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ha.  hahahahaahha.

I shall now take down the stupidest defense for rape….ever.

“The She’s A Slut Defense”

I need no unholy powers or devastating legal skills for this one.

Ahem. As a general rule, it is assumed that if one is a slut, they like sex  Possibly with lots of people.  However, lots of people may not include Mr.X.  So, if Mr.X has sex with Slut Y when she did NOTwant it with him- thats rape.  However, Mr.X and his lawyers will then drag Slut Y’s sexual history into it- the media too….but, in a world that was rational or sane, Slut Y’s sexual history would work in her favor….

What?  Quit giving me that look.  I’m RIGHT here…wanna know why?

Because if Slut Y is, you know, a slut, and all these numerous seedy and shocking trysts of hers can be shown in a court of law- its should be an huge indicator of something:  Slut Y is often, as they say (cough) on “the Jersey Shore”, “DTF”.  It means she has, of her own will and everything, had lots of sex.  Which MEANS, if she is accusing Mr. X of raping her…he probably did.  She’s prolly being dang serious, because it was NOT just another notch on the belt one night stand blah blah blah.  Slut Y, who is generally good with and has fun with the whole sex thing- and has a rep for it- is saying NO, It Wasn’t Like That, I was Not DTF (even if I usually am), there is something wrong here…because, yeah, I might say yes a lot- hell, my rep and all these other people say so- but to Mr. X?  I said NO.  I’ve said yes to Jim, and Mike, and George, and Artie, I’ve said yes to Jose, and Fred and Carl and Hank.  I’ve said yes to Dave and Stan and Mitch….but to Mr. X, I said no. 

An uncommon occurance. 

Slut Y’s m.o. and history of yes should work in her favor, because when Slut Y says no…well hell, there has got to be a reason, her no is (via witness statements!) not a common thing…so when she does say no???

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, consider that.

The Prosecution Rests….