Made my Day

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Awesome

Kim is back.

  1. Kim, the REAL ONE says:

    THIS IS NOT ME!!! WHAT THE FUCK?! THIS is the REAL Sparklepony Kim — who the FUCK is that other one???

  2. Kim, the REAL ONE says:

    Ok, calmed down a bit here: I think that site is some “robot” archived site? Freaks me out – wish I knew how to get it off! Anyhow, hi Ren — been a long time. Still alive — Farmville got me. Thinking about coming back — what happened to your Blogspot blogs?

  3. Dana says:

    Oh man, that is so damn sad, you what not believe how excited I was I had randomly checked out Ren’s site again… that said, Farmville? Ohh, that evil evil game.

  4. Xena says:

    The real Kim? Way to weird me out about the internet again. This is why I navel gaze for pages on other people’s blogs but don’t bother to get my own. I don’t even have a facebook account.

    Dworkin was a fucking traitor. What she did was worse than becoming a pothead and then ratting off her supplier for some fucking born-again money grab. She’s only somewhat forgivable because she got tortured half to death before her overseers got her to sell out her fellow sex workers. And lipstick feminists only put up posts so they can mythologize the lipstick they’re selling.

    Judging from that snarky tone, I’d almost wonder if Dana is the one who hijacked Kim’s blog. Even somebody who thinks she’s ‘only’ dealing with a sex worker should know better than that. Once a site administrator has access to a commenter’s URL, a whole lot of other information also becomes available to said administrator. And when said administrator is of Ren’s calibre, well, I’m sure the little troll can figure out the rest on her own.

  5. Dana says:

    Wait, what, that doesn’t make any sense? I used to read Kim’s blog daily and Ren’s occasionally until Bastante Already closed down, and it was complete chance I checked here when this post came up. So I was sad it wasn’t real. And, er, I make fun of people I like? O_o

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