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Okay y’all, had this idea for a post rolling around in my lack of sleep having brain for a while now, and yeah, I’ve almost agonized over this fucker…in as much as I agonize over shit anyway.  I’ve started and scrapped several drafts, asked other people’s opinions, gone back and forth on whether or not I was going to write it at all…all that shit.  But yep, here I am, writing about it.

“About what, you freakin’ lunatic?”  you are probably asking by now, but shit y’all, I said I was ahem, a little leery of going there,  but well, I guess I am.

I’m writing about a thing, an image, a symbol- a something that means a hundred different things and invokes a whole slew of different emotions from different people who see it, and you know what?  The floor is open for discussion and debate here, unlike oh, it was in a certain classroom in MI.  And since I’m not in the business of judging people or telling them how wrong they are for whatever, sure enough, engage at will…and hell, I will go first…

“WTF is she talking about?”

Okay then.  This.

There it is, right there.  That is what I am talking about.  A thing which people could debate about all damn day long, and have.  Hate or Heritage, Pride or Prejudice, Pure out Offensive or often Misunderstood…well, I guess that depends, yeah?

And I will go ahead and fess up.  I have that there symbol on some things I own and wear.  Do I wear it around people who I know or even think it will offend?  Not intentionally, in fact, I am kinda considerate to the point of paranoid about it…then again I live in VA, its more common here in some places than the actual state flag.  And while personally not born in the South, I have lived in the South for more than half of my life, the people I know are mostly Southern, and well…I like the South, and you know, I like Southerners-shoot, I am a “Southerner” by choice, not by birth.  But my actual draw to that flag?  It’s…a rebel thing.  It’s even a pride in being the losers thing.  It’s an almost devil may care lack of respect for rules and laws but a strange reverence for tradition.  It’s a you can beat us down and we’ll still get up, dust off, and keep going kinda thing.  It’s a sometimes you make too many demands and conditions kinda thing.   It’s like how I laugh every time I think about the time a spiffy upper crust New Yorker dude I met looked at probably the biggest, scariest North FL redneck I’ve ever met who was bedecked all to hell in that flag and made mention of how the North won that war and the North FL redneck gave him a big old grin, handed him a beer and said “Well, yeah, but now all yer good lookin’ women come here for Spring Break!”  I don’t look at that flag and think woo, racism.  I see all kinds of different things and connotations that go with it, some good, some bad…but I can only see through my eyes, you know? 

So, you know, before I even sat down to write this, while I am pretty dang versed in History, I wanted to if not see through other people’s eyes, hear what they had to say…so I turned to that bastion of culture: YouTube…and well, found a few things that are worth watching, for anyone and everyone interested I guess…. and yep, I watched them and thought about it and all those good critical things people should do and…did not change my mind.  How typical of me, no?  And I do get rather bent out that it seems like every freakin’ asshat skinhead or KKK dude or actual, oh, racist who wears that flag makes folk think everyone who might ever wear it is that way, not to mention the irkage I gain when they have the US flag up there too…I mean, the Nazi’s completely ruined something that was never intended to be seen in the manner in which it is now…but alas now most of the world will only ever see it “the Nazi way”.  Only takes various asshats to ruin something for everyone….sheesh…

So yeah, there it is, my not so deep and well thought out opinions on the matter  (I tried, then kept scrapping and starting over)…and yep, feel free to share yours.

prepares to step right in it, both feet.

AKA:  Teacher is against bullying and intolerance, so he forces a female student to remove a part of her clothing and tells a Catholic Student to Get Out of his classroom…how…tolerant.

Okay then.  Now, sure as shit bullying is an issue in schools, in life, in the greater human condition.  And yep, both that dang hick flag and being Catholic are contraversal things these days…way more so than even being gay in some circles.  And true enough, gays get bullied in life and in school, and there is nothing wrong with discussion about intolerance and how it is wrong to make people feel uncomfortable for being gay…yet when one is attempting to foster greater understanding and tolerance and making folk feel comfortable with themselves – how does it make sense to tell a girl to remove an item in a classroom full of students and then eject another from said class for his relgious beliefs?

To me, it doesn’t.  I seriously wonder if a Muslim or Hindu or Amish student had said “I don’t support homosexuality because of my religion” if his ass woulda got tossed out of class, or if a discussion that was TRULY conducive to tolerance of all people and their various beliefs might have been engaged in?  I wonder if a male student wearing a buckle with the flag of any one of the numerous Southern States which, oh, look a lot like that dang hick flag would have been told to take it off, or if a skate rat punk kid sporting something with the Iron Cross, ala, oh, West Coast Choppers, would’ve been told to take it off?  Or if a kid in a Washington Redskins or Cleveland Indians jersey woulda been told to take it off….or if maybe an actually tolerant debate of the implications of those images might have been had?    I also sorta wonder in what realm of earth are we when teachers and faculty assume they can tell students what bumper stickers they can and cannot have on their personal vehicles in the parking lot? I also sorta wonder what sort of boneheaded excuses for teachers we have when students who are asking questions and wanting answers- on a day when a topic of note is supposed to be tolerance and bullying- can get fucking ejected from a class room for daring to ask and question….I mean Jesus Christ, how dare a kid ever ask something that might be controversal in an environment which is supposed to be intellectually stimulating and a place in which to learn?

And yep, you know what?  I get that a whole lotta people do not like Catholics, or any other religion that does not condone homosexuality.  And I sure enough get that a whole lot of people do not like the Confederate Battle Flag, I even get that why yes, many schools have dress codes for a reason!   But fucking tossing students out of class for questioning something seems pretty fucking intolerant to me.

I wonder if either of the students in question in this case felt awkward, bullied or less than tolerated?

ah yes

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headed to NY (in this damn weather) to see the…inlaws…so I leave you with…

A smug cat.

with maybe a cybernetic eye???