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Posted: March 6, 2011 in Drugs & Rock n Roll, Humans

Because people who don’t often bother to read fuck all I say are around and hey, maybe since there is drama here they might, and well, because I am sick o’ drama and have a twisted sense of humor, I now totally change the subject and proudly present:

The Difference Between a Pot Head & A Drug User
Ren & Friends, Circa 1995 or so…and ammended over time…

Pot Heads, well, a lot of them ONLY smoke pot.  Drug Users, while all have their preferences, use drugs, plural.
Pot Heads tend to be mellow, they like to chill.  Drug Users tend to be a bit more intense, active, and tightly wound.
Pot Heads often think they are better than drug users…they are (or at least think they are, esp when stoned) more intelligent, of higher class and status, than Drug Users.
Pot Heads often veiw their smoking as a social activity (even if they are hardcore smokers who are, gee, addicted), and tend to be very good about sharing what they have with others, or everyone putting shit from their stash into the community bowl.  Drug Users often do not like to share, do not play well with others, and know EXACTLY how much of  whatever they have put in, and exactly how much others are contributing…and they take that shit seriously and make very detailed notes about who is greedy, who mooches, and who is asking for a handout… Pot Heads share their shit, Drug Users?  It’s THEIR shit, and woebetied the fucker who gets up in and over indulges in THEIR shit!
Pot Heads dislike conflict and are rarely wired up or violent.  Drug Users will throw down faster than a Pot Head can spark up, tend to always be wired up, and can be very violent.
If one Pot Head is holding another Pot Head’s stash, it is considered standard for the holder to take a holding fee, right outta the stash.  If a Drug User is even not paranoid to let another Drug User hold their shit, they give up the holding fee up front and will damn well know if any of their shit is missing!
Pot Heads often do not like being around Drug Users, Drug Users get annoyed around pot heads.
Pot Heads are munchy and dont mind a bit of a mess about the house.  Drug users rarely eat and may even clean compulsively.
Pot Heads Wake and Bake, Drug Users Crash and Burn.
Pot Decorum dictates that one, after purchasing their ganja, smokes up with their dealer.  Drug Users take their shit and GO!
Its okay to make sudden moves around and approach Pot Heads, doing so with Drug Users may be dangerous.
Pot Heads get pudgy, Drug Users get lean.
Pot Heads tend to be Liberals, Drug Users fall all over the spectrum.
Both can be paranoid as fuck.
Pot Heads are snobs, Drug Users know Pot Heads are just drug users too!

I’ve also noticed the class race and gender type stereotypes that lurk around those who do drugs and are part of that culture, some are amusing even, but most of em…eh…about as useful as stereotypes tend to be…so here we go…

Rich people do coke.
Rich White Ladies do valium and booze.
Poor White Folk do Meth.
Poor Black Folk do Crack.
(Apparently, Asian people do not do drugs at all!)
Tortured Artists do Heroin.
Only women get addicted to pain killers.  (snerk, hello Rush, this one came from you, didn’t it?)
Everyone smokes pot, or has at least tried it, and inhaled.
Only in big cities with hardcore party people do you find true speedballs.
The mating cry in rural communities across the US is to shake a Xanax bottle and say “Come and get it!”
Dudes who do drugs are addicts, users, junkies or -insert name of drug here- heads…gals always get the lovely honor of being called “-insert name of drug here-whores”  (Pfft, like DUDES never oh, suck dick for money to buy drugs?  WTF?!?!?!?)
ALL people who do drugs will end up addicts.

This will prolly at some point lead on to another drug post, but for now….well, the first one’s free  😉


  1. polly says:

    Rich people do coke.

    Just not true over here certainly where the stuff’s really cheap. I think the only REAL class divide over drugs is who ends up in prison/ the criminal justice system over them.

    I know people who’ve done every drug I can think of, but I wouldn’t want to hang around with someone who was a serious coke user however, because it drives you a bit nuts.

    • Ren says:

      Polly, coke is cheap in the UK? Hell I know people who would immigrate if they knew that shit. Not so here. Crack is cheap, but what folk around here think of as the high grade stuff people snort and all is pretty expensive. And yes, people who are serious coke users, from everything that I have seen or heard, can be pretty dang wired up and…well…not great to be around.

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  3. polly says:

    Oh and by they way, I do read you, I don’t usually comment because I suspect I’d just end up in an argument with most of your other commenters. Which can get wearing.

    • Ren says:

      Actually, its pretty mellow around here generally- I don’t much post about super hot button shit anymore….well, cept that damn flag.

  4. rootietoot says:

    No valium here, just xanax,and I ain’t sellin’ it. and booze. I guess that makes me a rich white lady. and I have NEVER inhaled! well ok once and ended up coughing up a lung. prescriiption drugs and legal alcohol make it ok, because the doctor said so! (shakes xanax bottle)

    • Ren says:

      LOL Rootie, I love you.

      Xanax is one of those things I know a lot of people take for legit reasons (panic attacks generally, things of that nature), but the one or two people I have seen who abuse it (I.e., do it with lots of other shit, eat ’em like candy, so on) I am not sure how they function, truthfully.

      • I’ve used it for panic attacks I used to have. I think I was breaking the pill into like, fourths, and it still did a number on me. I have no idea how people do that either.

        • That said, although drugs in general really don’t appeal to me (I don’t even like being tipsy!) I can see why people would want to do Xanax.

          I just don’t see how popping ’em like candy doesn’t put you in a coma!

      • rootietoot says:

        Well, I take them for panic attacks and funerals. And the occasional night when I’m so flaked up I can’t get to sleep. And PMS so I don’t run over anyone. It’s great stuff for the bipolar mania, too. And high school graduations. And social events when I’m not sure if I’m dressed right.

  5. Xena says:

    Great move. That other shit was way too weird. It’s always the feminist sites that attract the weirdest trolls.

    Cute post. I guess I’m an arty-hippie dope snob. I’m allergic to alcohol, so I tried most of the above when I was younger. Can’t say I was the least bit impressed with any of it. I smoke about a half a pack of cigarettes and drink about a quart of coffee every day and nothing else. I don’t mind being around potheads or heroin addicts tho. I’ve been down on my luck often enough to be grateful for any help I can get. Sometimes the quirkiest people, the kind of people these internet church lady feminist would call the cops on, take me in for days. Heroin addicts, schizophrenics and so on. I appreciate that. As long as a person’s not threatening my physical safety, stealing from me, hurting kids (or wrongfully accusing somebody else of hurting kids) or keeping me from at least 5 hours of sleep every night, I don’t care what they do with their own bodies in their own homes.

    • Ren says:

      I’m with ya on the smokes and caffiene.

      and what folk do with their own bodies in their own homes will prolly be in the next drug post- I agree with ya on that one.

  6. Maybe we smoke different kinds of weed or know different kinds of potheads, but with the right blend, I can get quite wired – I’ve had weed thats made me want to *move* and do stuff.

    Also, you’d be surprised at how many pot smokers can be quite persnickity about cleaning. In my case, it might be a result of my rampant ocd, but I do try and keep things orderly while high, though its not always successful around my boy, who can be a bit messy at the best of times, and when stoned, could conceivably think its a good idea to line up bowls and try to pour a single bag of popcorn into many little bowls.

    And perhaps its the Long Island passive aggressiveness in me, but I never assumed, nor was it ever assumed, that if I was holding a stash I could take from it – though when giving it back to someone, we always did assume that *they* would crack it open and share.

    Though its funny how smoking with one’s dealer is expected as a pot smoker. Mine is a buddy of me and Anon’s, so we’d be smoking with him anyway. But back in the day, my sister used to sell, but not smoke, weed, and it confused her clients. Sometimes, I would go with her, so she wouldn’t be alone, and they would then smoke me up, since they couldn’t smoke her up. It was a good deal.

    • Ren says:

      I know some pot heads who are also very tidy, but by in large I think they can be less…compulsive….about it than, oh, a coke or meth user who has in their brian to CLEAN.

  7. polly says:

    Yes, Ren, coke is cheaper than wine. You can do a line for £1. Or was. I don’t buy it personally!

  8. polly says:

    The other thing is I don’t know if the word ‘pot’ is still used commonly in the USA, or if you’re being ironic, but if you said ‘pot’ over here everyone would seriously collapse into gales of laughter. When perfectly sober…

    Truly two nations divided by a common language.

    • Ren says:

      pot is kinda still a default here, but not too many people call is “grass” anymore. I think “weed” is kinda a new default. I was always partial to the term “ganja” myself.

  9. polly says:

    Oh and re ‘all people who do drugs will end up addicts’. Someone (who is ok pretty naive on the subject of drugs) told me the other day in a shocked voice that if you took heroin once you would be addicted. I pointed out that they give it you in hospital as a painkiller…

    Noel Gallagher got into lots of trouble for saying drug use was like drinking a cup of tea, but the whole ‘war on drugs’ thing is such shit. A relative of mine (not a really close one) died of a heroin overdose AFTER he’d got completely clean. He met up with an old friend, used again, obviously his body wasn’t used to it, and he OD’d. Ironically if he hadn’t got clean he wouldn’t have died.

    Drugs are like anything else, some people can handle them, some can’t. Personally I don’t understand how people can cope with having lots of kids, I’m sure I’d end up sectioned. But we’re all different. Bottom line.

    • Ren says:

      Nod nod…I know LOTS and LOTS of people who do drugs recreationally- and just that. I know a few who are or were true addicts. I know, for as much as people like to scream “gateway drug”, tons of folk who smoke weed and would NEVER touch harder shit….eh, some folk can do a lot of crap and never end up addicted, some people one time gets em but good….

      And I think I know more folk who have problems with Booze, a legal drug, than the illegal ones.

  10. I agree w/all of this.

    Pot smokers are liberals, drug users are all over the lot. Oh wait, you said that.

    Both groups like conspiracy theories. 🙂 Pot head conspiracies usually turn out to be true 20-50 years later (i.e. Oswald probably didn’t act alone, October surprise, etc) and allow for many simple probabilities (i.e. mob hit or Cuban hit for Bay of Pigs, etc) but the drug user (meth mostly) conspiracies are waaaay out there and have SO many twists and turns, they are very hard to follow (i.e. 9/11 was an inside job, Vince Foster killed by—? Well, somebody!). I mean, you can’t even figure out a way to GET STARTED on it and I am truly interested! But I have to admit, theirs are far more creative than ours, and I hate admitting that. 😦

    Meth head stuff:

    See, it just involves SO MANY MORE PEOPLE.

    Ren: The mating cry in rural communities across the US is to shake a Xanax bottle and say “Come and get it!”

    Nah, maybe once, but now its Oxys/Lortabs and all of that.

  11. Pot Decorum dictates that one, after purchasing their ganja, smokes up with their dealer. Drug Users take their shit and GO!

    HAHAHAHA, I remember the first time I saw this, I remember thinking, ohhhh how impolite.

    you kill me, Ren!

    • Ren says:

      oh, I am just gettin’ started on drugs….wait, that sounded funny…
      ahem, I am just jonesing to post more on…oh…wait again…

      I’m gonna write more about drugs this week.

  12. polly says:

    This is sociologically fascinating actually, because we don’t have these drug ‘divides’ over here either. Frequently if you use weed, you will also use a bit of E, coke, and sometimes ketamine (whch is really the BIG club drug on the gay scene, but straight folks do it a lot as well). Really only crack/heroin are drugs that aren’t widely used recreationally.

    I mean yes there people who use weed mainly, but most I know have dabbled in other stuff. It could be my perception is distorted because of knowing a lot of lesbians and gay men, but straight people (or my straight friends at least) seem to follow a broadly similar pattern.

    • Ren says:

      we have ketamine here too, also big in the club scene…and I suppose there are people who still do E (also called X here), but not as widely as it used to be in the 90’s and early 2000’s …

      and I think there are a lot of “party people” who do a little of this a little of that, out and about when at clubs or at parties and what not….but folk I know of who use drugs outside of that scene seem to have their favorites, and generally seem to be pretty “faithful” to them.

      I think maybe the sorta party drugging / recreational sorta thing you are talking about is probably pretty prevelant in big cities over here…the closest cities to me are DC and Baltimore, and both have clubs are party scenes and whatnot, but the big “Problem Drug” as the media/law enforcement likes to say in those areas is and has been crack for a long time, but folk are getting more paranoid about meth and such too.

  13. Aspasia says:

    I don’t smoke anything anymore, mostly because of financial issues. I was never interested in anything stronger than pot and even then, I didn’t indulge too much. Mostly because it made me hungry and laugh at shag carpeting. Cigarettes I don’t smoke regularly anymore because of the price, ESPECIALLY here in Chicago but I still hang out with smokers.

    Caffeine though… I Hulked out a couple weeks ago when the office let the coffee run out. WTF is wrong with you people?!?! Breathe, breathe, breathe….

    • Ren says:

      Aspasia, coming from Va, where smokes are still somewhat “cheap” (it IS VA after all), I nearly had a heartattack when I was up in Chicago and had to BUY smokes…same for NY, MD, and well, pretty much everywhere cept Va and South of Here.

      • Aspasia says:

        It’s only gotten worse since the last time you were here. Mama-Aspasia used to order from a res at a discount price, then IL or the Feds (whichever, doesn’t really matter to me at this point) did something to prevent this now. I mean, Mama-Aspasia and the res were able to find a work-around but STILL. All she wants is her Virginia Slims. Give the woman a break! I miss my smokes and I know my ability to handle stress and people who get on my fucking nerves has suffered for my lack of Marlboros.

    • Our last inventory at work was at like, 6am, and there we all were, like junkies.. all huddled over by the coffee maker staring at it (as if it would get done quicker if we just kept watching it) and unable to move until the mugs were filled… twice!

      We all joked about how we couldn’t work, but really, we just couldn’t, LOL.

      • Aspasia says:

        LOL! Well, taking inventory demands caffeine or something. I remember doing that when I worked at The Body Shop and Victoria’s Secret. My manager at VS would bring wine, cheese and beer for us, so that was awesome. TBS, we were on our own but there were large thermals of coffee for us.

  14. polly says:

    I would kill someone for a double espresso if you took caffeine off me for a day. Maybe that should be the big problem drug. And can you imagine what would happen if alcohol and nicotine were banned?

    • Ren says:

      “And can you imagine what would happen if alcohol and nicotine were banned?”

      Yep, it would be chaos. They tried outlawing booze in the US once…once.

      I am a caffinated person too, I don’t drink coffee at all, but I go through caffinated soda like water, and if I Don’t I get a Bad Headache. Mr. Evolution gets serious migraines if he decaffinates. (also a fan of the fancy coffees too)

  15. polly says:

    Yeah I love frappucinos Daisy, but they are really expensive, and unless you get the lite ones they’ve got quite a high sugar content.

  16. polly says:

    Also ditto with the caffeine withdrawal migraines. Apparently it’s because caffeine affects the blood flow to the general head area.

  17. The mating cry in rural communities across the US is to shake a Xanax bottle and say “Come and get it!”

    Thankyou, that made my day.

    Oh and I do read your blog, I just find myself lacking anything sensible to say recently.

  18. Xena says:

    That thing about getting addicted to drugs if you do them once is just stupid. I’ve tried more shit than you can shake a Xanax bottle at…Once. Sometimes 2 or 3 times just to make sure I really didn’t like it. How do you get addicted to something you don’t like? Hey kiddies, don’t eat spinach or liver or get a root canal, you might get addicted…

  19. richy cairns says:

    lol u lot r funny talkin about this an that i only smoke weedy me mum grows 4 me & she is as strait as they come , but i thinks she understands that a little weed helps me work rest an play,,,,,,

    ps lovin reading all about what u lot thinks xx

    richy aka

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