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Posted: April 8, 2011 in Assholes, Awesome, In The Neck, Morons, Personal, WTF???

or at least its starting off that way…never can tell how these things will go…

So, here in about, oh, five hours or so, I shall begin my day of Doctor Madness.  Nine am is the appointed hour for the next installment of needles in my neck scars, then long about 11:30, it will be MRI time.  I’ve never had an MRI.  A lot of folk are freaking out because I am not freaking out.  I seriously cannot imagine it is that bad.  I mean, come on, I have been set on fire….shit’s gotta be pretty horrible to rate as scary for me nowadays.  I guess I can let ya know how it goes after it goes, yeah? 

I realize I still owe y’all a post on the Super Main Difference between a Harm Reduction and an Abolition Stance…and I will prolly get to it this weekend.  Heck, I might even knock out some more tweeker humor and that epic thesis on sexism in gaming..

But before I head out for now, I gotta ask…

Y’all have heard about the Government Shut Down Right?  If not, and for my non-American readers…well, yeah, they are prolly gonna shut down the Government.  Gov. employees will not be working, folk won’t be gettin’ paid (including Active Duty Military personel…WTF???  SERIOUSLY?!??!) and pretty much all other non-essential personel- oh, and essential personel….they will still be working- but may not be getting PAID for it…until, well, later…whenever… and you wanna know what chaps my ass about THIS shit????

Fucking Congress, who, oh, utterly FAILED to set out a budget at ALL last year?  Those dickweeds?  THEY ARE STILL GETTING PAID….now really, ask me who deserves their paycheck more?  Some fucking politician, or some person with a significant other and kids to feed who is over in Iraq right now, you know, in a war?  Tough call there, eh?  I feel like since freakin’ congress were the ones who screwed the pooch and did not do their fucking jobs and make a budget, they are the assholes who shouldn’t get paid.   And I wanna kick the shit out of the morons who are trying to drag all their political agendas into all this shit when, oh, the people who inspect our meat, or defend our country, or oh, run our historical landmarks, national museums and parks, and oh, actually keep shit running are getting sent home and not paid…or still working and not getting paid.   Such a load of horsehit really, complete with flies.

  1. rootietoot says:

    Re the Govt thing-I agree completely. How many of those congresspeople are independently wealthy in the first place? Probably most of them. I Have A Plan, but being an uneducated housewife in East Bumfart Georgia, with an independently wealthy asshole of a congressman, no one will listen to it. I say 8 years term limit on all of them. Start over from scratch. Have provisions for small businessmen, worker types so they can serve without jeopardizing their regular livelihood for those 8 years. And for pete’s sake, legalize pot and protitution so it canbe regulated and taxed! My God! The West Coast alone would fix the budget deficit if theydid that!

    And an MRI is NOT scary. It’s painless and interesting,especially if they let you see the pictures. Freak not. ’tis way less than having needles in your neck.

  2. Gaina says:

    It’s very interesting to me that although we didn’t have a government shut-down (yet!) American and English citizens are basically pissed off about the same things as far as the country’s finances go.

    The only think I can equate the American situation to is when we had the rows over MP’s expenses here in England. They are screwing the treasury, the super rich are paying NOTHING in taxes and ordinary people are the ones suffering.

    The worst thing is we could could cover the deficit if we just closed all the tax loopholes and stop doing billion-pound arms deals with dictatorships.

    I think politics should be a vocation all MP’s should get a modest wage and extremely reduced for doing their jobs. As it is we have ‘career politicians’ with the actual power who are frankly just in it for the money and that makes me puke.

    • Ren says:

      Pretty much the same here…but my mind is so just blown out over the idea of not paying people AT WAR for us…makes no sense, none at all…

      Not to mention cutting all the educational programs in national parks and historical sites….

      And a TON of it comes down to…the Tea Party people and whatnot do not want money to go to health care programs…specifically for women. They will close down the gov, to keep those pesky women from getting health care….


      • Erik Schwarz says:

        Your original post has it precisely right: Congress as a whole bears the responsibility for creating this crisis. The Administration probably owns a small share since it has shown far more interest in shoveling money to favored corporate and other vested interests than in exercising leadership on fiscal issues, but ultimately budget is the province of the legislature not the executive.

        About women’s health and the budget crisis: I would question the Democrats’ talking point. There are various remaining disagreements in the budget conference, and the tranche for Planned Parenthood is only one of them. And let’s raise a question about equating concern for women’s health with Title X funding of one particular organization. Planned Parenthood does many good things – and so do many other nonprofit organizations – but does that mean they should depend upon federal funding?

        Some of the most grassroots community clinics, the ones that reach populations without any other access to health services, have forsworn federal funding so they can more effectively serve the poor. In the Congressional debate, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) revealingly said that Democrats were not trying to cut federal funding for Halliburton so why were Republicans trying to defund Planned Parenthood. How about a brave new world in which Planned Parenthood raises its money from grants, contributions and fees for service, like most nonprofits without heavy political connections, and Halliburton has to compete in the marketplace just like the corner grocery?

  3. Roy Kay says:

    I’m mixed on this. I really think the only way to stop the drug war, etc. is to starve the state. Every other approach run smack into DOJ/DEA lobbying paid for by federal funds. The Federal government is loaded with PR positions going by the name of Public Information that exist solely to prate the institution line and the people as individuals can always be taxed and spent more to pay for being shouted down. This is a cycle that must be broken. With the state having unlimited funds to buy and implant bureaucracies to set the political agenda, all other approaches are hopeless.

    • Erik Schwarz says:

      Roy, you don’t sound very “mixed.” You seem quite clear and articulate in saying that we need to shrink the state. For progressive, not regressive, reasons. Perhaps you feel mixed about the prospects for a government shutdown. It is not the right way to bring about what you and I both want. In fact, I suspect that consciously or unconsciously the shutdown is designed to impress upon the American public that cutting federal spending will be messy, unpleasant and unwise. Though the Republicans and the Democrats put on a convincing Punch-and-Judy show, neither party really wants a smaller state. After all, their power and money depend upon maintaining and growing it. Both parties of course have attended to the popular rage about the debt and federal spending, and they know they have to seem responsive to that rage. A shutdown might be the very best way to pander to their respective constituencies (Reps can say “see, we really care – we’ll even shut down the government” while Dems say “we really care too – our budget numbers match theirs but we’ll defend the allocations for our most favored interest groups”) while sending a powerful if unattributable message that shrinking the state = pain for the American public. If this were not so, Congress could simply pass a temporary funding measure that sustains the federal government at some percentage (some have proposed 75%) of its current cost while continuing to work on a longer-term budget agreement.

  4. polly says:

    Yes. We’ve heard…

  5. Aspasia says:

    “Fucking Congress, who, oh, utterly FAILED to set out a budget at ALL last year? Those dickweeds? THEY ARE STILL GETTING PAID….now really, ask me who deserves their paycheck more? Some fucking politician, or some person with a significant other and kids to feed who is over in Iraq right now, you know, in a war? Tough call there, eh?”

    Sitting on your ass and doing nothing is much harder than we realize. But maybe we’d realize it if we weren’t all so busy working our asses off.

  6. polly says:

    Yes politicians are utterly moronic over here, don’t get me started. Though to be fair, we’ve never had anyone quite like dubya.

  7. Roy Kay says:

    Politicians are morons. They’re smart at the wrong things. There is a lot of brain power expended on getting this little advantage and that one. It like the Romans in battle. First they set up camp, then they march out to fight. If there is not enough advantage they march back into camp. Then try again the next day. A LOT of conflict is won while waiting. This IS war and people are elected by their constituencies to win. No one says “I’ll vote for this guy, because he’ll give in easily.”

    You have many constituency maximizing parties to the process, not even just two. No one knows how much they can shortchanged their constituency and still get their votes, but it’s not good for elections to sell them out.

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