Posts in the Works..

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Blogging

See, I do actually PLAN to write things, but motivation can be fleeting and all….but yeah, things I got in the works or figure I kinda feel like writing about include:

The Epic Sexism in Gaming Post

Why that photo my Brother thought was just so Damn funny ain’t- and how the attitude that goes with it is full of shit…

You know those people who are just sooo cool they feel entitled (and yep, that IS the right word) to rag on everyone and everything they see as stupid or lesser than they?  Not only do they piss me off, but I kinda reckon they are compensating for something…


Men and “salon days”…whether they admit it or not, they so have their own dang equivilent to hair highlighting and mini pedi’s…and I have now witnessed it FIRST HAND….

And inspired by the awesome Kim, a post about…tattoos.

Feel free to kick me or whatever to write about which one y’all would prefer to be reading or whatever, but in any event, I do got some things to write…

  1. I’m always in the mood for an epic

  2. I’d love to read the post on entitled people, it fits in with simething here in Australia that REALLY pisses me off.

    We have a word here, “bogan”, I guess a US equivalent would be “urban white trash”. I hate people using it, especially the sort of inner-city liberals who have all the virtuous opinions on gay marriage, immigrants, racism and so on.

    It means “people who live in outer-suburban areas who like cars”, but has connotations of someone who is racist, homophobic, boisterous and fond of violence.

    The people who use it piss me off because they think it’s ok to label whole swathes of people. Calling out objectionable behaviour? Fine. Assuming someone is a racist arsehole and writing them off because of where they live or how they talk? An arsehole act, every bit as wrong as making assumptions about gay people etc.

    So yeah, the entitlement of the cool is very interesting to me.

  3. Gaina says:

    Men and ‘Salon Days’ sounds entertaining and awesome as you are at bringing the heavy stuff, I suspect it’ll also be nice for you to write something lighthearted :).

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