How Vlad & Sean Bean made that damn Nine Inch Nails song cool again…

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Awesome

Okay, as you may or may not know, I am a huge, huge fan of Sean Bean.  I ADORE Sean Bean.  Sean Bean is full of awesome.

I also, as you may or may not know, adore Nine Inch Nails…except for that song.  “Closer.”  I liked that song when it first came out, but then, sure enough, it became that song.  You cannot go into a nudie bar in America and not hear that song.  You cannot watch a movie that has a scene in a nudie bar without hearing that song.  You cannot go into a club, non-nudie, where that song is played and not have dudes acting like they are in a nudie bar and you are working in one.  I am so damn sick of that song.

However, that song has now been made cool again.  See, Vlad showed me the 2007 remake of “The Hitcher” (remember the old one with C.Tomas Howell and Rutger Hauer?)  In this new one, SEAN BEAN plays the scary one man roadkill crew role that Hauer played in the original, and he does it in his own way…and why yes, he managed to redeem that song for me. 

Observe (if you are not, oh, adverse to violent shit)

Thank you, Vlad & Sean Bean!

  1. dead_vladimir says:

    need a different clip, this one doesn’t embed

  2. Carson D Carson says:

    Now I guess I’ll have to watch the movie and scene will make sense… 😛

  3. Dawn says:

    Whew…just when I thought I was all alone in my hatred of THAT song. I love NIN and have seen them a lot, but that song was ruined.

  4. Texguy says:

    I like “Closer” in two contexts: The fan-music video someone made where it was evidently a song about the abusive relationship between Spock and Kirk (Spock was the abusive one, of course), and the jumpy jazzy version that Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine did.

  5. rootietoot says:

    sean bean is hawt. o yes he is.

  6. I always liked Closer and I never got sick of it. Then again, I was rarely in the venues where the song would be played all the damn time so I can understand how you got sick of it.

    Sean Bean’s hottness almost got ignored next to (for me) Viggo Mortensen in LotR. I can’t wait to see him in A Game of Thrones (did you see the trailer yet?). I watched “The Hitcher” and…. yeah, if I’d never seen Sean play sane and civil in other roles he may be occupying the same space as Christian Bale does for me: “daytime, public spaces ONLY friend”. First movie I saw Christian Bale in was American Psycho and it’s colored my opinion of him ever since. Not that he’s a bad actor or unattractive, not in the least, but he played sociopath a little too well for me.

    Sean can still play Rictor! He’s just a more “rugged and mature” 30. 🙂

    • rootietoot says:

      see that’s it. Rictor has been through alot and probably has that “rode hard” look.

    • Beste says:

      I am guessing the first movie you see an actor in. Can kind of affect the way you percieve that actor. The first Christian Bale movie I saw was “Empire of the Sun”, so I always end up thinking about his character from that film.

      • Texguy says:

        My first movie with Christian Bale in it was Newsies. So a part of me keeps expecting that Bateman guy to break into song about how he wants to be in New Mexico. And to be honest, by the time you get into the final act of American Psycho, having him break into song wouldn’t make the movie any weirder.

        Hmm.. Dark Knight… THE MUSICAL! The Joker in a highly sociopathic rendering of “Send In The Clowns!”

  7. antiprincess says:

    the first time I heard that song, I thought he was singing “I want to feel your furry insides…”

  8. DebSens says:

    hehe Closer is without a doubt the most overrated NIN song…..That scene from the Hitcher was made of win though…in fact it was one of the only two good things I liked in the film!

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