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The Difference

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Sex Work

Oddly enough, several years back I did a post of the same dang title on the same dang issue…had I not nuked the old joint I could just link the fucker, but alas, the Empire got sacked…I could dig it up and paste it here, but meh, not feelin’ like it…so, you know, I am gonna go with a condensed version with the same sorta feel…less wordy, more basic, but hell, I reckon the points will be made all the same.

So let’s jump into that shit, shall we? 

The Main Difference between a Harm Reduction Stance and an Abolitionist Stance Re: Sexwork  (or my opinion on the matter anyway)

It really is a pretty simple but HUGE thing, really.  Abolitionists seek to end the sex industry, and end the conditions and factors which cause it- everything from poverty to the idea that its okay for men to purchase sex from women.  Harm Reductionists seek to, well, reduce the harm done to those who are currently working in the Sex Industry.  Because of this Abolitionists are dealing with the future, looking towards a future in which there is no sex industry and no situations or factors which would lead to their being one.  Their end game, as it were, is not something that can or will be accomplished in the here and now- it is a goal for the future.  Harm Reductionists?  Well, they are dealing in the here and now, where there is a sex industry and ALL the situations and factors that lend themselves to it’s existance.  There you have it.  Main difference, right there: Future vs. Now.  Pretty basic, yeah? 

And because of that main difference, the Future vs. Now thing, it can be very, very hard for people of the two different camps to be on the same page on pretty much anything.  Group A wants a world where sex is not for sale and is working towards that end, Group B realizes that in the here and now people are selling sex and thusly want to make it as safe for those whom are doing so as possible.  Because amid these two groups the desired result of action is seriously different- destruction of vs. safety in- well shit, no wonder these two camps seem to be at one another’s throats all the time, yeah?

And I can tell ya flat out why I am firmly planted in Group B, the harm reduction camp.  For one, to me it is far more practical and logical.  I’m not gonna take a piss all over what Group A wants, but I do tend to think it is a serious pipe-dream, and if not that, an end goal which is so far in the future, and one that is not even necessarily wanted by a whole lot of folk, women included, that well….fuck it, I will be blunt…I think its a waste of time.  Especially when there are sex workers in the here and now and eliminating anything and everything that would lead people to be on either side of the sex biz, things like capitalism, the current social order, poverty, drug addiction, folk wanting to live off the grid, so on, so forth- could take eons…well, it makes no logical sense to me, and I figure my efforts are better spent dealing with the here and now and not on some future possibility that may or may not ever happen….after all, there are a lot of folk in the sex biz in the here and now who could sure as shit stand with their lives being safer, more respected, and a shit ton less complicated.  I mean, I ain’t gonna spin out my brain trying to imagine a world with no sex industry when sex workers are doing their thing right now…at this second…and well, shit, maybe the help or effort I can put forth in the here and now will be of some use to them. 

Hell, I bet you were expecting this to be some seriously long and drawn out shit, yeah?  Shrug.  No need for that, because when you cut right down to it, the shit is pretty basic. 

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