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Now, on some levels, the woman has a valid point.  But on others, this is really annoying me this morning.  Probably irrationally, but it is.  Why?  I am not even fully sure…except that I do think some is better than none, but while more is better something is better than nothing.  Or that it sounds a lot like Hey, Nice work, but you Still Suck so Why Bother?  Maybe it’s because I live very near to Fed Central and those folk are some of the most over worked and underpaid people in the universe, regardless of the big gov. spending.  Maybe its because when people discuss the sexual abuse of children-which by its very definition and phrasing, means the sexual abuse of children…they get all “women and girls” when, hey, women are not children and likening them to such is really pretty insulting, and oh, wow, boy children not only get sexually abused too, they get abused statistically in pretty close numbers to girls…and that is not a what about the men apologist bullshit anything- it is the way it is, and if people are going to defend/say what about the children, well, they should mean ALL of them, or just simply say “What about the girls?”    Maybe its because no way in hell could the FBI watch out for sex trafficking and child sexual abuse all over the world, nor are they supposed to.  Maybe it’s because you know, where I live, and where a lot of other people live, there are some nasty gang type people (MS-13, anyone?) who deal in all kinds of shit, including murder, prostitution, and why yes, trafficking, who the FBI has been able to fuck with due to terrorism laws and funding?    Maybe because people like to blame and point fingers when the simple truth is, laws aside, there are always gonna be some sick twisted fucks out there who are gonna to sick, twisted things? 

I dunno what it is, but that annoyed me.