The on-going Saga of my Spine

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Personal

sounds like some Emo CD, really…

Anyhoo, back from seeing both my GP and my Ortho Doc’s. good news is they are totally NOT cutting me off wrt to my happy painkiller drugs.  The Ortho spent a good amount of time going over all my MRI images with me and explaining what all was going on with the Evil Row of Bones…that is after I got her computer to work for her- but that is a WHOLE different story- and well, anyway, seems as if there is no one Big Wrong thing with my back, but rather a bunch of little things that each upon their own would be no big freakin’ deal, but all piled up?  Yeah, not so cool.  Things like slightly bulging discs and slight arthritis in various vertebra and slight pinching and pressure upon the nerves and a slightly mishealed old fracture…

So anyway, what they are gonna do is roll my slight ass into a hospital a slight number of times and give me an ongoing series of slightly freakin’ painful shots in my slightly jacked up spine.  Apparently, this should fix shit up pretty good.  So yeah, as a person who has been getting needles jabbed into her neck for the last three freakin’ years part of me is going “oh goody” (heavy sarcasm there), but also going “meh, more needles, no big damn deal”.  So, I will be calling and setting this next phase of Project Cybernetic Spine on Monday.

Here’s hoping it works!  I just wished I liked my back doc and GP half as much as I like my neck doc…who is almost as cool as biscuits and gravy…

*I will say though that it seemed that both docs somehow mystically sensed that as of this morning I had entered the mysterious Moon Hut of the She Wolf Sister and thus did NOT admonish me for things like smoking or my lack of desire to eat food here lately…Wise move on their part.

  1. Here’s hoping it fixes shit up as good as they promise, and not merely slightly fixes it!

  2. Kim says:

    Here’s hoping all this slightness ends up to a whole LOT of pain relief. Stupid fire.

  3. ernest Greene says:

    Good luck with this. I’ve had Spheno-Palatine block shots through the side of my skull for Trigeminal Neuralgia several times and while the massive infusion of steroids was no fun, I did get some pretty good relief (at three grand a shot I fuckin’ well better) but then the damned things wore off, sometimes in a few months, others in a few days.

    Eventually gave up on this approach. Looking into acupuncture. A whole lot of little needles might be better than one giant one.

    Pictures at eleven.

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