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torture”….  (name that tune.)

So, I have been, lacking in my blogging other than fiction as of late, and the fiction is elsewhere.  It is good though!  Call that arrogance, I call it truth.  Be that as it may…

My last year plus has been HELL.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, you name it…i will rename it Hell  🙂    The physical most of y’all know about: burns, surgery, sciatica, poison oak, shots….and the not mentioned ulcer.  In short- pain, lots of pain.

Guess what?  That was the easy part.   I would do all that phsycial crap again, five times, compared to the other shit becaue between you, me and the internet…physical pain I can deal with- this other shit….

It’s all shiny new never been done before pain.  And I don’t like it.  And it has bled me fucking dry.  I used to LOVE blogging, I Used to have issues I madly cared about.  I used to…

Not feel like a dried out corpse in the Nevada desert.  I once said I yelled and ranted in public, but bled in private…well, been bleeding, and guess what?  All outta blood. I’ve been out there in the world trying to live, and dammmn, I have some, but ouch!

So Ren, what does all this mean?  Well, take a gander, we got a new look, a new theme, even a new quote.  I may still be the GER, but I care even LESS now about saying shit that will piss people off, because people?  That’s what they live for….