Truth & Reality in Media…

Posted: March 16, 2010 in Television

  Right then…for the last few days whilst sitting around recovering I have been watching a whole lot of…

South Park.

And in between shaking my head in semi-disbelief and laughing my ass off, I realized a few things-

One:  The show is so much damn funnier if you are from Colorado, and Two:  OMG, if  you are from Colorado, it is scary how funny and accurate the damn show is.  Between the weather jokes, the Denver Bronco football reverence, the hunter, hick, stupid fuckin’ airport oh god damn everything else that is so Colorado about the damn thing (including Blame Canada, “Shakey’s Pizza”  and massive beer consumption)…well…it’s spooky.  Very, very spooky.  Spooky in a way that will have a person from Colorado laughing their ass off (shunt and stitches or no shunt and stitches) while people in the same room who are not from Colorado are looking at them very strangely.  I mean, they might be laughing, but not in the same way at all…

I’ve watched several seasons in the last few days, and I suspect I will continue the pattern…one of those things you know, where it is only so funny because its…true….

Except most people from Colorado would never actually say they liked the food at Casa Bonita…

  1. Ernest Greene says:

    Here’s the really scary thing. When I lived outside Conifer off of Highway 287, South Park was the big city. No shit. It was the cultural hub of the Southern Front Range. The next big thing after that was Fairplay, which was a hard drive in the winter.

    The series is so spot-on it makes you wonder how a couple of guys from Boulder, which is more like Berkeley than some little burg in the backwoods, could have gotten every detail down so well. Especially the people. When I tell stories about the kind of folks who choose to settle on vertical real estate generally considered uninhabitable by sensible individuals, they think I’m making shit up.

    I swear there’s stuff in South Park I’v actually overheard in diners and bars up there. In fact, not only is it not exaggerated, I’d say the series creators have a gift for understatement.

  2. Lisa KS says:

    We’re not from Colorado (though I did grow up adjacent to Colorado, lol) but my kids LOVE South Park. My younger son’s birthday is in a few weeks and he’s getting Season 3 as one of his presents (Seasons 1 and 2 were Christmas presents).

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