I know I promised posts of substance…

Posted: April 9, 2011 in In The Neck, Television

But ya know, just not feelin’ it at the moment.  SO yesterdays medical shit:  The MRI was a total cake walk.  It’s not all that difficult to lay still for 20 minutes and ignore the loud clanging when you have earphones blasting classic rock on.  Needles in the neck, however, was…special.  See, my doc, she does real good work- for awhile there, I did not feel the shots at all because my scars were all thick and twisted and full of …well, no nerves I guess.  Not so anymore, they are flat and while still scars…baby butt smooth…which means, I can totally feel the shots again.  She did about 8 yesterday, felt 4 or so very nominally, the other 4?  Yeah, totally aware of the fact she was shoving a dang needle into my neck…and boy, do those fuckers BLEED (I learned Looooong ago to wear black shirts to needle in the neck appointments).  So, yeah, today I kinda look like someone punched me in the throat-bruises and all.

Today is also not a good back day.  Well, in truth, with the back, I have some days are worse than others says…today is a worse than others day.  However, when I have those days, I tend to setup shop on my couch in front of the TV, and, well, as I was of the same mind yesterday and since it is finally on the Netflix insta watch thingy, I am deep, deep, deep into season one of “Sons of Anarchy”….and can I tell you how much I am loving this show?  Oh my, I am loving this show…

   And yes, I even hear you now… “But Ren, how in the hell did you, of all people, not manage to catch Sons of Anarchy prior to now?”  Answer is…well, you know, when I watch TV, I really am sorta a Discovery Channel/History Channel kinda gal.  And well, South Park.  I’d wanted to watch SOA, but never managed to get in front of the TV on the right night at the right time or have my DVR ready to go, and even when I had a ton of people who know me in RL saying “Dammit Ren, you gotta watch SOA, this show screams You!”  I just never managed to get it pegged down.   By the time I did it was about half way through season 2 and I’d  missed so much I felt kinda lost.  So I figured Net Flix (but I had ordered and just finished watching Rome & MASH, and I don’t like to have too much stuff out at once), and then yesterday, low and behold, seasons one and two in the new arrivals on the instant TV stuff.  Score!  So yes, finally getting my SOA watching in…and my RL friends are right:  Thus far, I love this freakin’ show, and I gotta say, Katie Segal is flat out awesome in it…perfect casting right there. 

So, I am afraid posts of actual substance willbe sidetracked by a bad back and Sons of Anarchy.

Have I mentioned how much I am loving this show?

  1. Sheniver says:

    I’d love to join the watching but alas that’s not going to happen today. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I love it too, especially the role for Katey Sagall, who is just so wonderful… they actually mention MENOPAUSE in the show… and she emphasizes it with a skateboard! TOO GREAT FOR WORDS, don’t wanna ruin it for you. 😉

    But damn, too much botox. Sagall hardly moves her face at all, even when she is supposed to be livid or scared. (Catch crazy Henry Rollins in the next season!) I can take it when Glenn Close in DAMAGES (another show you would like) is all botoxed up, since she plays a cutthroat lawyer who would of course be all botoxed up in real life… also, she is not SUPPOSED to show emotion as a lawyer, so the botox actually adds to the drama in that sense.

    But Katey? Working class California bikers? Hello. At least LESS botox, okay?

    I also loved seeing Drea Matteo again in her ongoing role (in a later episode, Jax tells her “I’m not gonna Adriana you!” which is a great, hilarious in-joke). Ally Walker is the best mean-ass lady-cop EVER. Really great roles for women on this show and I tell women to watch but they seem skeptical; I think they find it hard to believe a show about bikers would have such good women characters.

    Kurt Sutter, writer and producer, is Sagall’s husband. I imagine some of money to produce it is HERS, and that is one reason why. 😉

    • Ren says:

      I am likin’ Walker as the ATF lady, she cracks me up. And eh, I think Segal looks good, hadn’t noted that she had botox really…tells ya how used to women who LOOK like that…and hey, the MC Prez’s lady wants botox, she’d prolly get it…

      and I am past the skateboard scene. Heh, her porn friend: “Honey, you’re lucky, my well ran dry at 45!”

      Nearly fell outta my chair.

      • I ran that scene back for Mr Daisy and told him, see? This is what will happen, so beware! 😀 (The “you skinny bitch!” before she whammed her with the skateboard was almost as good as the violence itself, ROFLMAO.)

        Walker rocks the house in the next season too. Great stuff!

        • Ren says:

          About halfway thru Season two now…Poor Juice! Poor Otto! Poor Chibs!! (I like Chibs- I think I like that actor in everything I have seen him in). Gema (or is it Jema?) is really just such an awesome character…I like the female bonding she has going with Tara so far in Season 2…and OMG…Henry Rollins makes a GREAT scary Nazi dude….yeesh.

  3. polly says:

    Here’s one for fans of heated debate you might be interested in Ren.


    • Ren says:

      She’s on the list of people I want to pop in th mouth. Hell, even *I* will admit that some blonde from FL , who oh could afford to be educated overseas, who worked super high end gigs for 14 months in order to earn a PhD- well, prolly has no goddamn idea what the hell she is talking about most of the time. And the irony of her suggesting anyone else is elitest or ivory tower causes me either to laugh, or have a fit if shakey rage.

      I mean yeah, I obviously fall into the “women CAN choose to do this camp…do I think all, heck, even most, do-freely and clearly without serious motivations like lack of other job opportunities or lack of money? Hell no. Shit, I bet if she had just DANCED in some of the dives I have seen in my day her tune MIGHT be a bit different.

      However, having been on the recieving end of some outting threats and the whole You Must Be A Man shit- I can see why she gets pissy w/ feminists. Hell, I suspect there are folk out there who are STILL convinced I am dude and just exploiting some tattoo-having scar sporting chick for photos on my blogs.

      But the comments there, if she sees them, should tell her a truth I learned a long time ago- doesn’t matter what the price tag on a sex worker is- people on ALL fronts are gonna give you shit, and a to a good majority of ’em, no matter how classy and educated you are- yer still a whore. That’s the kinda shit that would tear people like her apart I think…works best for you if you simply learn not to care.

  4. rootietoot says:

    I’m into season 3 of SoA…i can’t believe I’m ahead of it on you! I don’t think Katy Segall looks botoxed up (even if she is), I just see her character as someone who’s seen it all and keeps her emotional cards close to her chest. And I relive the skateboard-smackdown frequently. I told you the MRI would be easy,as long as you aren’t claustrophobic or freaked out by strange sounds.

  5. polly says:

    FYI – Belle du Jour was actually outed by her ex boyfriend who went to the press. But I think she is full of shit. She has written about being a sex worker for much longer than she actually WAS one. And done very nicely out of it (TV series etc). Her remarks about if you don’t like your job/partner just leave were what rattled my cage though. She has NO IDEA. About anything if you ask me.

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