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Yeah, sure, I know this time of year the weather is always weird and screwed up, but this shit is asinine this year.  It was nice today, sixties, sunny, lovely, all that, tomorrow (or well, later today) its supposed to be 70, but rain like hell, then Tuesday…32 degrees.  Enough already. Bring on the warm weather please!

In other news, I bravely went out and poked around in blog land, and let me tell you….I am soooo glad I stopped doing “that shit”.  I mean for real, nothing has changed.  There are still weekly arguments On Great Feminist Blogs about make up and anal sex (clue here, don’t give a fuck if you do or do not wear lipstick and heels, don’t give a fuck if you do or do not take it up the ass, and don’t care if you think doing or not doing either of those things or related shit makes you better or more enlightened or seeing the really real world more than other people…btw, did you hear that Kyle Payne got busted for child porn, or were ya too busy trying to more feminist than thou other women to death?  I missed that shit cause I been in pain and off the net…but I suspect other folk did because they were too busy jeering/cheering anal sex and Great Lash.  Hell, I even checked by on that lying sack of shit Sam Berg’s place where the Strong Womyn Tribe is still at it….But hell, it ain’t just crazy on the feminist front..check THIS shit out…read the comments, then laugh or let your head explode as desired…

Now see, that there subject is one I’ve never fully understood.  The whole numbers thing.  Why or why not is discussed to death in there though, so I am not gettin’ into it.  Though I will smile and wave at the dude who equates one night stands to low character.  Heh, I got tons of fuckin’ character, thank you very much!  But yeah, I swear to God, that thread is just….a laughable car crash?  Feminists and MRA’s are ALWAYS good for a few laughs.  I love how the dudes always go to “biology” and “historically” and how, well, damn, all those bitches are just trying to trick men into raisin’ other dudes babies!  All of em!  As if people cannot have sex without, oh, taking precaution to avoid having babies and all that…and then totally ignore the, oh, the biology mentioned by a woman commenter there which is, well, as true as their own shit.  Pfft.  Humans.  And are those some seriously nit-picky meatsacks or what???

Anyway, I may or may not get to actually posting something here tomorrow…we’ll see.

In case you were worried….

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

I don’t plan to stop blogging altogether and shit, I just torched the old place ’cause I felt like it.  I do rash shit like that sometime, but oddly enough, rarely do I regret it…

Anyhoo, no, nah, I am not ceasing on the bloggage, hell, I even have some posts in mind and shit…on subjects near and dear to me like what sorta world do we live in where stripping is seen as a bigger crime than stealing or DUI, the medical/medical insurance industry and why they suck eggs in hell (and yep, this is even recognizing my privilage of having pretty kick ass insurance), drugs, and well, other shit.

So no, I’m not dead.


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Physical Therapy is sucky, just in case you had any questions about that…

The Sacked Empire is No More.  I realize I wrote some cool shit there and what a lot of other people considered some of my best work was there, but you know what?  It was time to burn that Rome as it were…so I did. 

Not sure what else I really have to say here right now, so I’m gonna stop typing.