Things that are irrationally annoying me this morning…

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Now, on some levels, the woman has a valid point.  But on others, this is really annoying me this morning.  Probably irrationally, but it is.  Why?  I am not even fully sure…except that I do think some is better than none, but while more is better something is better than nothing.  Or that it sounds a lot like Hey, Nice work, but you Still Suck so Why Bother?  Maybe it’s because I live very near to Fed Central and those folk are some of the most over worked and underpaid people in the universe, regardless of the big gov. spending.  Maybe its because when people discuss the sexual abuse of children-which by its very definition and phrasing, means the sexual abuse of children…they get all “women and girls” when, hey, women are not children and likening them to such is really pretty insulting, and oh, wow, boy children not only get sexually abused too, they get abused statistically in pretty close numbers to girls…and that is not a what about the men apologist bullshit anything- it is the way it is, and if people are going to defend/say what about the children, well, they should mean ALL of them, or just simply say “What about the girls?”    Maybe its because no way in hell could the FBI watch out for sex trafficking and child sexual abuse all over the world, nor are they supposed to.  Maybe it’s because you know, where I live, and where a lot of other people live, there are some nasty gang type people (MS-13, anyone?) who deal in all kinds of shit, including murder, prostitution, and why yes, trafficking, who the FBI has been able to fuck with due to terrorism laws and funding?    Maybe because people like to blame and point fingers when the simple truth is, laws aside, there are always gonna be some sick twisted fucks out there who are gonna to sick, twisted things? 

I dunno what it is, but that annoyed me.

  1. rootietoot says:

    “there are always gonna be some sick twisted fucks out there who are gonna to sick, twisted things”
    This. As long as there are people, there will be people doing evil. All the feminism and man-hating in the world isn’t going to change that. Is there a statistic detailing the gender of those people arrested?

  2. Lord Sodit says:

    Interesting how fast the comments on that site change from children sold or kidnapped and teenagers falling into exploitative hands to ‘wimmennchillun’ in need of protection and Linda Lovelace, ‘no woman who understood what she was doing would do such a thing, so any woman who does cannot understand what she is doing’.

    Who knows, there might be abuses other than ‘sex’. Maybe ‘children’ – including teenagers who under other circumstances these same people might flock to support against religious repression for sex outside of marriage or too young – would rather take for a quick fondle or sex the kind of money they might spend two months of 14-hour days earning in a Pilippino sweatshop to buy an education and get out.

    If there is ‘abuse’ of any kind, you stop it by removing the reasons for it, be it prostitution or drug peddling. They get conned into it, the world is not full of ‘white slavers’ kidnapping the unsuspecting because it is much easier for the unsuspecting to come to them as last resort.

    So prevent their reasons for being there at all instead of leaving them with a choice between abuse or nothing at all.

    All the replies reek of Victorian ‘Good girls never think of sex, it’s all the Mighty Male Monster dominating the Feeble Female’. Not much hope for women to assert themselves when the women claiming to pretend to speak for them are as out ofg touch as “A Lesbian huddle quivering under the table the moment a man looks at them”

    This is hardly in the same category, but they would insist that it is. So some sanity about the reality that men find women attractive and women find men attractive because that’s how we bloody well got here long before we were ‘men’ and ‘women’ and if somebody thinks that makes women inferior to men, that is *their* problem and *their* need for ‘liberation’, not everybody else’s who just can’t see the female inferiority and male dominance that ‘feminists’ insist upon (and envy)

    • Ren says:

      actually, I think most of them are ALL FOR removing the demand, which hey…95%the your people buying sex and engaging in sex tourism and molesting kids and raping people are…men.

      So that shit ain’t on women, but we do, by in large, have to DEAL with more often.

  3. Dave says:

    One thing that isn’t made clear is that all the adult prostitutes arrested during this operation are included in the “885 others” it mentions.

    It doesn’t state how many johns were arrested, but based on what I know about the way these sting operations are run, they’re typically ignored. I think it’s reasonable to assume that at least 4 out of 5 of those arrested were adult prostitutes rather than johns or pimps. Chances are they’ll all be treated like criminals, regardless of their circumstances, simply because they’re no longer children.

    I haven’t read much about this latest operation, but in the past there’s been criticism of similar rescue efforts because of the way the children were treated afterwards. It turned out that some rescued 15/16/17 year olds, despite being underaged, were still being prosecuted for prostitution offences like the adults. With other teenagers and children being passed through a revolving door system that just put them back in their previous situation.

    It doesn’t really matter how many are rescued if they don’t get the help they need afterwards.

  4. Xena says:

    I agree with Dave. And for once, your comments are spot on, Lord Sod. This tired radfem rhetoric is all over the net. If you look into the archives on some of these sites you might even be able to catch some of my rants on what a traitor to her fellow sex workers Andrea Dworkin was. She and Catherine MacKinnon have been cannonized, memorized and regurgitated all over western civilization and it frikkin irks me too. At least Dworkin understood poverty, abuse and rape. MacKinnon is American royalty, on par with the Clintons and the Kennedys. I doubt she’s even suffered so much as a bad manicure.

    I’m half tempted to set up my own paypal begging for donations for a quasi-homeless woman (namely me) who’s at risk of all kinds of creepy nastiness from icky men. It would be the truth! 😛 But nobody would believe it. I look like Deborah Harry circa 1988-ish. Nobody wants an old cougar like me for a pet project 😉

    As far as the few young things who are ‘victimized’ by prostitution (before they turn 15 and learn how to rob their pimps and send them to jail to avoid getting charged themselves) POVERTY is what creates the need for sex work. More education, better social programs and more and better paying jobs for women are the only way to give women a choice about whether or not they need to sell their bodies.

    Some women, whether the church ladies like it or not, will still choose sex work anyway. Western civilization needs to grow up and get over it, and arrest REAL criminals who are actually hurting people. In a country where 6/7 rape cases are ignored, it’s sheer stupidity to put people on trial for selling sex. Canadian law enforcement isn’t much better in that respect. Valerie Scott and Terri Jean Bedford have spent much of their adult lives lobbying for legalization, with the support of a slim majority of Canadians, but our frikkin fascist gvt. just stopped them again.

    Most of this BS about arresting creepy tricks (punters, johns) usually comes down to somebody’s election platform when cuts to social spending, or the legal status of abortion or same sex benefits are controversial enough to spark violence. It’s a nice ‘safe’ way for politicians to attract voters that may go elsewhere. And it never accomplishes anything but huge expenditures on sting operations to shuffle the same people over to the next kerb in the next factory district, where the next politician promises to shuffle them over again and again and again…

    Charge the sex workers taxes, give the money to the inner city school boards for breakfast programs, condom classes and remedial academic help and watch 50% of the problems of ghettoization disappear in less than a decade. But nobody wants to do that because elitism depends on one group of people being able to point the finger at another group to say “those people are the problem…” Fucked up world we live in.

  5. Xena says:

    Those “problems of ghettoization” include domestic abuse and child abuse, including the 500% increased risk of child murder by a stepfather when multiple poverty-related stressors come together and turn people into loose cannons.

    I don’t think there is a solution to the problem of boys getting jumped into gangs.

    Up here, gvts. prevent *some* problems by not crowding all of a city’s poor people into one big ugly housing project in a big ugly industrial area. Instead, subsidized housing units are spread out, 10 or 20 in a building all over town. But criminals will still network in whatever gangsters’ paradise they make for themselves, no matter what gvts. try to do to stop them.

    Ghettoization is a much older, meaner business in the US. Nobody wants to dismantle it and spread it out around the suburbs, for good reason. I wouldn’t even know where to begin trying to change some of the overcrowding issues you all have in some of those big cities. What about the boys? I honestly don’t know.

  6. Nine Deuce says:

    I didn’t say “women and girls,” I said “women and children.” I do, of course, appreciate the work that those involved in these programs do. I do not, however, appreciate what seems like a lack of concern on the part of the leadership.

    • Ren says:

      ND: wasn’t meaning you were one of the “women and girls” sorts. WRT to the leadership…hey, maybe war is sexier than…sex, of any kind.

  7. Nine Deuce says:

    War is usually more profitable. Though, the profits are the reason this shit exists, too.

  8. Aspasia says:

    Did you see the article on (iirc) this week? Might have been yesterday. About some contractor company over in Afghanistan that has been involved in sex trafficking of young boys using US money. Naturally, we’re covering it up. Naturally, this doesn’t register as a blip on the radar of those who claim, with the loudest voices, to be so concerned with sex trafficking.

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