Dude, there is no way you’d pull that shit with my character…

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Assholes, Gaming, Sexism

AH yes, once again, dude bullshit in the world of gaming…

This eve, after much planning and setting up and getting shit together…done by me…I, because some people had asked nice…got a good sized team of lowbie villains together to do some missions on CoV…because well, bigger teams often equal more xp and more fun.   And for the most part, it was a good group.  One of the gals playing is a brand new player, two of the folk are returning players who have not been around in a while, one of them was a long time player who actually solos most of the time and has some trouble on teams, but wanted to try it anyway, and a few of us are sorta old hat at the game and all, but hey, all good with playing with new folk or those who are brushing up on their skills again.

So we get things going, get the team together and off we go.  I’m team leader, which is, well, I pick the missions and all, and in theory (and it would make sense because well, I have done a lot more villain stuff than the other folks), I am calling the shots on plans, tactics, things of that nature…which you know, I am not bad at really.  In fact, I do it pretty dang well.   And most of the folk playing with me realize that and are cool with it- I mean hell, the XP is flowin’, people are levelling, I even can teleport them around and stuff….you note I said most, right?

Because there is this one dude on the team who well, just cannot handle anyone other than him being in charge…ever- at least not female anyones…and when a female anyone is in charge, he will- either consciously or unconsciously fuck shit up and sabotage the team.   And its like he does it at every available opportunity….majority of team is going one way, he aggros a whole different group of enemies.  I say “Do Not Go Into …..”  (mission, room, around the corner, whatever) he does it anyway.  I say wait, he goes, I say go, he stands there with a finger up his ass.  Pulling is suggested and I designate someone to do so…well, fuck that, he’s gonna do it himself then bitch about how everyone else is doing it wrong even if we’re all still standing and he is dead.     He really is just as annoying as fuck and cannot, at all, seem to follow simple direction…especially if that simple direction is coming from a woman gamer  (even if she, oh, has 9 level 50 characters compared, oh, to his…one…which I helped him get). 

And as this is going on, and people other than myself are noticing, I found myself thinking….  “dude, there is no way you’d pull this shit with my character…”

And why do I say such things?  Well, because that is the character I was playing this evening: Jethro…a big scary lookin’ dude.  Who ended up being last man standing several times due to this guys fuck ups…who was busy complimenting teammates on stuff they did well -new or experienced because you know, it is nice to do that- and while I am doing so he is bitching that we are not moving fast enough for his liking.  And it’s not like the guy was playing some badass who could take out rooms full of bad guys by himself or solo Elite Heroes or whatever…He was playin’ a level 11 corruptor. 

At one point (thank god I do not use Vent) I was screaming “if he pulls that fuckin’ shit again I am kickin’ his ass off my goddamn team!”  Hell, the only reason…ONLY reason…I team up with this dude is I like playing CoX with his wife (she is solid as hell) and she generally will not play without him.

It also amuses the fuck out of me that he always plays female characters…I guess it is okay to play them in a video game, but god fuckin’ forbid you should actually listen to a real one running a team…even if she is playing a dude!


  1. mr.grim says:

    Is this guy the same guy that you were talking to me about some time ago?

  2. Roy Kay says:

    I’d just let him kill himself off and plan on him being dead from the get go.

    But yeah, it is aggravating.

  3. dead_Vladimir says:

    seriosuly the ony lway to change tihs behavior is to exclude people
    even if it means his wife as well

    else by tolerating it yo are giivng it a carte blanche to continue

  4. dead_Vladimir says:

    also be interested to see how their ego holds up agiasnt playing with someone like Mal,well as long as she isnt face planting on her pc

    • Ren says:

      Thing is, with the exception of that one person, I like and or can deal with the rest of that crew. Sure, I don’t get why a certain person never buys taunt on their brute, but I can make due and just roll, you know? And most of the rest of them, newbie or not, I LIKE playing with, we have fun, all that. Me tossing Mr. Asshat would completely screw up the dynamic we have going with that crew- and more and more of them are leaning towards my style of play and all but him are content to just roll and do what works (i.e. what I say)- and well, not having fun playing with most of those folk would suck and make me sad.

      Thou I will say me and two of the other gals from that group are sneaking a way to do a Beer/LAN nite in my office sometime soon LOL.

      • dead_Vladimir says:

        yeah but all it takes is one person to ruin it

        theres soemtihng wrong with putting up with that behavior to perserve a dynamic
        I mean peopel shpuld be to him, dude by being an asshat you are making Ren not want to play and screwing up our dynamic ….

        in that crew it always seems you get less of a pass or value than the others

        sometimes you need to be a dick and say “no you cant put your shiny twitch” in the super group you know?

  5. Lisa KS says:

    Thank God my Sig. Other is basically the best player of his class, spec and faction on our server in WoW so I never have to spend my raids cringing as he blows yet ANOTHER strat/acts like a stupid asshole (smart assholes are at least funny and interesting at times)/etc. etc.

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