S&M of a different kind, or…

Posted: November 9, 2010 in "Those People", Humans, Rants, Sexism, WTF???

…”Fuck you intellectual bitches, we got guns, part II!”

So, I’ve been feeling particularly vile and sadistic here lately, and since I have no one around willing to, er, handle that, I found myself having to work some of that vibe out in a different way that would, oh, not only take an edge off but leave me also in pain:  Answer, Yoga.  Now see, I know Yoga is supposed to be all mellow and relaxing and stuff, and sure, some of the breathing and cool down stretches are nice- but over all?  I’ll take the rack, dude.  Yoga is more painful that relocating ones shoulder with a door jamb, and I would know.  But hey, no longer affording the gym and it’s what was on Fit TV and seriously…I needed to do something physical or lose my mind- so Yoga it was. 

Then, while still working out of this bent, I did something I really probably should not have- I poked around and read some blogs- looking around to see what other folk were talking about because a), I’ve been out of the loop, and b) I was bored and let me tell you this…

It’s a good thing I am too sore to pick up a damn sledge hammer.

Seriously, I am out there reading, and grinding my teeth while doing so…because you know what?  Nothing fuckin’ grimly amuses the shit out of me like a bunch of  women, who probably come from pretty nice middle class backgrounds, who are probably really damn educated, and in this case, well, many of whom seem to be lesbians sitting around talking about classism and sexism- then proceed to basically call straight women…idiots, deluded and uneducated.  Yes yes yes, indeedy, all those poor stupid straight women who barely graduate high school or drop out to get married and make babies and end up screwed and have NO skills- and of course, the obligatory asshole cockbearing overlord at the center of all of it!  Hell yeah, little Suzy Straight Girl might have been hot and mean back then, but NOW she is stupid and fucked!  Oh, poor Suzy Straight Girl (mock sad smile, condescending pat on the head)…

Now, last time I checked, Intelligence was not modified in any way by sexual orientation.  Do correct me if I am wrong.   I am also certain that no straight women out there (especially married ones!) ever became successful business professionals, made money, did well for themselves and no lesbians ever had kids, did not earn higher educations, or had bad relationships (snerk).

And the fact that class was even a PART of this discussion?  I seriously wonder if these people even realize how many women-of any color or sexual orientation- who are lower class, simply cannot get college educations (much less advanced degrees) or training that will give them good, professional jobs, how many of these women simply do not have the time, money or means (what, with the rest of life going on) to do these things?  Or if, gasp, these oh so wonderfully professional and educated and smart lesbians are they themselves really only an accident, a wave of downsizing, a tragedy, a medical emergency, or a company buy out away from being in the exact same sort of situation as the recently divorced diploma having single mom?  As if they could never end up there…because they are smart lesbians!  Or, if as smart lesbians, they are really any better off- because you know, not all straight women are uneducated breeders with no skills and an abusive shit of a man at home.  Now sure, I realize lesbians, especially non conventionally attractive ones, take some shit- but come on…

I want to know if they can change their own tires, clean their own kills, find a head gasket, re-wire a broken socket, sew their own clothing, or lift something that is 3/4 of their own body weight…or do they just have lower class straight gals or the men who are married to them to do that  for them?

Pfft.  discussions of classism from these folk…shit, do us all a favor- holidays are coming up- make yourself feel good by donating to a food drive and realize that to a lot of us not as educated lesser in class straight gals- you’ll always be douchebags…and maybe, just because you are not tainted by the cock?  You ain’t that smart.  And yeah, fuck you intellectual bitches, we’ve got guns!

Oh yeah, and anyone who wants to come along and do the “well, I have been made fun of, beaten up, yelled at, humiliated, hurt, so on for being a lesbian”…well guess what, sure, I have straight privilege, but I sure as shit have been all of those things for being lower class, so cry me a river, eh?

Bartender, make mine a double!

  1. rootietoot says:

    I think the one thing that pisses me off more than anything is to be called “a breeder”. Particularly by a liberal woman from Vermont. Talk about a demographic that fits a stereotype.

  2. I love how people who think class is no big deal (I wonder why) slip in constant references to their pricey vacations, cars, educations, degrees, friends, etc. But hey, class isn’t a big deal, so stop bringing it up.

    They don’t seem to understand that they bring it up CONSTANTLY. And then wonder why we notice.

  3. Lord Sodit says:

    Nobody preaches the gospel of feeble female subordination to the Mighty Macho stomping rapist Patriarch like a feminist! Women are far too feeble to have relationships with men on an equal level – so if they think they do, that only shows their pathetic inferior intellect compared to the feminist.

    It’s not a world away from David Icke and others able to inform that doubting their world conspiracy theories is sure evidence of how effective these conspiracies are. Come to think of it, it’s not so far from the more a witch denies diabolic possession the stronger it shows that possession to be!

    There is one big Unexplained about these feminists. They hate ‘The System’. They call it ‘Patriarchy’ (not what that means in a dictionary or to an ethnologist, and nor is what they call ‘Matriarchy’ – but hey, ‘Patriarchs’ wrote the dictionary and developed the science, so don’t listen to them).

    So what is their answer to Patriarchy? Back in the 60s and even into the 80s when they more often called it ‘Capitalism’ the answer was usually “Smash it”. Free women up by all means, but free men up from the military-inspired uniform Suit and office Rank and selling their soul to Company command as well.

    What is these feminists’ answer to ‘The Patriarchy’? JOIN IT. Join it and be JUST like the worst ‘patriarchal’ men despising anything that looks a bit like living for something apart from money and status.

    Women’s Liberation – copped out, bought out and sold out, rebranded ‘Feminism’ circa 1990 a former Establishment threat now turned safe and useful collaborator. Like Che Guevara gracing an overpriced T-shirt made in some 3rd world child-labor sweat-shop!

    • Ren says:

      Sodit: Enough, really. You realize EVERY comment you’ve posted here is a…not too on topic even, blast a feminists. Okay, we get it, you dislike them. Point made. Enough. I am capable of deleting comments- I hate doing it, but I will. That would be a warning shot. You want to rail off about feminists all the time? Have at it- on your own blog. They are free you know.

      And personally, I think compulsorary military service for EVERYONE is a good idea, but I am odd like that.

  4. Lord Sodit says:

    Seems to me that feminists were the people you were having a go at yourself, unless there are others you count as ‘feminists’ that I don’t.

    Military service – has its points, good and bad. National service (military or civil) possibly a better option.

    Corporations with a Mushroom Management ethos derived from the military – kept in the dark, fed manure and do what what you’re told title and paypacket all that matters – there has to be more to life than that and there used to be a lot that might be called ‘feminists’ that believed there was.

    They couldn’t be further from the women you are calling ‘feminists’ wanting to buy into all of that ‘Patriarchy’ could they?

    • Ren says:

      diiference is, lord, i am a woman. second shot fired. and i have said before, I do count women you dont aas feminists, so fucking drop it. And sometimes, we all do what we’re told.

  5. rootietoot says:

    Y’know, I love my Patriarch, my high school education, this selfishly large family (all upcoming Patriarchs!), and white-bread ways. Guns are fun. Music extoling the virtues of Patriarchy is awesome. Hairy legged women with no sense of humor cannot affect me beyond giving me something to pity. Which I am sure grates on them no end, knowing that I feel that way about them…except that we run in entirely different societies and rarely come in contact. So Eh, let them natter on to each other, in their amusing circle jerks (only I am sure they call it Conciousness Raising or something). Since they don’t breed like rabbits, the way I like to, they’ll eventually just fade out and be replaced by something else. They’re only relevent to each other, so don’t let them get on your nerves too hard.

    • Ren says:

      hehehhehehe, I said I was feelin’ S&M…Rootie,I would take you, your guns, and the future cock bearing overlords (MR E laughs whenever he reads that) to the lot of them…and, hell, I know you are smart 🙂

      • rootietoot says:

        I think you would like my brood of cock-bearing future overlords. (see, they’re already cock brearing, and only the overlord part is in the future, except that is debatable given my affinity for cooking food for them and allowing them to do their laundry here, which I will add softener to when they aren’t looking because the June Cleaver gene is strong in me and just yesterday #2 convinced me to smoke a ham for him…ok) what was I saying?

  6. Lord Sodit says:

    Can’t see any real disagreement with you and never did. Strong women aren’t afraid of strong men. Weak women are afraid of men, strong or weak. That’s the secret about ‘Feminazis’ – real Nazis were more *terrified* of Jews and the rest than hated them – same with your racists, if they really felt so superior they wouldn’t care; in reality they are terrified of the Black Brotherhood swamping them out and taking ‘their’ women. If these ‘feminists’ were the equals they claim to be, they wouldn’t be cowering away telling themselves the old horror stories about ‘men’ that the 60s generation got up to say they could stand up to and do something about telling the men they expected better instead of running away.

    1980 somebody I was going with told me this: – “To me, ‘feminist’ means a good job and sleeping with any man I fancy; I’m very worried about this new generation that thinks it means quivering under the table in a Lesbian huddle the moment a man looks at them”

    That ‘quivering’ bunch is what you’re having a go at and I call ‘feminists’. The rest like her, would no more call themselves ‘feminist’ now than any woman turning up for a job interview or spend the night with a man or expecting maternity leave. All that’s just plain normality that seems to have left these behind to use the name ‘feminist’ after it ceased to be particularly relevant.

    They might call it ‘Consciousness Raising’ but it sounds suspiciously like the sort of group session that Scientologists and other cults go in for to convince themselves of Right Thinking – famously Mao’s Red Guards used to call it ‘self-criticism’. It’s not much proof of ‘equality’ when they can’t or won’t imagine an equal relationship with the sex they claim to be ‘equal’ with and despise those who can and do, is it?

    • Ren says:

      Dude; you can get your own blog for the decline of feminism as YOU see it. Now, back to basics…class strata… which you MAY have noticed is a THING here with me. I may be the meanest gal in the valley, but I do not so much do feminism anymore…so…comment on class, or predjudice, or whatever, but fucking lay off feminism for a bit, shit, people accuse ME of having a one track mind…i so multitask compared to you. You notice I did not even SAY feminism in my entry? GEE, that is a SIGN.

      And for the record, I am willing to be bet for all your Non USA-ian worldliness and mass knowlege of..things..you are not smarter than me either. Hell, can you change a tire, clean your own kill, ect…?

  7. 1) I love yoga, but I don’t find it relaxing, I am trying to get to the point where I can do crow, and that shit takes strength.

    2) Errr, I am glad I am not reading what you are reading.

  8. DebSens says:

    Yoga is brutal! Especially when you are doing head stands=P Urg…I do agree with the concept of privilage somewhat…but too many people use it as a weapon to make themselves feel superior. Almost everyone has some type of privlage over a person in some way, just because you have a privlage doesn’t mean you don’t experience shit too!

  9. Xena says:

    Salve, Ren (yeah, I’m speaking to Ren the Roman general).

    Nice to see you’re back. If you don’t remember me, we chatted on Nat’s blog a few months ago. I’ve been kinda lurking here without commenting ever since. Just wanted to be clear on what you meant when you called yourself a redneck before I opened my big mouth. Nat speaks highly of you, so I figured you must have meant redneck in a good way. You did. I have to open my mouth now. This post kicks whiny radfem ass!!! I loved it! LOVED LOVED LOVED!!!

    Soldit, you’re talking about radfems. Don’t confuse them with other feminists. Some of us like men and porn and think sex work should be legal. And I shave. I just like it better when it’s neat and tidy.

    Don’t even get me started on the class thing. My education cost me my fucking house. Sure I can spell epistemologically privileged, compare the finer points of Rawlsian political theory with the theories of John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham, and go on about section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms till I’m blue in the face. When it’s all said and done, The Boss is still the one with the badge. If he says The Man doesn’t want my type at his asshole establishment I can’t use any of that human rights bullshit until I can come up with a fucking $10 000 retainer. So I sleep in stairwells and shelters and and piss off my friends with my couch surfing and hope somebody will rent to “my type” before some creepy whackjob kills me because I won’t fuck him for money–or anything else. I said prostitution should be legal. I didn’t say I wanted to do it.

    So I’ve been thinking about heading south next spring so I can write my great American novel (yeah, yeah, I’m Canadian but I love American novels too). Not that I expect the job prospects to be any better down there, but it looks like all kinds of people would be willing to teach me how to hunt. THAT is a much more useful skill than any smartypants jargonspewing. At least I’d be able to feed myself.

    What say you, Ren, o captain my captain 😉 Feel like taking me out into the bush and making me a good redneck? I mean, you, me and something with really huge antlers warming up over a nice campfire?

    • Ren says:

      heh, write the Great North American Novel…thats Canada Inclusive!

    • rootietoot says:

      Job prospects here in the Deep South (not to mention the weather) are better than most places elsewhere in the USA, depending on what you’re willing to do. Rent is cheaper, and if someone will rent to my kid, (with his 30/hr week $8/hr theater job) (and no I didnt’ guarentee his lease) they’ll rent to anyone. I reckon the trick would be gettng down here. (and no, we’re not all the bad redneck type the media portays us) (and yes, I love parenthetical statements)

      • Ren says:

        I was actually just reading something on how a great deal of the South has far more job opportunities in Non White Collar fields than, well, anywhere and about the cheaper cost of living…but heck, I ve seen that in action…

        In FL, my bro made about 32 a year, but paid far less in taxesand for insurance and about 800 a month for rent. In North Va (ALexandria area) he makes 67, doing the same job, but his rent is 1500 a month and more taxes/ higher insurance.

        And Yes, North Va is still techincally the South, but with DC being RIGHT THERE and so many folk who work there, doing Big Gov. Cool jobs…well, not enough room in DC for them to live there, so North Va has become expensive, same with South MD.

        • rootietoot says:

          You can get a 3BR 2 Ba townhouse in this town for $500/mo. My son rents a 3br 1 ba house on 1/4 acre in a nice neighborhood for $550. While the jobs aren’t high paying, neither are the expenses. Manuafacturing work is pretty easy to get. In this town, 3 major employers are hiring and expanding, with average wages between $10-$15/hr. That may not sound like much, but a single person can live quite comfortably on it.

          • Xena says:

            Sounds great, rootietoot. You probably don’t want to tell the whole blogosphere which town that is, exactly. Could you tell me which state and whether it’s in the north south east or west part of the state? I’ll probably be able to figure out the rest 🙂

            • rootietoot says:

              Georgia, southeastern part of the state. Quite a bit Southeastern, really…nearish the coast.

              • Xena says:

                Thanks. I was hoping that’s what the magnolia stood for. I was down there (Calhoun) about 20 years ago. Loved it. Yes, I would love to go back and spend 6mos. or so. I’d even brave the scary insect life again. Our insects are teensy and most of them die or go into hibernation by about November. Georgia insects remind me of scary sci fi. But I’m writing speculative fiction anyway, so scary bugs might help me get more into the mood. I’m writing stuff about characters inspired by Applewhite and the creepier bible belt type people, but with a lovely southern gent as a hero, of course.

                Lotsa waitress and/or hotel cleaning jobs? And are there a few places within a 2 hour commute where there’d be some military people I could try chatting with on their r&r time? I have a backup plan if nobody WANTS to help with my research, a retired marine. But I’d prefer to hang out and/or work in a place where people whose service was more recent might be willing to chat with me. And I HAVE TO get the inflections down, for the sake of good dialogue in the story. If I’m going to write a great American anything, it’ll be the dialogue and the little day to day rituals and urban legends that make or break the story.

                • Ren says:

                  LOL what is it with people writing fiction about southerners? (whistles innocently)

                • rootietoot says:

                  Oh dear. That’s a rose 🙂 If you plan on coming to this part of the country you’d best read up on Southern horticulture.

                • rootietoot says:

                  I’d be happy to help you with inflections. There are military bases in Savannah (plus very scary bugs), Warner Robbins, um….Pensacola, Montgomery. I can’t speak for the service industry jobs, but I know medium and heavy manufacturing jobs are available (that’s the industry my husband is in) that don’t require prior skills but do require some physical and mental abilities. Working in a mill/factory would put you in contact with people who could definitely help you master the vernacular.
                  Nothing annoys me more than to read a book (or watch a movie) about Southerners and the writers have the dialogue and accents all wrong. Also, region and economic class affect the language quite a bit. A poor southern gent would speak completely differently from a old-school wealthy one.

                  • Xena says:

                    Oops. I’ve seen magnolias up close, really. Blame that one on crappy tech equipment, I guess. Your rose is only about 1cm square and kinda grainy where I’m sitting.

                    The rest sounds great. I’m fine with the mental abilities required for a manufacturing job. I think I’d even be ok with some of the the physical stuff, as long as we’re not talking about sheet metal work or anything like that. I’m 5’6″ and sturdy (when I’m not going through a lazy spell :-)) And I’d be happy to learn some new skills.

                    I think I’ll make my gent a poor but proud gent. They’re easier for me to approach.

                  • Ren says:

                    Various Favorite Southern Expressions:

                    From a woman in GA upon being surprised: “Well butter my ass and call me a bisket.”

                    From a Cajun (also surprised): “Well now, don’t that make the frog slap the bear”

                    From a Southern Law Man: “Girl’s got more problems than a Chinese Math Test.”

                    and, well, from a woman in Colorado who lived in LA (the state, not the city), upon seeing a rather dashing fellow. “He is hotter than the hinges of Hell.”

                    there are more of course, but those popped into my head.

              • rootietoot says:

                and there’s the multi-purpose “Bless your/his/her heart” It can be a cut down (oh look at those pants she’s wearing, bless her heart), sympathetic (your mama has cancer?, oh bless your heart can I make you a casserole?) or a gesture of gratitude (you baked me a pie? Oh Bless your heart!). It’s all in the inflection.

                • Xena says:

                  Lol. THAT’S what I love about southerners. One of my favourites is “It’s rainin’ harder than a cow pissin’ off a flat rock.”

                  That one came from a sailor I knew, from Virginia.

                  • Xena says:

                    Actually, now that I think of it, there are more cows and flat rocks in Texas than there are in Virginia. He lived there for awhile too. That might be where he picked up the expression.

                  • rootietoot says:

                    and there’s “flatter than a flitter” as in “that poor squirrel’s been run over so much it’s flatter…etc” My high school band director used it alot “tune your horn, it’s flatter than a flitter” She was from West Virgina, which isn’t *really* the South, but they try.

  10. Xena says:

    Did that Lord Sodomit weirdo just compare feminism to demonic possession? THAT is why I’m careful about that word redneck. He would be one of those redneck in a bad way types.

  11. Xena says:

    Yeah, I figured that out when I went back into your archives and started reading his other comments. A religious weirdo is a religious weirdo, no matter what side of the pond he’s on.

    Thank you both for the pointers on living and working down south. I will definitely be coming down next May-ish.

  12. sneeky bunny says:

    So glad you are back! As to yoga, oh hell yes it can be torture, if you do it right. 🙂

  13. Eli says:

    Now, last time I checked, Intelligence was not modified in any way by sexual orientation.

    Well, there IS this

    (from http://blog.okcupid.com/index.php/gay-sex-vs-straight-sex/)

  14. Xena says:

    Hey, it’s been almost a week since this post went up. How’s the yoga coming, Ren? Are you starting to get used to it yet?

  15. Lisa KS says:

    REN!!! I’m back to blogging, on my own blog now, not PAB, and I’m ALIIIIVE AGAIN. 🙂 Like, back on the internet and not hiding from the world. Just a sec now, I gotta scroll up and read what you’ve written–

  16. Lisa KS says:

    ooh okay, you HAVE to tell me what blog(s) you were reading…

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