Case In Point…

Posted: April 19, 2010 in "Those People"

so, I am up looking at blogs this morning and I see this over at Ginmar’s… do look at the linked picture.

Okay, not at all a fan of truck art.  I never would have figured out that the plate stands for anything, and I do in fact bet the owner of said truck  (assumed to be male- as a person who lives in VA, it is ENTIRELY possible that truck, art and all, belongs to a woman…trust me on this one…Large Ford Motor Vehicles are popular with Both Men and Women here in Va, as is the NRA, Nationalism, and all things Red State…) is prolly a world class douche bag.

And I like Gin, but yeah….having a “those people” moment again.  The comments on the original post with the photo irked me something fierce.  True enough, crackers like the truck owning cracker make all crackers look bad.  But FFS, is it all that, ahem, classy and er, NON-CLASSIST for anyone to make assumptions about other peoples (yes, even that cracker’s) education level, beverage preferences, prison record, status of his love life, economic situation, disability or lack there of, gun ownership….so on, so forth, ad infinitum, amen?  Oh, and the FUCKER FROM NY on that comment thread who went OFF on how anyone in VA can’t possibly know anyone who died on 9-11 is FORMALLY INVITED to SUCK MY STRAP ON IN HELL!  One, there are people in the state of VA who lost people in the twin towers.  TWO, where the FUCK do these ASSHATS think the PENTAGON is???  Clue here…ARLINGTON VA.  Oh yeah, the Pentagon…remember???  Jesus F’ing Christ!

Calm down  Ren, deep breath…

Ahem.  In any event, I find the owner of said trucks wholesale condemnation of Islam, and assumed by extension, his hatred of all people who follow Islam…irrational.  Unsavory.  It bothers me.  I ALSO find the reactions to and assumptions about, oh, People Who Live in Va, or the South In General, or who might be rather cracker-esque themselves EQUALLY irrational and unsavory. 

People who bitch and fucking moan about other people’s intolerance should not be such fucking bigots themselves, thanks.  Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go drink beer and polish guns, maybe watch some NASCAR or something….


  1. dead_Vladimir says:

    i’ve actually seen that truck driving around

    I find the picture a bit personally disturbing and indeed upsetting
    and i would venture a guess I doubt the driver lost anyone. In fact my first response at seeing it, after the queasiness, was extreme anger at the driver
    it seems to me too raw for someone who lost someone directly
    but then again maybe their anger manifests differently than mine

    on the other hand i think his statement is a direct response to all the politcially correct humanistic moral relativism
    to the blatant pile of bullshit we are all fed on this subject.
    Plus I wonder how many of these people expressing outrage have that connection I do
    If they don’t your fake outrage is just as bad as this picture

    as for all the south bashing; as a northerner, to all my fellow northerners. Fuck you,
    you’re all just as bad in your ways. How many of you have laughed at family guy’s portrayals of the Irish you racist bastards.
    These rank assumptions about someone based off a picture; you bunch of sallow close minded bigots. The worst part is, you can’t even hear the same clsoe mindedness in the filth you spew out of your mouth you accuse others off.

    • Roy Kay says:

      Uh, technically laughing at Irish isn’t racist. It’s generally one group of nordic-germanic-celtic mixes laughing at another. What with raids, invasions, occupations, settlements you couldn’t find a “pure” anything in there if your life depended on it.

      • dead_vladimir says:

        i disagree completely. Mockign any culture’s stereotype is racism.

        • Roy Kay says:


          It maybe “culturism”, ethnicism, maybe “religionism”, or any other kind of “-ism”, but race is a hard enough quantity to identify, even between the far flung reaches of continents. Race appears to be more social construct that genetic construct anyway. Let’s not go minting races that are even more spurious than we have simply because “racism” is such a high value epithet.

          • Ren says:

            Don’t be an ass, in a general way people thing sense of the word, Vlad is right on this one. Make up all the new isms you want, but risk being accused of splitting one too many hairs.

  2. ginmar says:

    Dude…he’s got a Confederate flag in his back window, he’s got White Supremacist code phrases in his license plate, and then of course there’s the ‘art’ itsefl—-billions of people are terrorists, don’tcha know.

    I’d say he’s getting a taste of his own back, and I’m not going to waste any sleep over whatever shit he gets. He’s parked in a handicapped spot without a plate, too. Classy all around.

    Not that rich educated people aren’t assholes, but this guy’s belligerance about it doesn’t bode well. He doesn’t have anything to lose or else he’d be more subtle. I’d bet money on it. HE’s also counting on support from the public.

    • Ren says:


      As I said, truck owner is the type of cracker who makes the rest of us crackers look bad….I mean the truck itself is a rolling effigy of all things Scary and Southern.

      But the Gawker comments pissed me off BIG TIME. There has been a whole lot of “bash on ALL southerners and white trash” going on lately…this annoys me as much as the truck.

    • Roy Kay says:

      Pic has apparently been removed now.

      As I recall Ginmar, aren’t you a cop? I probably have next to nothing in common with they guy, but isn’t it an abuse of office to use license records to check for personal histories, like prison records, divorces and the like?

      • Ren says:

        She is not a cop. So you recall incorrectly.

        • Roy Kay says:


          I thought I read that in the blog review comparing you and Ginmar as “tools of the patriarchy”. Some mention, I think, was made of Ginmar in Iraq and I thought it was as an MP.

          Alas, I couldn’t find the link, at least through a Google search of +ginmar+ren+ev+patriarchy which gave me 30 listings, so I can’t even find what I misinterpreted.

          This does raise the question of how she knows about this guy’s prison record and divorces, though.

          • Ren says:

            I beleive, oh curious one, she is making an ASSUMPTION informed by other factors of his personality. No where in her post did she say “This is fact”.

            Read more carefully.

      • ginmar says:

        Boy, are you off. No, I”m not a cop. Looks like you’re really eager to do that which you’re so sensitive about.

        You know, people are being pretty damned disingenuous if they think it’s about a truck. It could be a fuckin’ Toyota. The thing’s a rolling billboard for hatred. That’s not defensible at all.

  3. ginmar says:

    Oh, yeah, and NEVER read Gawker comments. Just….don’t. They’re a bunch of sexist, edgey, twentysomething dewdz who are about as liberal as they need to be to get laid. That’s it. Drill sergaents are les sexist than them; Gawker commenters reguarly use ‘female’ and various values of it as shorthand for numerous character flaws.

  4. rootietoot says:

    There’s similar trucks (tho not as professionally done, graphically speaking) and my gun-totin’- NRA- pretty- much- as- conservative- as-it- gets self groans and rolls eyes at them, thinking “thanks dude, for making the rest of us hicks look bad.” These are the same assholes who get pissed about taking the stars-and-bars off the Georgia flag and threaten mixed-race couples. Puhleeeze. We lost the war, time to get over it and move on. Socially speaking, they’re on the bottom of the pile here in the South, and tend to only have influence with each other. Terry won’t even hire them. For nasty textile mill work. That’s saying something.

    • dead_Vladimir says:

      ehhh it seems wrong to not hire someone because of the lag on thier truck…
      like it or hate it; the confedracy is part of an ameircn legac; and ugly one, and unlike the governor of virginia thinks, that always needs slavery mentioned when it is mentioned, but people have roots and idenity there. To me it amounts ot not hiring a black person because they like Kayne West.
      It’s America, part of the problem with freedom, is well people are free to be idiots.

      I really want to smack the driver because I just know he didn’t lose someone, and to me, that’s the offense. that picture.

      But all the internet loathing that riled up; well those people are just as ugly you know?

      • rootietoot says:

        It’s more the combination of issues that go with a person who would have something like that on their truck. It’s never an isolated symptom. So let’s say he doesn’t refuse to hire someone for that reason alone, but the racism attached. There’s too diverse a workforce where Terry’s at, and racism is something that simply can’t be allowed to fester there. Therefore he avoids hiring people carrying overt symbols of it.

  5. Amber Rhea says:

    Co-fucking-signed, Ren. I will never understand the cognitive dissonance necessary for the level of hypocrisy so frequently exhibited in situations like this.

  6. I can’t quite understand how people can miss that the way these stories are used matches so closely the theory and experience of “othering” for other groups. This is not saying that US Southerners are an oppressed or disadvantaged group/minority, because I think all things considered that’s not generally true. But the structures are very much the same, and for a sizeable minority of Southerners it does add up to an intersectional oppression (that is, classism + Southernerism is likely to be a bigger problem than classism on its own, no?) Of course, this needs to come with a disclaimer/caveat that I’m observing this at some considerable remove from any of the lived experiences involved here!

    And perpetuating “othering” like this has to be counterproductive for a liberal/left-wing agenda.

    • rootietoot says:

      As a Southerner, it has been my experience that as a collective we are one of the last acceptable targets for ‘othering’. My attitude is to tell people to go on thinking like that, so they won’t want to move here. We tend to be religious (Christian at that, also an acceptable target), politically conservative (ditto) and polite (generally speaking of course. We all have our moments), so we are not inclined to punch someone in the face or threaten their lives if they are rude or insensitive. No, we’re not oppressed but we are made fun of, and that gets a little old sometimes.

      • Ren says:

        and oddly enough, there are various types of southern stereotypes, sometimes connected with region, some times not…the somewhat slow but good hearted South West Cowboy, the Southern Belle, The Southern Gentleman- all three of which hold some Charm, then there are the hicks, rednecks, white trash so on stereotypes, complete with assumptions about everything from inbreeding to assumed racism to everything else- and they seem to be popularly thrown at ALL of the south, but more often at Alabama, West Va, Georgia…and it seems moreso now…the Carolinas, Va & North Fl.

        However, these lesser charming stereotypes are not just for the South anymore it seems- I’ve seen them thrown at people from Pennsylvania and Ohio, as well as MOST of the Pac. North West and Non-Cali west (CO,WY,NV,NE, so on)

        • dead_vladimir says:

          why is hick sucha bad stereo type? remember city slicker is not a compliemnt either…
          the problem here is everyone claims to be open and toelrant and they are not, they are only of people who see the world the way they do

          and the mdi west, the north east, we have our fair share of hicks..ever been to tuxedo NY?

          • rootietoot says:

            Does “hick” apply to anyone who’s not from some cosmopolitan or Upscale sort of place? That idea kind of damns most of the country. Terry and I visited Manhattan for a week several years ago, and it was wonderful, but I was astonished by the behaviors that passed as “cosmopolitan” and “urbane”. they struck me as crass and kind of…mean. I suppose if that makes me a hick I’ll own it the label. The nicest peope I’ve ever met on our travels through the US were in Missouri. Flyover country, hicksville, boring casserole territory. Fine then. Call me a hick if it means I’m not like those people who fancy themselves Not Hicks.

    • ginmar says:

      So racism of this sort and all-encompassing thoroughness and belligerance is….what, a widdle character trait?

  7. TrinityVA says:

    I’m with ya in general, Ren.

    This fuckstain, however, has… those numbers (not going to type it out for fear of some shit Googling and thinking I’m one of his kind) on his truck.

    So yeah the bigotry against rednecks/”white trash”/etc.? Disgusting.

    Specific hatred for this guy? Warranted fully.

    • rootietoot says:

      I am clueless as to what the numbers mean.

      • TrinityVA says:

        from here


        This numeral represents the phrase “14 words,” the number of words in an expression that has become the battle cry and rallying slogan for the white supremacist movement: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” This expression was coined by white supremacist David Lane while in prison serving essentially a life sentence for his role in The Order, a 1980s white supremacist terrorist group that conducted armed robberies, bombings, and assassinations. Lane died in prison in 2007.

        The eighth letter of the alphabet is “H.” Eight two times signifies “HH, ” shorthand for the Nazi greeting, “Heil Hitler.” 88 is often found on hate group flyers, in both the greetings and closing comments of letters written by neo-Nazis, and in e-mail addresses.

        14/88 together, written like that, is also a symbol:

        Often, the two numbers are used in conjunction to indicate a belief both in the ideology of National Socialism and the validity of the “14 words.” This symbol can often be found at the close of a letter.

      • dead_vladimir says:

        some white supremacists use 88 to signify heil hitler since H is the 8 th letter of the alphabet, I have no clue what the 14v means

        • rootietoot says:

          ew. one of Those…ew.ew.ew.

        • I never even would have guessed that was a custom plate. It looks no different from the usual random mixtures I see on plates. Guess if I lived in VA I’d be able to tell the difference, but still. It doesn’t look like it’s -supposed- to mean anything.

          … It kind of bugs me that people have managed to somehow co-opt such simple things as two digit numbers to some specific ideology. (Supposedly 14 has some sort of white supremacist connotation too. I don’t get it.)

          • ginmar says:

            It says on the bottom, “Son of Confederate Veterans.” So, yeah, that might be a clue right there.

            And you can google if you have any interest in finding shit outl. For example, the fourteen words are:

            “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

      • El Squidge says:

        I believe 88 refers to an 88 word passage in Mein Kampf that has to do with race mixing and 14 is a reference to a 14 word slogan from a more recent racist on the same subject, but I’ve heard several different 14 word sentences quoted for that and I don’t know which one is the correct 14 words.

  8. TrinityVA says:

    also how is that guy even able to get a plate that says that? ew.

  9. rootietoot says:

    oh and another thing? Real Men Drive Chevys. Ford are totally for wannabes.

  10. Ernest Greene says:

    With Trinity on this. Use of this kind of image as an icon to stereotype everyone who might look like an extra from Deliverance? Unacceptable. Push-back against open displays of racism and anti-semitism? An eternal necessity.

    I have a dog of my own in this fight, let’s not forget. And my dog bites hard. Half of 88 is 44, as in 44 magnum. That’s the number on the welcome mat I lay out for anyone who comes around tossing bouquets to Hitler’s memory.

    By no means is everyone in the neighborhood of that vehicle a racist, but clearly the owner of the vehicle is, and the kind I like the least – loud, proud and doubtless well-armed, if too drunk most of the time to shoot straight.

  11. ginmar says:

    Ya know, if you guys are getting wound up because of the truck, frankly, that’s idiotic. I’m kind of sick of saying this: he’s a white supremacist who hates 1 1/2 billion Muslims, worships Hitler, wants to elevate white people to power just because they’re white, and he’s proud of trying to tear a country apart—on behalf of enslaving black people.

    It’s not about the truck. And frankly the Gawker comments are not the point. This guy’s a shitstain. If you defend him, that’s what you’re defending. He’s not getting beaten, he’s getting reamed out for being a racist hateful shitstain. If you want to claim him, have at it.

    • Ren says:

      I don’t think anyone here is claiming this ass, we’re more ranting on about how dudes like this are an embarassement and cracker leaning folk do not like being judged by he and his ilk…which happens.

    • rootietoot says:

      how does asking questions about numerology or making a tongue in cheek comment about his truck equate with defending him?

      • ginmar says:

        Weren ‘t you the one over on my blog who tried to whine that Xtians deserved protection from accusations, too? Or some such shit. Because I sure as fuck didn’t say that. And my bitchy ass troll traces right back to your blog.

  12. Ernest Greene says:

    I appreciate the complexities of this matter. It isn’t about the truck, or even the guy who owns it. I think we’re all pretty much on the same page there. It’s about the destructiveness of stereotypes based on single examples. That guy isn’t typical of anything but guys like him, who comprise a tiny percentage of his whole class.

    I come from the place that probably grows the most lethal strain of the virus with which this individual is clearly infected. We’ve got some bad-ass racists out there. Denver was, after all, run by the Klan for nearly twenty years at the beginning of the last century.

    But let’s not forget who chased the Klan out of there and passed the nation’s first fair housing law. That was the work of people who, by looking at them, you wouldn’t recognize as different from evil men they sent packing. In neighboring Kansas, they started their own civil war over slavery before the rest of the country got around to it.

    Until you’ve heard the kind of heated arguments between guys in trucker hats over politics that I have, you don’t know how much they, just like us, are not a monolith.

    Again, I make it clear. I think this individual vile and despicable. But I don’t think every driver at the truck stop who happens to be parked someplace near him deserves to be tarred with the same brush.

    • rootietoot says:

      oh but it’s so much easier to assume everyone who might look like a racist cracker really is one. Far easeir than actually trying to get to know them as individuals with their own opinions. Granted the dude (interesting how we’ve all assumed the owner’s a man) made his/her viewpoint abundantly clear on his/her truck. What I find interesting is how an individual makes an assertion and is suddenly painted with the same brush that truck owner is. Mayhap I should assume all Iraqi war veterans are angry, vituperrious and prone to snap judgements.

      • ginmar says:

        GEe, I think I just located my troll. Boy, you’re a piece of work, defending this asshole.

        Nobody’s assuming anything about people WHO DRIVE TRUCKS.

  13. ginmar says:

    You just can’t or won’t read. But if I see guys with all that hate on their fucking vehicle? YOU’RE GODDAMNED RIGHT I’M GOING TO HAVE AN OPINION.

    Christ, that’s sickening that you’re trying to minimize this asshole’s hatred.

  14. Ren says:


    At this point ,there is a lot of damn hate in my comment section! People don’t even seem to be bothering to read what others are saying and a lot is being missed or taken the wrong way…

    Now, I don’t normally play Sam Colt, but today I am “Keepin’ the Peace.”

    This comment thread is now Closed.