A Time for Great Celebration!

Posted: March 15, 2010 in In The Neck

The Shunt is Gone!!!!

Life without an annoying tube in one’s neck is so much nicer!


Stitches and such will remain until next monday or so, but who cares? The shunt is gone!

  1. Roy Kay says:


    Now to move on to other pains in the neck!

  2. mr.grim says:

    Great News

  3. sneeky bunny says:

    Yay for no shunt having!

  4. Ernest Greene says:

    I suppose you could say it’s been shunted aside – but I can’t imagine you would.

  5. Aspasia says:

    w00t! part deux.

    Also, it’s the Ides of March. As a God-Emperor of Rome please be careful of anyone drinking the Haterade.

  6. So…how do you protect the stiches now….dressing and gauze??

    But, great to see the recovery is gaining speed.


  7. Great to hear recovery and healing from the burn incident is far along. Was that the last of the surgeries?

  8. I second what everyone else said!

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