Add this one to the moron files…

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Blogging, Humans, Morons, Slut Shaming & Whorephobia, WTF???

This just in:  “Fun Feminist” = Stupid Slut, apparently.

I mean, am I the only one who finds it grimly amusing that this squid assumes any gal who might fall into the “fun Femme” role is, oh, promiscuous, into open relationships,okay with her man sleeping with other people, and unaware of the potential health risks of such things???  For real?  Like that is a given and requirement and whatnot…or that all so-called fun femmes are even…straight?

Hahahhaahha.  Man is this woman stupid.  And I even say this shit as a gal who has had,er, a fair amount of partners and you know, I have been lucky (and cautious-thank you) enough to remain disease free and all.

I also gotta say, when I read shit like this, my reaction is varied.  I find it amusing, really, because she’s so damn preachy and presumptive.  And stupid.  I also find the stupidity annoying and enraging. Then, usually after I have stopped snickering and read through the comments, I sorta feel sad for women like this- women who fail to see people beyond their biology, changes in that biology, “man”/”woman” status, women who are convinced MEN  (all of ’em) are the enemy, so on so forth….and I rather wonder how it is that they are, well, so different from me.  I mean, if “born biology” and “life experiences as a born woman” and all that crap were really such great bonding agents, you’d think there would be some commonality there, some thing or feeling or whatever that would be a link for all of us to see, grasp, and base shit off of…but you know, that shit just ain’t there.  These gals would all rather sing the praises of Dworkin and talk about the evil and violence of men ( and stupidity of fun femmes and transwomen) and I would, oh, rather drink beer, play video games, stockpile weapons, and er…hang out  and party with people who look like that dude up there.   There is no common anything here, folks, aside from some organs and such.  Otherwise, I am pretty sure we are from different planets.   It kind of freaks me out sometimes.  Their fear…it’s funky.  I can’t imagine living with that shit, really.

  1. hexy says:

    So we can add “really fucked up ideas about people living with HIV, as well as about men who engage in sex with men” to her list of bigotries? And how exactly is her husband “fucking over” his wife by… contracting an illness?

    Fuckwit. There lies the hexy verdict.

    • Ren says:

      well, tis one of those things- a lot of hate either stems from fear/distrust or jealousy (like I hate rich folk, mostly cause I’d like to have their money- hence jealousy), so I think a lot of this squids hate/bigotry (and that is exactly what it is) stems from FEAR.

    • ginmar says:

      That was so stupid I think it qualifies as picking on the disabled. It’s all fucked up and confused. What exactly was she saying? Huh?

  2. hexy says:

    Oh, jeebus, hit the comment thread.

    Guess I’m one of those unicorns, again. I’m the one who does the sleeping around in my open relationship, not necessarily all PIV (or, you know, with men), and the primary reason for our open relationship is so that I can have my sexual needs fulfilled that may not match up with my primary partner’s. I find that a far more feminist relationship structure than tying my own desire and satisfaction to the hope that this one person will either be so sexually compatible with me that neither of us will ever want for anything, or that one or both of us should just suppress part of our sexuality forever more. But then, I’m a queer kinky femme who is firmly of the opinion that I DO have a right to sexual satisfaction if I can find willing participants AND that expecting my partner to do things they aren’t into is just not on.

    Sexuality and relationships are complex and individualistic. Who knew??

    • Ren says:

      raises hand, yep, another unicorn here too.

      • Bea says:

        Me too!

        Hell, my boyfriend hasn’t had sex with anyone else since we got together, even though he knows perfectly well it would be fine with me. I, on the other hand, have slutted my way across town and back again. Carefully, and without bringing any STIs home so far, although if one of us managed to contract something we’d, you know, talk about it and figure out how we were going to handle it. Because neither of us are into treating people with STIs like they are less than human, thankyouverymuch, and most infections are, in fact, easily treated (not that it diminishes the seriousness of the incurable ones, of course, but still.)

        • hexy says:

          I’ve shagged a lot of people, for fun and profit. I’ve never contracted an STI. I intend to put quite a bit of effort into keeping it that way.

          And my primary partner is monogamous by his own choosing. Not out of any sacrifice to me, either, it’s just how he’s wired.

  3. Stone Fox says:

    “because any ridiculous belief system is “feminist” as long as someone who calls themselves a “feminist” says it is!”

    inside i laughed and laughed and laughed when i read this. i thought about leaving a comment advising the author to read and re-read that one line until she figured it out. i didn’t, though; i’d rather not be dragged into something that idiotic.

    i couldn’t make it through all the comments. i tried. they remind me of a herd of nervous animals that get spooked and all run to the opposite side of the field, only to be spooked again and run en masse to another corner of the field. i get a sense of overwhelming and irrational fear of all men from that bunch. how do these women live in the world? how do they go to a movie? or get groceries? or, god forbid, ride public transit? i just don’t get it.

    • berryblade says:

      I don’t usually comment or read here, but fuck man, this comment is fucking comedy gold. Kudos for making my day.

      ” i just don’t get it.”


      Hahhahaha, you could seriously not comprehend the lols I got from this comment.

      • Ren says:

        hey berry- seen any good zombie flicks lately?

        It’s a huge division I see a lot I guess….all around, a lot of people “don’t get it”. -As in- women not getting other women. Part of the problem is I think a lot of folk expect ALL women are the same with universal feelings and experiences, and that just ain’t so.

        • Stone Fox says:

          the part that i don’t “get” is not that they have a different viewpoint about men and sex and the relationships between women and sex or women and men. the part i don’t “get” is with all the fear of stepping outside the front door and being RAPED (as we are all living in a RAPE CULTURE), and the certainty that if you have a vagina there are unsavory penis-wielders lurking in every dark shadow waiting to RAPE you, how does one get by in the world? do these women carry weapons? do they have a lot of panic attacks? do they freak out and throw a spaz if an Evil Penis walks by? are they able to put a lid on the fucking crazy long enough to give the male bus driver correct change for the bus? that’s the part i don’t understand.

          • berryblade says:

            well, i have ptsd and am a rape survivor, so i think the answer from me is fairly obvious. but
            a) continue to kick arse and rock at life somehow
            b) i can neither confirm nor deny such allegations, weapons are pretty illegal where I am but ya know…
            c)sometimes, not as often as i used to, i’m in a pretty good space these days although it does still happen a bit and it tongues tubes big time when i do get them
            d) nah man, i tend to hate everyone anyone 😛
            e) i have a multi pass hahahahh

            p.s sorry for double comment

        • berryblade says:

          Yesss, well, it’s not exactly a zombie movie but the Descent part 2 came out and and and Survival of the Dead by good old uncie Romero (I’m not really related, I just wish I was) which is kind of a tie in with some of the characters from Diary of the Dead (also fucking maaad!)

          & la Horde which is a French zombie cops & robbers horror flick is coming out soon which also looks insanely good.

          I didn’t mean anything narky by that comment but I was high and browsing the interwebs and it seriously did give me a good laugh haha, maybe it’s just the weed hahahaha.

          “-As in- women not getting other women. Part of the problem is I think a lot of folk expect ALL women are the same with universal feelings and experiences, and that just ain’t so.”

          Definitely agree with you there, although there all always common human experiences like there are, to some degree “universal womon experiences” – I think it’s important to find a degree a common ground as well sometimes?

  4. Ian says:

    Doesn’t it ever strike you how the sentiments of these ‘feminists’ echo exactly ‘traditional’ beliefs that whatever women do sexually with men is invariably for men and the more they say otherwise the more the poor little dears are deluded by the superior sex (about like the more a witch denies being a witch, the stronger is shows Satan’s possession to be)?

    They talk about ‘equality’ but they start ‘a priore’ insisting that women must be inferior to men – or at least to their image of men. And that image is one laughably out-dated, something off a US Marines recruitment poster circa 1955. But promoting it tells girls that that is what ‘a man’ should be. So they actually work to promote sexist stereotypes, to deny sexual equality – especially equality that says men and society might change to accommodate women more. They are like Stalin becoming the Red Tsar denouncing the voices that still stood up for freedom as ‘counter-revolutinary’. It’s all in ‘Animal Farm’ and I bet you know that well.

    Sleeping around in open relationship? Not for everybody but because nobody compares to the one that matters, or sex just isn’t that important compared to intimacy, or maybe you don’t feel intimacy but do feel friendship and respect that can enjoy sex without being in each other’s pocket – not because you want to and make a ‘noble sacrifice’.

    Those women have an archaic idea of what ‘men’ should be. I bet that as teenagers they were the first to sneer at men who weren’t the ‘stomping rapists’ they envy as ‘gay’ and ‘sissy’ and to reject them. They do far more to create sexist stereotypes and prejudices than any fool in the Vatican or shouting ‘Allahu aqbar’

    • Bea says:

      Doesn’t it ever strike you how the sentiments of these ‘feminists’ echo exactly ‘traditional’ beliefs that whatever women do sexually with men is invariably for men and the more they say otherwise the more the poor little dears are deluded by the superior sex (about like the more a witch denies being a witch, the stronger is shows Satan’s possession to be)?

      Yep. Funny how so many so-called feminists are trying to force women into the role of feeble-minded, sexless, agency-lacking creatures who just need to be loved so badly they’ll sacrifice themselves for their man.

      I mean, obviously the right to say “no” is important, and no woman should have to do anything she doesn’t want to do, but it does not follow that any sex I ever have is just letting some man exploit me (especially since, y’know, not all my partners are men.) Female sexuality is not a myth.

      • Ian says:

        I got really hurt by this and so did a good friend that more than a year later still feels anything but a friend. I’d known her through internet boards and 2 years ago she came to visit. We rented a holiday flat about half a mile from mine so I could go home if necessary. It was not necessary. We got on great. One problem: she physically cannot fuck. I asked her back later in the year.

        In the time intervening, sense reared its ugly head. We are not kids able to start anew. She is married. I fancied a beautiful intelligent Nigerian lady I deliberately ‘put back’ because you can’t cheat or make promisses and then rat on them. Also, just because you get one with and find somebody attractive is no reason to believe they are as ready to tumble into bed or stick together as your doting is for them.

        So she came over and it was wonderful. Then she went back. On the boards we were on were some really sour ‘feminists’, one at least a Lesbain ex-girls’ school Latin mistress for all the world like Miss Jean Brodie (even her name is Jean) I suspect strongly of ‘commanding’ girls that fitted her bill to think themselves as anti-boy as any ‘Victorian virgin’ but allow it’s not ‘anti-sex’ by cutting women in where they cut men out.

        Then she went back and all I got was how upset I must be because she couldn’t fuck with me. I reassured her that my thrills came from her thrills, it’s not such a big deal, women have loved men who needed and did not take Viagra and she was sort of similar. All to no avail. I reckon that toe-rag Lesbian & her mates were passing emails to her, telling her what men ‘really’ want instead of what I said.

        There is a name for fucking a woman who cannot or will not do it. It is ‘rapist’. As far as I am concerned, to whine on wanting to fuck somebody unable or unwilling is wanting to rape her. No man worth the name would want sex knowing it is unwelcome. Despite ‘feminist’ imagination, the partner’s pleasure is the real pleasure – especially for men, who feel so little physically compared to what women can – but also for women who enjoy pleasing men sexually.

        I put this up in those forums. It was the ‘Feminist’ Jean who came out with all the bullshit kicked out of courts about ‘as long as she does not refuse’ (ie too bloody comatose to know or care) and even some man going on about “if he gives into his wife’s demand for sex has he been raped?” Maybe not but she is certainly treating sex as masturbation, by a servant, not – even if it’s not ‘romantic’ – at least a thrill from thrilling your partne.

        I got hold of a book by Tortsky in 1936 slamming what Stalin had made of the USSR, just another Tsar but more powerful because he could use the words of revolution against those who complained that he was undoing all they’d fought for. Stalin anyway was like Mao, a Georgian bandit the Bolsheviks thought they could exploit and ended up using them. George Orwell picked it up in ‘Animal Farm’. You don’t need to believe in Trotsky to get the basic principle, that all revolutions get betrayed by people taking control to undo them. Feminism exactly the same. The ‘Great Feminist Mothers’ like Germaine Greer, Camille Paglia, Elaine Morgan and others have all been denounced and theatened with the ice-pick by younger ‘feminists’ preaching just about everything they stood against.

        But the great beauty is that “Women’s Liberation” *has* achieved the half of what it believed in. The other half, valuing women’s traditional activities equal with men’s and demanding men share them equally – well today it is ‘feminists’ who oppose that and put women down: a mixture of spoilt brats shocked at growing up to meet treatment as equals instead of protected ‘aristocracy’, hurt women whose experience prejudices them against men, but above all traditional ‘Victorian virgins’ asserting their right to what they want, and what they want is what suppressed women have always been taught to want – a convent cuddling up to each other terrified of the men they have been indoctrinated to fear as ‘superior dominators’.

  5. Danny says:

    Save the ammo Ren. I’ve crossed paths with this one before and I can say that engaging her is a waste of time, space, reality, vocabulary, internet tube space, and whatever else you might spend on trying to talk to her. She’s one of those feminists that deems all porn is bad by way of equating all porn to rape and then declaring that since all porn is rape (well just male/female porn, I guess she didn’t get the memo that there are other orientations of porn out there) all porn is bad.

    Oh and don’t waste your time trying to correct her if she misidentifies you. She assumed I was a white guy and actually deleted my response comment in which I told her I wasn’t a white guy. Can’t let a little thing like truth get in the way of a feel good rant and all that.

    And one more thing. If you do get desperate (bored, drunk, stoned, etc…) enough to make contact with her and you come across a Julian Real I want you to.
    1. Laugh at his self loathing misandry.
    2. Leave the interaction.
    3. Give yourself a limited amount of time to dwell on how silly and backwards he is.
    4. Spend twice that limited amount of time doing something that allows you to be mindlessly violent (I think you play City of X right?)
    5. Then go on about your day.

  6. rootietoot says:

    poor fings. They can’t seem to think for themselves. Sounds like they need a big strong man to lead them away from the koolaid.

  7. Roy Kay says:

    >her man sleeping with other people

    Good to know that OWNING people isn’t the same as OBJECTIFYING them. How very M/s of her.

  8. Lisa KS says:


    A. Women
    B. Men
    C. Feminism
    D. The Patriarchy
    E. etc.

    The villian changes but the refrain’s always the same. Sigh.

  9. Lisa KS says:

    …and wild horses couldn’t drag me into the comments section.

  10. Ian says:

    Patriarcy (so a militant ‘femininist’) told meis ‘holding men and all their activities as the superior ideal to judge by and to make the rule’. What could describe ‘feminism’ of that sort better? Even if it matters to most of us about ad much as Creationism? They are nuts of the same kind. RE just comes across as the normal women I have always known in my life with the exception that they would not have bothered to fight this shit that might as well be wearing a Burqa and blowing itself up for “women’s freedom to do as they choose”. That is their ‘freedom’, their ‘choice’, just like shit-head men.

  11. Lisa Harney says:

    Oh, Femonade.

    I knew everything I needed to know about her when she said that trans women cannot be “fully raped” (I forget her exact words) because we can’t get pregnant, real rape is only for fertile cis women. She also described trans women as “sterile fucktoys.” And then she made a post about how trans women are all rapists.

    She’s another ideological bully, more wedded to her prejudices about other women (sex workers, trans women, “fun feminists” wtf that even means, etc) than actually dealing with sexism. Or rather, she deals in sexism, just promoting it against other women.

    She’s pretty ridiculous.

    • Ren says:

      lisa, shes more than ridiculous…shes a fucking bigot from hell….and I do not mean that lightly. By her standards, and person who CANNOT get pregnant….period…cannot be raped…man, trans woman, cis woman, female child who has not yet hit puberty…

      Me and my infamous violent fantasies, I want to punch her.

      • Lisa Harney says:

        Yeah, her ridiculousness is her bigotry. She pushes things too far even for people who are pretty clueless and unsympathetic to trans people.

        Of course, she has her cheerleaders who believe anything and everything is permissible when it comes to trying to bully and attack trans women.

    • rootietoot says:

      ok what? WAHT? so post menopausal women can’t be raped. or ones who’ve had hysterectomies. Or pre pubescent ones. great logic there, Femonade.

      This is why I stay away from them, they make me mad.

      poor thing, she must be so wrapped up in her rage she can’t enjoy ANYTHING. That is beyond sad to me.

      • Lisa Harney says:

        Yeah, pretty much. I don’t think she thinks of it that way, because she figures that cis women could potentially get pregnant in the rapist’s eyes, and I think she sees the possibility of pregnancy as part of a rapist’s motivation.

        She also believes that trans women will rape cis women in women’s restrooms because she and Polly Styrene could find a couple of trans women who have committed rape. She also became very angry when someone linked to studies and articles about cis women who rape cis women. That was derailing.

        Also this: Cis women are oppressed by the expectation to have and raise children, but trans women are not in the least affected by this because we’re infertile. Because infertile women have never actually been treated badly for being infertile I guess.

        She’s really a horrible person, but she has maybe 5 or 6 regular readers?

        • Ren says:

          or further more, as if infertile or trans women have never raised children….

          strange little world she lives in…

        • rootietoot says:

          as for the transwoman raping a cis woman in a restroom, this has happened how many times, exactly? And how many rapists do it in order to get a woman pregnant? Last I heard it was a crime of power, not sex drive…oh well. One shouldn’t let facts cloud ones judgement.

          • Lisa Harney says:

            I don’t think it’s happened at all.

            She wrote that post in response to me pointing out that while radical feminists may not personally be committing violence against trans women, they support the system that justifies violence against trans women by attacking trans women the way they do – I pointed out that it was comparable to how rape jokes support rape culture. So, Factcheckme wrote a post about how trans women aren’t allowed to talk about rape culture because we’re all rapists and shouldn’t be allowed in restrooms.

            • Ren says:


              This is the same woman who said- more or less- considering my stand on porn, I must be a rapist….

              So, apparently trans women and cis women who are not anti porn are…rapists.

  12. Ian says:

    Fucking hell! What a bunch of pathetic frightened little wilting Victorian Violets! If you’re not terrified and disgusted with sex with men, you are yielding to their brute lusts incapable of making your own sexual desires known (Should you have any? Or does that drag you down to the evil male level?) Note the underlying implications that merely being female is an inferior state in itself – you might get pregnant and that’s a dangerous medical condition! Never heard of contraception, or is that another thing the Big Bad Master has to decide for Little Miss Helpless? If anybody wanted a better way to say women are feeble helpless sexless creatures who really shouldn’t be let out on their own, they’d be hard pushed to do it better than that mob of misogynist shitheads! I left this under the name ‘Man’ to piss the poor little dearies off:

    How many sad feeble frightened little girls who don’t seem to have understood words like ‘No’ or ‘reciprocity’ or even ‘equality’ and can’t imagine telling a man what turns them on sexually or even having an emotional as well as sensual relationship with one. All they can see is traditional ‘giving in’ to the Dominant Rapist Male. So what kind of a man would want feeble frightened girls like that except an inadequate unable to relate to a strong woman on equal terms?

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