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Posted: May 19, 2010 in Humans, Uncategorized

In that “special” kind of way how things have changed since the move from the old joint.  It’s interesting to see who actually got a kick out of reading my blog because of me and who read it because I was the point and shoot thunder and retribution.  Funny to see who stuck around when I mellowed out and showed the full monty Ren: Angry Comedian/Twisted Sense of Humor/Hick actual person who goes on vacations and likes fiction and art and video games and beer and lest we forget, guns, football and cars as opposed to the Smiting Sex Working Horsewoman of the Apocalypse.  I mean shit y’all, I may be a villain, but I ain’t one out of a comic book. 

To those of you whom this does not apply to…first round is on me.

  1. hexy says:


  2. Kai says:

    Oh no-yours is on *me*, if only because I think you made an awesome Watchmen reference! *cheers*

  3. rootietoot says:

    *recognizes a human bean when she sees one*

  4. Oh, if there’s any doubt, I’m still here…. just don’t comment or even post to blogs/LJs/whatevers as often as I once did.

    And I loved your Ocean City post. When I was a kid, family vacations to the beach were the thing I loved most in the world, and that’s where we went. I actually was kind of hurt/horrified when I grew up to realize that my family kind of had a hate-on for the skeevy and cripsy-crackery side of it all. I mean I was too young to party hearty and probably wouldn’t have anyway… but part of what I loved was the sense of illicit fun of a lot of it.

  5. dead_vladimir says:

    what abotu those of us who weren;t allowed to read te first blog?

  6. Amber Rhea says:

    Adding to the clinky…

  7. Gaina says:

    Ah, by the ‘old joint’ you mean the former blog and not Florida, right my brain caught up. Haha.

    Yes, it sucks when people make an assumption that you only consist of the one dimension that makes you most noticeable instead of the multifaceted complex people that all humans really are.

    I am slowing reading bits of your latest blog, when my brain is quiet and not full of school so if I don’t comment please don’t take that as disinterest – I’m just knackered! Haha.

    Mine’s a San Miguel, cheers! ;-).

  8. Erik says:

    Make mine a Ramos Fizz, here in New Orleans. I never patronized the “old joint,” but I certainly enjoy the new one. And I see nothing villainous about the proprietress, other than possibly that Jack Daniels ballcap. If there is ever a Ren makeover, perhaps it could be exchanged for Woodford Reserve or Knob Creek.

  9. Erik says:

    Jack is acceptable. I suggest drinking that Booker’s, though, with a splash of water or an ice cube. Connoisseurs will tell you it opens up the flavor. I say only that it makes it easier to drink.

  10. Roy Kay says:

    Personally, I preferred the “archaic” joint. The “old” joint was hugely constructive as journalism in many ways, but it could not help but wear you out. Much as I appreciated your industry, burn out seemed inevitable. This is much better for your health and good spirits – and I would rather you had that than “died in the track”.

  11. Outis says:

    I am here as well. I do love the path you have taken.

    Your OC post was wonderful.

  12. Mine is a Long Island Iced Tea. *clinky*

    It’s good to do a little pruning of the garden at times.

  13. *clink*

    (if you’re buying, I’ll have a good single malt Scotch – maybe a Glenfiddich)

  14. Just reefer for me thanks… I know you have biker friends, so ante up! 😀

    I have a much better sense of who you are on this blog, but the Sex Worker Apocalypse was just so much fun!

  15. ernest Greene says:

    I’ll buy a round. Make mine a Castle Knappogue.

  16. octogalore says:

    LIke Trin, I’m less frequently blogging these days generally. But still here! I really enjoy the range of topics and agree, life’s too short to continue to fight certain battles with certain combatants.

  17. Lisa KS says:

    I’m holding you to that first round thing. 🙂

  18. Danny says:

    I’ve been lurking around since before you moved here and just hadn’t had much to say and since I don’t post at my own place too terribly often its not like I would have a lot ot say here.

    But if you’re offering to buy a round what do recommend in the way of rum?

    • Erik says:

      Depends on the use you have in mind. For making Dark and Stormys, Gosling’s Black Seal is a must. Myers is standard with Coke, but actually lots of rums do nicely, depending on your taste. Mount Gay Sugarcane is a reliable light rum, and they also make a nice white rum, Special Reserve. Then there are all sorts of specialty rums, including Cruzan Single Barrel, Neisson, and Pyrat. I say try Rhum Barbancourt, from Haiti: it needs the income. Unlike most rums, Barbancourt is made directly from fresh sugar cane juice rather than molasses. Any of the above combine nicely with sodomy and the lash, if you are provisioning a Royal Navy vessel – or listening to the Pogues album.

  19. antiprincess says:

    I can’t quit you, baby.

    I can have, like, half a beer between now and sometime in september, so I gotta make it count. I’d like a snooty local microbrew, please.

    but I do so love the Dark & Stormy.

  20. Catseye says:

    Yep, I’m still here, too! (Drinking Johnny Walker Red Label and mixing brandy with club soda when that runs out!)

  21. sneeky bunny says:

    Count me in the Jack camp. I don’t think I ever commented back at your old place, and while I loved the blood and thunder I enjoy reading your writing what ever the topic.

  22. DebSens says:

    I am still here too! Just can’t think of anything that clever or interesting to say on your latest posts! BTW who do you think is a more provoking charactor in Watchmen, Rorshach or the Comidian…”I am a little torn on the two.

  23. ginmar says:

    Fuck, I thought I said something. Just…no absinthe, babe, okay? I think I still have that hangover.

  24. Tom Nolan says:

    Ren, hearing you pointedly remark that you get fewer viewers and commenters now you’ve bowed out of the feminist sex-wars is like hearing Clark Kent getting all arch and huffy because he pulls a smaller crowd than Superman did when he was battling against Darkseid.

    You opted for the quiet life, didn’t you? – so enjoy your small but faithful retinue of camp followers, and remember to favour them when you emerge, fully armed and breathing fire, from your retirement. Which you definitely will.

  25. joankelly6000 says:

    I didn’t read it as being all arch and huffy. I read it as pointedly making note of the fact that some people are duplicitious and self-serving. Which, considering it seems like indeed that’s been Ren’s experience, is a legitimate thing to mildly mock.

    Also, what’s with dudes thinking they have a right to come in and scold some lady and tell her how to feel, and to whom she owes any fucking thing at all, such as “favour,” simply for reading her blog? That was a fucking irritating comment, Tom Nolan.

  26. Tom Nolan says:

    Joan, are you visiting from another blog – a blog where it’s always open season on ‘dudes’?

    I didn’t write the comment in the spirit you’re reading it, and your irritation is unjustified.

  27. joankelly6000 says:

    I don’t know if I’m visiting from another blog or just from the internet in general? I know Ren and I read here, but I also have a blog, so… Did you just mean to ask me if I hate men? If so, the answer is no. I do get crabby when men seem pompous and condescending, though. And sometimes I pop off about it in places where it’s not even technically my business, like in this thread. Maybe you didn’t realize you sounded condescending, in which case I can understand why you think my irritation is unjustified. Personally I think if anything, it’s my being mean to you about it that was possibly unjustified, but not the feeling of irritation itself. But that’s just me.

  28. Tom Nolan says:

    OK, Joan, at the risk of seeming condescending, here’s what I think you should know.

    (1) I admire Ren. That comparison with Superman battling against Darkseid should have made it clear how impressive she is in my eyes.

    (2) I was trying to point out, in a light-hearted but pointed way corresponding to the tone in which the post itself was written, that the crowds are bound to disperse when the main event comes to an end. Posts about video games and such are fine, but they’re a dime a dozen on the internet, and they cannot compete in terms of dramatic interest with Ren’s one-woman war against the forces of darkness/stupidity.

    (3) The bit about ‘camp followers’ had nothing to do with ‘dudes’ at all – I just meant that the commenters who stuck with Ren during this period of eclipse (not me: that was my first comment here in years) were probably the ones worth encouraging.

    (4) It’s unlikely that Ren gives a fourpenny fuck about my comment (and Ithere’s no reason to suppose that she has even read it). She’s many things, but not thin skinned.


  29. joankelly6000 says:

    I didn’t think that was condescending. So in response:

    1) It sounded to me like you were equating Ren’s acknowledgment of some jerky people with sulking about not getting enough attention, that’s what irritated me. The words “arch and huffy” is what made it feel like you were misconstruing the post to be about huffiness.

    2) I get your point about mellower blog posts necessarily eliciting mellower responses, though I don’t really feel like this blog is all rainbows and sunshine. I still feel like she lets people have it if/when she feels it’s warranted, and talks about volatile things.

    3) I didn’t think the “camp followers” thing was in reference to “dudes.” I was responding to you asking if I came from a blog where it’s open season on dudes all the time, I thought you were asking me did I come from a man-hatin’ perspective, that’s all.

    4) Agreed. Which is what I meant about this being technically none of my business, on top of it probably being mean for me to snap at you.

  30. Tom Nolan says:

    Peace, Joan.

  31. Ren says:


    What brought about this post was people who USED to comment on the old blog and rarely commented here -even when in situations where, oh, allies would normally do so, like, oh, when one is having their NECK CUT OPEN- suddenly popped back up to scold me for ….defending Southerners.

    Which, whilst born in Colorado…well, I’ve been in the south for 24 years or so….and colorado? Pretty red-necky in its own right.

    That was was brought about the post.

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