Quit with the voodoo weather already, dammit! (and other stuff)

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Humans, WTF???

Yeah, sure, I know this time of year the weather is always weird and screwed up, but this shit is asinine this year.  It was nice today, sixties, sunny, lovely, all that, tomorrow (or well, later today) its supposed to be 70, but rain like hell, then Tuesday…32 degrees.  Enough already. Bring on the warm weather please!

In other news, I bravely went out and poked around in blog land, and let me tell you….I am soooo glad I stopped doing “that shit”.  I mean for real, nothing has changed.  There are still weekly arguments On Great Feminist Blogs about make up and anal sex (clue here, don’t give a fuck if you do or do not wear lipstick and heels, don’t give a fuck if you do or do not take it up the ass, and don’t care if you think doing or not doing either of those things or related shit makes you better or more enlightened or seeing the really real world more than other people…btw, did you hear that Kyle Payne got busted for child porn, or were ya too busy trying to more feminist than thou other women to death?  I missed that shit cause I been in pain and off the net…but I suspect other folk did because they were too busy jeering/cheering anal sex and Great Lash.  Hell, I even checked by on that lying sack of shit Sam Berg’s place where the Strong Womyn Tribe is still at it….But hell, it ain’t just crazy on the feminist front..check THIS shit out…read the comments, then laugh or let your head explode as desired…

Now see, that there subject is one I’ve never fully understood.  The whole numbers thing.  Why or why not is discussed to death in there though, so I am not gettin’ into it.  Though I will smile and wave at the dude who equates one night stands to low character.  Heh, I got tons of fuckin’ character, thank you very much!  But yeah, I swear to God, that thread is just….a laughable car crash?  Feminists and MRA’s are ALWAYS good for a few laughs.  I love how the dudes always go to “biology” and “historically” and how, well, damn, all those bitches are just trying to trick men into raisin’ other dudes babies!  All of em!  As if people cannot have sex without, oh, taking precaution to avoid having babies and all that…and then totally ignore the, oh, the biology mentioned by a woman commenter there which is, well, as true as their own shit.  Pfft.  Humans.  And are those some seriously nit-picky meatsacks or what???

Anyway, I may or may not get to actually posting something here tomorrow…we’ll see.

  1. ginmar says:

    Ah, the numbers game. And you can just bet that Hugo isn’t going to say squat to the sexist assholes who insist that there’s good reasons for being assholes. You know how you judge a woman’s character? Does she kick puppies? Bounce checks? Is she an asshole? And so on. And I’d say if a guy makes excuses for calling a woman a slut or any variation, well, then you know a lot about him, don’t you?

    Yeah, I’m kind of surprised the feminist blogs didn’t pick up on Payne. And now that I wrote about it, I’d be willing to bet they just won’t, because that would mean tipping the hat to me and they absolutely won’t do that, because the middle class feminists that dominate the discourse will gore anybody else’s sacred cow—but theirs are, well, sacred.

  2. Aspasia says:

    On that note, did you hear about that fuckin’ moron Kanye West claiming that women who ask the guy who knocked them up for $50 for an abortion are “gold-diggers” and trying to make a “baller” broke? Really? REALLY?

    But back to the voodoo weather. Thundersnow both amazes, excites and frightens me. Snowpocalypse was fun but I really got tired of being in the house for 48 straight hours.

  3. Mr.Grim says:

    This weather is killin’ me. In the past few days I caught this plague like flu.

  4. Beste says:


    Kanye West said 50gs not $50.

    • Ren says:

      either way Kanye West is a dickweed. His mocking on South Park was richly desered.

    • Aspasia says:

      What Ren said.

      And either price won’t break a “baller”, who supposedly makes billions enough to buy boats, Bentleys, and “bitches”.

      • Beste says:

        He didn’t imply a baller would go broke over it either.

        • Aspasia says:

          “an abortion can cost a ballin’ nigga up to 50gs maybe a 100. Gold diggin’ bi**hes be getting pregnant on purpose. #STRAPUP my n**gas!”

          Certainly seems like an implication. I’m not sure what your fucking problem is with me, but you don’t want to get me started. You really don’t.

          • DebSens says:

            Oh God, don’t even get me started on men that are like women are Golddiggers and trying to trick men!!!!!ELEVENTY!!!!!!!…..Yes there are asshole women, but Kayne West and his ilk act like that all women do this and men have no responsibility. Just like women need personal responsibility so do men……It is not always the womans fault!

            • Aspasia says:

              I know, right? The mentality of Kanye and other child-men is that they want all the glory of “makin’ babies” when it’s okay with them but none of the responsibility.

  5. Joan Kelly says:

    I was telling someone the other day, part of what I like about you is that I feel like, since I first found out about and started reading blogs, and found yours, you are one of not-a-whole-lot-of-people who seem to have grown and changed. Lest anyone think I’m using “grown and changed” to mean “is now someone I personally get along with so clearly must be a cooler person!”, you and I do still disagree on plenty of things, some of them maybe are things that aren’t huge deals to either of us, some of them I’m sure mean a lot to one or both of us.

    (For one example, I don’t care if anyone wears lipstick either in the sense of thinking it makes her bad as a person or “not feminist enough” or any of that shit [but it would be richly hypocritical if I did], but I do care about the implications and daily realities of what *males* do with, to, and about femininity practices.)

    Also I wish there were different words in my head right now that I could use to express how I feel about your changing, because I feel like it could sound patronizing the way I’m saying it, like “oh I’m so proud of you, up on my high horse of betterness, that you have progressed the way I think you should!”

    And I do think there is a difference between continuing to talk (or argue) about things that matter to a person, and being someone who has no real analysis other than “they’re wrong because I said so, plus I used sarcasm to do it!” To me, that is broken-record-ness, and I see it all over, exactly like you say in this post.

    So mainly this is a five paragraph way of me saying, I like that you’re still blogging, and that this is not a space like the bigger supposed feminist blogs where the same things are said over and over, the same fights are had, etc. And I have to say too that some of the ways you’ve changed really affected me personally, made me think about some of my own behaviors.

    Hope the weather stops being ridiculous.

    • Ren says:

      eh, whats changed is a I no longer have the desire to bang my head against a brick wall and have a bunch of pretentious holier than thou assholes lie, threaten and utterly dehumanize me for thinking they are not correct. That’s what’s changed. I got no time for that echochamber bullshit these days.

  6. Roy Kay says:

    Weather IS sucky and the only reason I find it at all tolerable is the hop that the local maple syrup people get a good sugaring season.

    Read just a twee on that “number” blog and all I can say is that I am very glad that I am part of the community of sluts – people playful, engaged with and supportive of each other. I can’t imagine anyone of sense ever bothering to mark another person adversely by the number of past present and future partners.

  7. rootietoot says:

    Aya! opinions again! This is why I started reading you in the first place…8 (?) years ago. Plus or minus… That and your commentors. you have more interesting commentors than I do…probably because your opinions are um…more…y’know.

    • DebSens says:

      This! Alternate opinions are awesome, and it is tiring hearing about all the endless debates on trivial stuff on feminist blogs about how funfeminists are ruining everything. Thankfully Femineste and others actually talk about important stuff and have allow differing opinions on their blogs!

  8. SparkleKittyPonyKimBastante says:

    Kyle P is still around? Going now to read your link …

  9. Kyle Payne, please give him a nice cell in Gen Pop with a nice reminder of his crimes. I hear prisoners in that situation are seldom lonely and I wouldn’t want poor Kyle to be lonely in jail

  10. Now Kyle is in treatment asking for help and support………. http://kylepayne.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/opening-my-heart/#comment-699

    My suggested treatment plan. Castration. It won’t solve everything but it does seem like a good place to start.

  11. Clarence says:

    I don’t condone what Kyle did, but if anyone calls for castration for mere bad touches, I’d say they have more of a problem than the offender does.

    As for Kyle, he should never be trusted again. I’d say that, plus his prison sentence, is punishment enough.

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