you will, for the reasons that you do, but really..where do you get off telling others to do as you do, or even in some cases, forcing them to do as you do?  And like I said over there…some folk can afford the full on Vegan lifestyle or whatever…other folk?  If they want to eat at all?  They actually have to shoot what ends up on their menu because well, that’s how it is.  And I am not sure where folk who can afford tofu/soy so on so forth get off telling folk who are freakin’ thrilled with the good fortune of being able to wing a damn squirrel for three days worth of stew how horrible they are…and you know what?  A lot of ’em?  They would.

I do also know people who are vegan or veg who are nothing like this, but I have known enough who are snot ass entitled shitheads who expect the entire world to cater to their needs because they are “more evolved” or what the fuck ever else that it was WORTHY of mentioning.

So yeah, pass the gravy.

Osama Bin Laden…

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Is dead.