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  1. rootietoot says:

    ok that guy in the middle…what’s his name? Is he that big dude who always plays psychotic bad guys?

  2. Ren says:

    Kevin Durand is his name, and yes, usually plays bad guys- been on Lost, CSI, CSI Miami, Stargate SG1 and played Gabriel in Legion…he is gonna be Little John in that new Robin Hood Movie with Russell Crowe.

  3. Oh, goodness….dudes in lowriders?!?!?!

    I shudder at the though of the rear view….hopefully, not a crack fest. If you catch me.


    • Ren says:

      Now now now, if those were WOMEN in low riders, you might be looking…


    • rootietoot says:

      if it’s the right dude wearing the right lowriders…
      same as with women…only 2% actually look good in them…but if it’s the right one…

      • I’m with Rootie…some women fit lowriders perfectly. Others…ehhhhhh…not so much.

        And hey, nothing wrong with checking out the guys, either…it’s not as if I’m gonna risk an ass kicking by going up to them and asking: “Hey, you, I just noticed your lowriders….nice ass.”

        Then again, guys in Speedos and briefs…uhhh..interest me, too.


        • rootietoot says:

          ok I disagree there. Speedos don’t look good on anyone. I mean, why even bother? And no, generally speaking naked men don’t appeal to me at all…all those bits. Naked women (even tho I’m completely hetero) are much prettier than naked men.

  4. That is just beautiful. Sums up how I feel about life some days!

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