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But ya know, just not feelin’ it at the moment.  SO yesterdays medical shit:  The MRI was a total cake walk.  It’s not all that difficult to lay still for 20 minutes and ignore the loud clanging when you have earphones blasting classic rock on.  Needles in the neck, however, was…special.  See, my doc, she does real good work- for awhile there, I did not feel the shots at all because my scars were all thick and twisted and full of …well, no nerves I guess.  Not so anymore, they are flat and while still scars…baby butt smooth…which means, I can totally feel the shots again.  She did about 8 yesterday, felt 4 or so very nominally, the other 4?  Yeah, totally aware of the fact she was shoving a dang needle into my neck…and boy, do those fuckers BLEED (I learned Looooong ago to wear black shirts to needle in the neck appointments).  So, yeah, today I kinda look like someone punched me in the throat-bruises and all.

Today is also not a good back day.  Well, in truth, with the back, I have some days are worse than others says…today is a worse than others day.  However, when I have those days, I tend to setup shop on my couch in front of the TV, and, well, as I was of the same mind yesterday and since it is finally on the Netflix insta watch thingy, I am deep, deep, deep into season one of “Sons of Anarchy”….and can I tell you how much I am loving this show?  Oh my, I am loving this show…

   And yes, I even hear you now… “But Ren, how in the hell did you, of all people, not manage to catch Sons of Anarchy prior to now?”  Answer is…well, you know, when I watch TV, I really am sorta a Discovery Channel/History Channel kinda gal.  And well, South Park.  I’d wanted to watch SOA, but never managed to get in front of the TV on the right night at the right time or have my DVR ready to go, and even when I had a ton of people who know me in RL saying “Dammit Ren, you gotta watch SOA, this show screams You!”  I just never managed to get it pegged down.   By the time I did it was about half way through season 2 and I’d  missed so much I felt kinda lost.  So I figured Net Flix (but I had ordered and just finished watching Rome & MASH, and I don’t like to have too much stuff out at once), and then yesterday, low and behold, seasons one and two in the new arrivals on the instant TV stuff.  Score!  So yes, finally getting my SOA watching in…and my RL friends are right:  Thus far, I love this freakin’ show, and I gotta say, Katie Segal is flat out awesome in it…perfect casting right there. 

So, I am afraid posts of actual substance willbe sidetracked by a bad back and Sons of Anarchy.

Have I mentioned how much I am loving this show?