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Ayep, I have boldy gone…

SO, yesterday amid all my doctor crap, it became evident that Mr. Evolution was in serious need of a hair cut.  I am pretty sure Mr.E has worn his hair in the same style since birth, or at least actual observation and photo evidence has led me to beleive so.  And that style is military short…not buzz cut or flat top, but I guess what one might call “officer hair”..short in the back and on the sides, very short actually, and a bit longer on top and in the front…hell, kinda like this dude, but even a wee bit shorter.  And I will also say this, for a dude who is in his 40’s, Mr.E still has ALL his hair, and it is thick and kinda wavy and has a mind of its own, so once it gets past the Officer Hair stage, it becomes…well, very special really.  Well, yesterday it was in special stage, so whilst between doctors he decided to get it cut, and went into what I now know is a Man Salon.

Now, they would NEVER call it a “Man Salon”, because that would be girly and shit…but believe you me, that is exactly what they are, and have been, I suspect, since their inception.  They code and hide themselves under the name “Barber Shop”, and while others have taken the term, there are a few indicators that a Barber Shop is indeed that and not some prentender, a few signs include:  The Pole.  They do not cut Women’s hair.  The presence of several well-groomed fellows about the shop, and at a least one well-groomed or about to be well-groomed fellow outside the shop, often smoking some kind of tobacco product.  So it was yesterday that Mr. E found himself in a Man Salon…er…I mean barber shop, and since I did not feel like roasting in the car, I went in with him.    Now, I have been in a salon or two in my time, and I know what occurs there: hair cutting, hair dying, manicure and pedicures, waxing, facials, sometimes tanning, pampering, things of that nature.  And while the Man Salon, er, Barber Shop, is different, the level of pampering is…dare I say it…even higher?

So I sat and bore witness.  Mr. E and one other fellow were in there at the time.  Mr.E was merely there for a hair cut…and sure enough his hair got cut…but with the hair cutting service he also got  a hot towels on the neck, head and face to relax him and work on his skin, his hair styled beyond the cut, offered coffee and…a head and neck massage…that was like for 15 minutes…and this all just goes with the 16$ hair cut!!!  But Mr. E was totally getting the slack treatment compared to the other fellow in the shop.  He wore his hair…ok…wrong term, he had his head shaved, which was then followed by a cleaning solution for his scalp, hot towels, a lotion for the skin, more hot towels, the head and neck massage, more hot towels, then he got a full shave, with the foam lather and a straight razor and then conditioner for his skin…more hot towels, then his nails clipped and filed to look nice (yet still manly)…dude, this AIN’T a mere place men go to get hair cuts…the old school shaves, the hot towels, the massages….this is a damn Man Salon…and believe you me…all that man-pampering?  A heck of a lot cheaper than the woman-pampering that goes on a Woman Salons!

Needless to say, Mr.E loved this place and will be going back.  And it made me think of the stunning loyalty my father and brother both have to their respective Barber Shops….and now I know why.  It’s not merely about a good hair cut  (ffs, both my father and bro wear flat tops, not much artistry needed there), it’s about the man-pampering:  the Old Fashion shaves, the hot towels, the friendly service, the chat and massage….hell, if gals could spend under 30 bucks and get equivalent woman-pampering we’d have such strong and fierce loyalties to our barbers…er, I mean stylists…too.

But believe you me, the sign may say “Barber Shop”, but what those places really are is Man Salons…and the pole and manly sorts hanging about shall never fool me on that matter again!!!