“C.O., take me back to my cell!”

Posted: April 12, 2010 in Sex, Sexism, Uncategorized, WTF???

when it comes to vetting and understanding whats being expected of women, and ensuring that things are fairly applied and interpreted when it comes to *us* we have…radical feminists.  yeah, all 19 of us, taking on the same responsibilities and taking it just as seriously as a multi-billion dollar, international industry…and we are doing it, largely, with no money, and no time.  and most of the laws pertaining to us are unwritten, to boot.  (something men would never stand for by the way.  if its not written down, they dont have to do it.  simple as that).

and interestingly, our “clients” (other women) rarely appreciate our services, at all.  almost all of them fight radical feminists every fucking step of the way.  then when they have what they want, and are enjoying the fruits of our (and our mothers and grandmothers) labor, they call radical feminists fucking cunts and thank the men for “evolving.”  the lack of appreciation happens in civil and criminal defense too, but at least most lawyers dont have their clients trying to claw their way BACK INTO prison.  and most of them arent ”consensually” fucking the guards (or very deeply in love with them).

Okay, admittedly, amid the ranting and typically stupid BS of that there linked post, the woman has a point- there is/can be a lot more to sex than a penis in a vagina.  Hell, there are all kinds of things one can do other than piv sex, there are plenty of women who do not particularly like piv sex and enjoy other things a lot more, there are women who do not have piv sex at all, you name it, when it comes to sex, there is a lot more out there than piv.  Sure enough.  No arguments here, even as a gal who likes piv sex, I sure as hell know there are all different and other kinds of things out there in the great realm of sex that do not include piv. Word.  And I am pretty sure there are a whole ton of other women- even those horribly sexually available “fun” ones who know this as well.  Rock on.

But  ::glances at quoted section:: come on, you KNOW I could not resist snarking at that shit now, right?  I mean, it practically BEGS to be snarked upon.  For one, does this woman think she is the dang Clarence Darrow of woman-kind (total, all of them)?  Our great and shining liberator and advocate?  Does this meat sack, who deigns to tell women what kind of sex they can and cannot, should or should not have, tell them when they are raped and when they are not, if they can or cannot be raped, when they have choices and when they do not, how sexually available they are (or are not) to all men, or hey, if they are women or are not- blah blah blah blah blah amen honestly think that we should…oh, be fucking appreciative???

For real?  We should be lining up to say “Gee, thanks you fucking asshole for being a fucking asshole?”  One, that is what I get thanked for, and two…

Really?  Are you freakin’ nuts?  And I ask that as a person with some seriously odd wiring myself!  I mean the freakin’ arrogance is stunning to me- to claim that all gains made for women were made by Radical Feminists, and then to wing on about how so very, very grateful we unappreciative ‘convicts’  should be?  Seriously, Sister, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

None of us, not one single woman out there owes you or anyone else anything.  Jack and Shit, sister, is what we owe you.  If you were a damn corporation, trust me, the board of directors would have served your head up on a plate a long time ago because yer business practices suck eggs and offend the consumer population base- regardless of demographic!  And then you write this cute little tirade about how ungrateful women are after all your hard work…you want a thank you?

I’m afraid a fuck you is gonna have to suffice.

Officer, I am done with my attorney, take me back to my damn cell.


  1. Aspasia says:

    You know what stuck out for me? The claim that “our clients…rarely appreciate our services” and yet they still continue to provide them. If a sex worker said that it’d be case in point for a rad fem as to why she shouldn’t be doing sex work anyway. Those damned ungrateful men.

    Following closely is the pure LULZ I got from the claim that their movement has no money and no time to fight the good fight. *dies laughing* Right. Okay. Sure.

  2. Ian says:

    Jesus Christ, those evil women are degenerate enough to actually *oppose* the Saved determined to rescue them from a life of shameful subordination to dominating male desire that they are too ‘indoctrinated’ to oppos.

    If you’re talking about a 13 year old prostitute raped to oblivion by traffickers, maybe. If you mean some adult woman who has never met men except scumbags (or does not believe some exist) again ‘maybe’ (but how could women in this era not know that most do not live that kind of subordinate life?

    You should read Trotsky, or at the least ‘Animal Farm’ because that is what is coming through here – the old Puritan-Victorian sexless feeble female in need of protection against the rampant sexually demanding male using the language of the women who stood up to say what they could do, not what they could not, and to demand men respect what they had been doing, not to show they despised it as much as [their idea of] men too.

    The old miseries want what they feel familiar with. When times change, they adopt the new language for their old feelings. They may not even do it as consciously as the pigs in ‘Animal Farm’. And behind all that is the idea that women have ‘right’ to do as they choose (who can argue?) – but what *those* ‘feminist’ women choose is a fake pre-1960s where men ran after them and offered to work for them and sex was a degrading sacrifice they ‘allowed’ men, that no decent girl could want (or for that matter no ‘decent’ man want of a woman he respected)

    I hope we’ve learnt to respect sex since then. I hope that women scared of men and sex pretending to be ‘moral superiors’ is a used tampon. And I bet, if you asked 99% of teenage girls, they’d stare wondering what the fuck this ‘old biddy’ is talking about, telling them they are ‘sex objects’ and ‘giving in’ to men.

    — And the truth is, for any women with any guts, they always did know that ‘Victorian virgin violet’ was the heap of crap that is now pushed on them under the name of ‘feminism’

    • Ren says:

      You’re assuming I’ve not read Trotsky and Animal Farm???

      Hell the Rad Fems “some women are more equal than others” thing is one I have noted and pointed out a lot…

  3. rootietoot says:

    I just shake my oppressed head and go back to the kitchen where I belong. Bless their hearts.

  4. Roy Kay says:

    >but sticking your dick into a vagina AINT SEX. mm-kay? its not. since when did “sex” come to mean “men sticking their dicks into women?”

    Hasn’t to me, not exclusively anyway. For one things it doesn’t explain gay or lesbian sex. And I was sure (but I guess I’ll have to check with my partners) that my tongue on their clit and/or ass is sex. She needs to go to a sex party to see all is being called sex.

  5. Ernest Greene says:

    What really pisses me off about this is the ongoing rad-fem claim to credit for the accomplishments of a generation or two of feminist pioneers whose equity-based politics were precisely those rejected by Second Wave cultural feminists, who were and are all about people’s individual behavior (though they make big claims about their class-based ideology) and have contributed nothing of use whatsoever to the vast majority of women. Most of the major achievements in improving the status of women – from getting the vote to securing reproductive freedom – were the work of feminist activists putting themselves on the line when these demi-demagogues were still in diapers.

    In fact, radical feminism has done nothing of any use whatsoever to anyone other than those who basically oppose feminism. It has divided the movement, distracted attention from specific issues that can actually be resolved to essentialist theorizing that lead to no practical solutions of any kind and alienated potential allies from outside the movement who could have helped carry it forward on the logical course set by the women who created it.

    Though they’d dearly love to be thought of as enemies of the patriarchy, hated and feared by men opposed to gender equality, in fact, bloviators like this are a source of amusement to those men because the only damage they’ve done thus far is to the advancement of other women. And when it comes to specific women, the damage has been as real and as vicious as the imaginings of the most die-hard misogynist.

    What women owe radical feminism, as Raymond Chandler once said, “the entire Yankee’s outfield coudn’t pay back with two bats each.”

  6. Amusement, you say??

    Here’s an example of what happens when an antiporn radfem drinks just a bit too much of the Teabagger Kool-Aid.

    What ever you may think of Violet Blue the Sex Blogger, not even she deserved that blast.


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