Ahhh Yeah…That’s RIGHT!!!!

Posted: May 3, 2010 in Awesome
  1. rootietoot says:

    (shakes head) tsk tsk. you prolly drink straight from the carton, too.

    • Ren says:

      only orange juice that is ALLLLL MINE.

      I also:
      Fail to wash my hair
      Stare at Jeffery Dean Morgan and think very impure thoughts
      and love THAT SONG.

      • dead_vladimir says:

        Jeffrey Dean Morgan. How can an ordinary mortal man ever match upo to those mutton chops?

      • rootietoot says:

        *girlish sigh* Jefferrrrryyyyy Deeeeean Morrrrrgan. eeeeeeeeee….
        I tried to fail washing my hair and only made it 3 days. That whole Kid Rock look didn’t work and elicited commentary from the Patriarchy.

  2. Carson D Carson says:

    The one thing I want to know was what he was going to do when he got to Texas…

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