“It’s not my fault I’m better than you…”

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Assholes, Gaming

Darwina says “suck it up, you Spandex Wearin’ Hero Wussies!”

Ah yes, this is a game post.  And it is lovingly dedicated to all those who game with perhaps their real life friends and or significant others.  It is specifically dedicated to people who game with real life friends or significant others and well, also happen to be better at said game than those people, and thus, on occasion, have to put up with whining, envy, being taken advantage of, and generally…annoyed. 

Now, this is not to say that all of the Real Life people I game with are pains in the ass.  On the contrary, some of them are awesome.  Vlad, Shen, Rorschach, TR, his Lady, NinaKitty…all solid as hell.  We tend to rip some shit up, really.  All breakneck crazy Muhahahahahaa Madness, as villains OR heroes.  Others, however?  Not so much.  And the want to be a real dick to some of these folks and say “Fuck off” is soo, soo very tempting.  Why?  Because well, it is not that I am the best CoX player in the land by any stretch….but I am better than them.  There ARE reasons for this:

One, I am, well, hardcore.  I am not a “casual player”.  It was said unto me I am one of those CoX geeks whose WoW equivalent is the person who raids 8 hours a day, wastes noobs for kicks, tears through instances until they have it down to fine art, makes or gets into guilds that function like SEAL teams, macks out characters to sick and unattainable (to the casual player) levels, beats down guildies in PVP zones (often with a baseball bat) for failure to comply, and well…generally takes her gaming recreation very, very seriously.

Okay, so, guilty as charged.  And??? 

Well, these people I speak of are casual players.  They are-as it were- people who take out their BMW motorcycles  on Sunday drives to my Hells Angel.  And…they fuckin’ prefer to play…gah.. heroes.   And it is a simple fact of life:  Villains are Cooler than Heroes, or, at least, I far prefer to play villains.  There is no question here.  I play CoX, but I am a Red Side, bring on the villainy, lets waste some heroes kinda gal.

However, despite my apparent assholery, I do have reason for my grievances with these people, and I shall lay them down:

One:  Way back when I first started playing this game, all of these people wanted everyone to join their Super Groups (guilds), and sure enough, I would make a character and join, earn bank for said group, play, level, all that…yet when I made my own Groups…they did not join, regardless of how many times I said I would appreciate it if they did.  However, now that my Better than You Status is known, they want in.  My answer?  No.

Two:  For many, many moons, these people bitched about my slash and burn play style, and thus, I would see them all there, on line, in a team together, whilst I was slugging it out solo style and gee, I never got invited to those teams…until they hit an AV they could not kill- then they wanted my help.  And now that it has been seen that slash and burn is actually the more effective style of play–well gee, all of them are trying to get on teams with me.  I get these tells “Can my level 7 toon join your level 30 team?”  Answer:  No.  “Oh, are you over in the WarZone running to help folk level, can I come?”  It’s like- fuck you, you never wanted to team with me before unless you HAD to or needed me to kill something you couldn’t,  so why should I be nice NOW

Three:  These people USED to be the only people I had to play with, now, I have a whole crew of like-minded players and gee, we’re successful…and suddenly I- crazy playin’ pariah me- is supposed to include you people?  What?

Four:  Loot.  I have always been very nice about giving in game cash to people who needed it or good drops that I did not need to others…think that favor was EVER returned by any of these folk?  No.

Five:  Committment.  Okay, see, I am one of those people that if I say “Yes, I can be on for an ITF at 7 pm”, unless something BIG comes up, gee, I am on at 7pm for the ITF!   I cannot count the number of times these people have said “yes, we will be on” then crapped out. 

Six:  Vastly different play styles and a failure to follow a leader.  Ahem.  My style is better.  And dammit, if you make me leader of your team…fuckin’ listen.  Failure to do so is rampant and only ends in character death…and usually it ain’t my character.  Your bad, not mine.

Seven:  And my, my, my, this is a big one…GREED.  See, I am one of those folk that when someone says “Hey, Phreak (my IC global) we need a tank/brute/healer/damage dealer/ blah blah blah” if I have one…I get them.  Even if I would rather be playing someone else- I get what the TEAM needs.  These other people? NO.  Fuck what the team needs, fuck what is most useful or helpful to the group- It Is All About Them and What Toon They Want to Level.  Even if that toon is, essentially…USELESS.  Or if an entire night of gaming plans need to be shifted to accommodate their wants.  That pisses me right the fuck off.

And sure enough, I understand Real Life gets in the way of gaming- I have no problem with that….but do not freakin’ expect me to sit around while you fail to show week after week for petty shit (oh, my favorite TV show is On!- It’s called DVR, bitch!) and then still expect me to want to team with you when I am missing out on GOOD game time with better,  more considerate, more fun players.

And remember, its Not My Fault I am Better Than You-  I’ve put in the work to Be Better Than You- its that simple.   And sorry to say, after the shit I put up with outta some of these people for close to five years of gaming?  My coattails got a no room for rent sign on ’em.

Pfft…whiners AND heroes!

  1. Sheniver says:

    I am a casual player due to RL but when I can make it I do join in. Follow the leader & have a blast. I enjoy playing slash and burn when I can. But the next time I get newbie killed & it’s not by my own super group — I pity the fool…. ; )

  2. rootietoot says:

    All this time I thought Darwina was a redhead like Rictor….and I figured her for messier hair.

    • Ren says:

      her hair is red…and/or green. and that about as messy as one can make it on the game option. I see via the lighting on that shot she looks kinda blonde… but nah, not supposed to be.

  3. Okay, so I don’t play the specific game… but from someone who generally plays rather take-no-prisoners Magic and pisses people off somehow because she actually, y’know, plays to fucking win… hear hear.

  4. Dead_vladimir says:

    people are funny

    I mean they treat you like crap and then expect you to be their bitch?

  5. Mr.grim says:

    I think peoples view of self importance tends to cloud thier judgement on how they treat othrt people

    example:My show is on YOU dont understand. What do you mean ya dont want to help MY character.

    Selfish people suck …….fuck em

  6. Lisa KS says:

    I’m lucky–the only WoW players I play with that I also know in real life are my SO, who is near top of our server in Alliance ranged DPS, and my best friend from high school, who doesn’t like raiding (so when we play together it’s just a fun social thing and she is happy to accomodate my need to have fixed raid days and times where she knows I can’t quest with her, no whining, no fussing. But what else would you expect out of a woman who, upon the birth of her firstborn child two years ago, named him in part after Trent Reznor? 🙂 )

  7. Lisa KS says:

    ZOMG, I just have to say–my guild is trying to clear ICC 25 and we made our first attempts on the Blood Queen (10th boss of 12) this past week–what was my personal, overwhelming cause of mortality during our attempts? FRIENDLY FIRE. Over and over and over and–how hard it is to stay 8 yards from me? Or pass on your debuff after 60 seconds so you don’t end up mind controlled..? I mean COME ON!!!

  8. Lisa KS says:

    On the plus side, they finally made a boss for HEALERS. 😀 and I found myself dropping 100k crit heals during that fight. It was, like, transcendent. 😀 (Mr. E will no doubt translate this WoW geekspeak for you)

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