“What is it with you and that guy?”

Posted: April 12, 2010 in Gaming, Personal, The Hardline According to Ren

Well, I guess the first thing to say would be that guy?  He isn’t real.  I made him up.  He’s a character I play in City of Villains  (which normally I would be preparing to play CoV here shortly, but I feel bleh and actually plan to be sleeping in about a half an hour or so), and after playing him in CoV, he became also one of several characters in a long, ongoing series of stories I am writing. 

His name is Rictor.   He’s one of my most favorite characters to play, prolly my favorite villain.  I have (utter geek out moment) dumped over 400 million infamy (game money) on him, macking him out, will probably dump at least that once again over on him continuing to do so, when we are running high level villains and something else is not needed, I play him.    And I like writing about him and his lunatic dysfunctional family as much as I like playing him…

And make no mistake, he is a bad, bad man.  Most horrible things a person can do- he’s been there, done that.  Most bad qualities you can think about a person- specifically a man person having- he has ’em.  Dude is a hard-drinking, drug abusing, violence loving, hateful,  mean, mean, mean junk yard dog of a person.   And when I play him, nah, it is not all about watching an animated ass I prefer over others.

For me, playing and writing about a dude like Rictor is…cathartic.  It is a massive much-needed release for angst and anger and hatred and just seriously sinister and sadistic shit that lurks around builds up in my head.  It’s a much-needed outlet.  ‘Liking’ a character like Rictor is out of the question, but I love the hell out of that dude…prolly wouldn’t want to date him, but yeah.  And sure enough, sometimes I get and understand him a whole lot more than…well…would make people comfortable.

People need outlets, I am a big believer in that…and mine currently is a 6’2″ speed freak asshole from Arkansas, and thus far, the rotten S.O.B.  has never done me wrong.

  1. rootietoot says:

    Awe, he just needs someone to understand him. *errr…

  2. Ian says:

    Hardline femniists possibly feel the need to fantasize that all-powerful dominant male rapist fantasy outlet too. Bu they take it for how the [traditional] ‘real men’ they want to be ‘ought’ to be, and men who are not and more considerate, as traditionally put down as gentle men always have been.

    • dead_vladimir says:


    • Ren says:



      er….Rictor isn’t fun/creepy because he’s all powerful or dominant…in fact, he isn’t either of those things, and its not that he hates women- he hates EVERYONE. The top dog(s) in his crew of people are his older brother and sister…so nope, not the “alpha dude”, and not the sorta person most people would ever REALLY want to be like.


      Assuming hardline feminists “want” to be all dominant rapist dudes is just stupid. Assuming they want to be MEN at all is stupid. Sure enough, I have my issues with many-a-hardline feminist….but no way it is anything like, or as simple, as you want to make it.

  3. dead_vladimir says:

    I know how you feel. Rip works the same way for me. The non stop mouth of threats, and jsut beign able to kill. No finesse, nothign other than the love of tossing oneself into a hectic melee of carnage and going wild. The abilty ot play a toon who is just pure hate. Depth reasosn are there, but it really boils down to just expressing hate and anger in a primal unfettered joyous way, well in the real world i can only do on the basketball court ;p

  4. In some ways, this sounds very familiar to me, and in other ways very strange. Because I’ve got a character I sometimes relate to like that, except… well, she -is- a nice person. It’s just that when she unleashes her annihilation of love, it’s a whole -lot- of annihilation.

    Maybe the stuff I need to release is just simpler? That, or I just can’t come up with actual villain concepts.

    • Ren says:

      and I have a horrible time with heroes…most of my heroes are pretty cracked in their own ways, actually. My main hero, while a hero, is a spooky uber patriot type- a pure out nationalist really.

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