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Okay, so preface here:

Whilst chillin’ here in Red Neck Vacation Land, I am still poking around on blogs obviously  (it does rain here in RNVL), and I noted today that BerryBlade commented over here.  She doesn’t read here much, and I can understand why- I check out her blog occasionally (best blog logo image ever) and well, she and I sorta dig the same kind of movies, so I jump over there sometimes to see if she has reviewed something I’ve not seen so I can add it to my Net Flix list…and I think (can’t swear to it) but think she likes video games and once, over at the old joint, commented on some COH screen shot I’d taken or something….er- lemmie check…yep

Anyway, she has a post up about stripping/porn, and I read it.  And I am gonna discuss it now.  And this is one of those times when I do not particularly care who I piss off or who gets angsty with me, friend or foe.  I was pondering commenting over there, but one- not sure how that would go over, and two, my response is likely to be long.

And I will start with this- not a feminist.  So I am not looking at this all feminist-wise.  I think it is pretty common knowledge that 1) if a woman chooses to do sex work, she does, and I don’t give a fuck what anyone says about it.  2) not all women in sex work have chosen to do it, or would choose something else if they had other options, and that shit blows. 3) -nihilist.  4) when it comes to making money and all that shit- well, I’m a total mercenary and I tend to think that ALL carbon based life forms in some way or another are commodities.  Yeah, I am real uplifting and shit…


She has this post up.  Read it.  After reading it, I thought of something I’d written some time back.  Yeah, it was written for totally different reasons- with totally different intent, from a totally different point of view…but I thought of it nonetheless.  And yep, it was one of those things that some folk took as “oh, Ren is saying (any woman who was hot enough would strip, people would feel better if they just were skinny, blah blah blah)” in short, a bunch of shit Ren was NOT saying, but anyway…I wrote it.  And re-read it after reading BerryBlade’s post.  And I thought…hummm….

Because Berry brings up some things that people, on the Pro-Side, Forget.  Things like, why yes, there are clubs and contractors who do not care about hiring underaged girls or women who have been trafficked (Eastern European women are quite popular these days).  Just as she mentions for Australia, well same here in the US- a lot of clubs dancers work solely for tips, have to pay stage fees, have to hustle drinks, and why yes, even have to turn a cut of their tips over to other club staff like waiters, bartenders, so on. Why yes, wearing heels for long periods of  time is painful, and can be bad for you.  Age and scars?  Yep, those things will fuck with your shelf life in the sex industry- sure, I am 38 and have the Coolest Scar in the World and still work (and I will qualify that- I do porn and porn alone these days- I got real tired of the other shit), but I am an exception and have, now, a distinctive look that works for me but puts me in a niche market.  It’s a niche I like, but niche nonetheless.   And she does mention something that I have harped on endlessly- being in the sex industry- especially if you are a woman- can absolutely limit your career opportunities.  It is not something one can generally put on their resume depending on the type of job they are going for.  If you want to be a bartender, or mechanic, or electrician, or many things that count as “trades”, you’re probably just fine.  Retail, you’re fine.  If you want to go all white collar, or apply for something that has a background check or security clearance, or be a teacher, or things of that nature?  Guess what- a career in the sex industry- even just stripping- can fuck that shit straight to hell. 

These are things people forget, or gloss over sometimes, and yep, that torques even me off sometimes.  I mean, I know I personally have never worked with someone who was underaged, or trafficked, or things of that nature- because I bother to look into that shit.  Other people wouldn’t.  I’ve known and worked with some people who loved it, and some people who did not like it at all and only did it because they pretty much had  to.  I’ve seen and met folk from all spectrums and whatnot of the sex industry- and they are all different- but pretty much all of them would say while it ain’t all blood loss and trauma, it ain’t all roses and mad cash either.  There is a ton of bullshit, from all sides, pretty much all the time.

So yeah, Berry and I do not see things eye to eye.  We look at this sort of thing from a very different perspective, but be that as it may- a lot of the things she’s said there- feminist lense/nihilst mercenary/gal/dude/ typical citizen jane or whatever…well, it is….true.

This just in:  “Fun Feminist” = Stupid Slut, apparently.

I mean, am I the only one who finds it grimly amusing that this squid assumes any gal who might fall into the “fun Femme” role is, oh, promiscuous, into open relationships,okay with her man sleeping with other people, and unaware of the potential health risks of such things???  For real?  Like that is a given and requirement and whatnot…or that all so-called fun femmes are even…straight?

Hahahhaahha.  Man is this woman stupid.  And I even say this shit as a gal who has had,er, a fair amount of partners and you know, I have been lucky (and cautious-thank you) enough to remain disease free and all.

I also gotta say, when I read shit like this, my reaction is varied.  I find it amusing, really, because she’s so damn preachy and presumptive.  And stupid.  I also find the stupidity annoying and enraging. Then, usually after I have stopped snickering and read through the comments, I sorta feel sad for women like this- women who fail to see people beyond their biology, changes in that biology, “man”/”woman” status, women who are convinced MEN  (all of ’em) are the enemy, so on so forth….and I rather wonder how it is that they are, well, so different from me.  I mean, if “born biology” and “life experiences as a born woman” and all that crap were really such great bonding agents, you’d think there would be some commonality there, some thing or feeling or whatever that would be a link for all of us to see, grasp, and base shit off of…but you know, that shit just ain’t there.  These gals would all rather sing the praises of Dworkin and talk about the evil and violence of men ( and stupidity of fun femmes and transwomen) and I would, oh, rather drink beer, play video games, stockpile weapons, and er…hang out  and party with people who look like that dude up there.   There is no common anything here, folks, aside from some organs and such.  Otherwise, I am pretty sure we are from different planets.   It kind of freaks me out sometimes.  Their fear…it’s funky.  I can’t imagine living with that shit, really.

Greetings from FL

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  So yeah, I am the proud owner of, IMHO, the coolest scar EVER.  And it is promised it will probably actually get even COOLER.  I don’t mind scars, which is probably a really good thing…heck, I kinda like them.  Road map of the life and all…

Florida (aka, a Sunny Place for Shady People, aka, “America’s Wang”) is the same as it ever was.  The winter kill freezes have taken a bit of a toll and it is colder here than it usually is this time of year, but still the same old strange, weird, awesome, mellow and crazy state it has always been.  I never really learned to appreciate the place until I moved away.    I think the plan is to hit Sea World (again) tomorrow.  I generally shy away from the tourist stuff, but so long as it isn’t Disney, I can choke it down I guess.

Right now,  I think I am gonna have myself some Jack and watch Smokin’ Aces II: Assassins Ball-  it’s that kind of night  🙂