Holy Crap, this *might* even count as a…feminist-y (?) post?

Posted: May 26, 2010 in Awesome, Gaming, The Funny

Y’all are well aware that I like strong women characters, right?  Both good ones (ahem protagonists as it were) and bad ones (hell yeah antagonists)…well, see, I also play this game and…

Anyway, I made videos of both my heroic and villainous women characters, doing their thing…you know, strong woman kickin’ some tail, but, but, see even of one does not PLAY the game, in these there is something for everyone!

For Rootie- guns, a mysterious Old West Figure in Black Type, and well, explosions!

For Trinity- a very, very scary HERO with claws and cool armor, and a tiny little gal with short hair  in a black leather kicking the crap out of a bunch of dudes! Oh, and Mechs, did I mention Mechs?  And a woman with extra bladed cybernetic arms?

For Snowdrop- a reason why we are all sooo very happy the UK has very strict gun control laws!

And of course, for Lisa-  Aggro…lots and lots of Aggro.

and for people who have been keeping up with the Scary Southerners, well, two of them are in there…and you can TOTALLY tell where little sister Sammy got her moves from!

Plus, of course, all the music is by…women.

Heroes First!

And now, of course, the Villains  🙂


(is it just me though, or do some of my heroes look way scarier than the villains???)

  1. rootietoot says:

    Mess not with a woman in a black hat and a duster, for you will lose.

    Very cool 🙂

    • Ren says:

      i love the look of that character, did you note both the rifle and the revolver? Heheheheh. And I so want her outfit.

  2. Go get ’em Union Jacky! 😀

    I also really loved Sammy in it!

    (I spotted some swords as well – that’s another thing me likes muchly!)

    Also – added a new artist to my “want list” – what’s a good album to start with for Juliette Lewis?

    • Ren says:

      ah yes, Black Sunday is a dual blades tank…i will have to get some clips of a broad sword scrapper for you too…oh, wait….look for the gaming tag vid with heroes. maverick six and monomach…mono uses a sword (should be the game vid before this one).

      I think it is funny that Sammy and Darwina have the same moves, only Sammy has a Hammer, and Darwina has an axe (and is on FIRE).

      And I love Union Jacky, she is one of my two Brit-Centric toons, the other is..er…London Burns. (also a villain).

      As for Lewis..shes and actress by trade, that song is off a soundtrack she did, so, while I know she has SOME songs out there, no album I know of…

      but hummm, you like her sound, interesting…..

  3. ginmar says:

    Hey! What about me? 🙂

  4. jill brenneman says:

    I kind of see you as Renee Walker on 24

  5. jill brenneman says:

    Fair Enough, I’ll Be Renee

  6. Lisa KS says:

    You are so awesome. 😀

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