Today is…

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

not only Brother Evolution’s b-day (the big 42!~  He and his lady are goin’ to a concert, and the card I sent him was freakin’ hysterical), but ah yes, it was also…

Drumroll please-

First Post Surgery Needles in the Neck Day!  Do I know how to celebrate or what?!  No Painkiller style!

Guess what…it did not hurt.  At all really.  Mayhaps be that having scars which now have scars means there is really not much feeling left there at all, or I am one of the toughest chicks on the planet.  Prolly number one.  I did bleed pretty good thou…and let me tell you- tis too damn hot to be wearing bandages.

And fortunately, this whole thing is requiring less needles than last time.  Nine shots, as opposed to, oh, the double digit amount this shit was requiring before.  I go back next month for round too…

At this rate, I figure the whole ordeal might be over by the time I am celebrating my 42nd birthday…

  1. ginmar says:


    It’s hot? You suck. Want some crappy dark yet not really rainy weather?

  2. Roy Kay says:

    Just glad this is abating for you.

    And glad you and your brother are good at supporting each other and making yourselve happy.

  3. dead_vladimir says:

    hehh your day was mor e exciting then mine

    just watched some supernatural

  4. Stone Fox says:

    so what do the needles do? are they giving you something (like botox) to break up the scar tissue?

  5. octogalore says:

    Glad the ordeal at least is not as painful at this point.

    And happy birthday to Bro! 42’s a great age (I wouldn’t know b/c I’m only 39 and about 40 months, but that’s what they tell me…)

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